Интервью с барабанщиком – Steve “Smiley” Barnard из “Archive” (Pearl Drums)

– This is Smiley from Archive band, came from UK for the first time to Moscow. So, Smiley, please tell us about your band, your drum set, how long are you with Pearl? – OK, I play in Archive for 12 years and this is our first visit to Russia, so I’m very excited about that. I’ve been playing Pearl since 1996, when I first started drumming
for Robbie Williams. Then I moved on to Joe Strummer
and The Mescaleros. For me there was only one drum
company. And that’s Pearl. I’m very-very lucky to be a part of
this great company and want to thank Frank Jacobs and Sonny Chase in London. For Archive I’m using the Masters kit, basic kit, “22, “12, “14, “16, “18
second floor tom to my left. And I’ve got studio on Hampshire,
where I live, I’ve got another Masters set in that, and every band who comes to my studio
with drums always use my drums. My drums, my Pearl sound better
than their drums. So I think I’ve sold more kits
for you than any other drummer, because everybody wants a kit like mine. And it’s very comfortable to play
here in Moscow tonight and also in St. Petersburg tomorrow. – OK, right now you have a Reference set… – Yes, you know, I used Reference set with
Archive during the first 6 or 7 years and then we went to Masters and we
love the Masters, for the moment that’s my favorite, that’s always
been my favorite. They both as good as each other, this is something warm… I still say the Sensitone is
the best snare. – All right, do you use Masters birch or maple?
– Maple. – OK.
– They’re warmer. – Great tone?
– Yes. – I’m very lucky to have a great drum
set and crew, my technician J.P. and fantastic soundman Philip, there
are three of us, it’s not just me. J.P. is very responsibly with
the tuning, Phil is a genius, and sometimes at the soundcheck they
tell me to tune any of the drums. As a result, the sound is just perfect. I want to thank Pearl and guys from
Pop Music, who give us this kit today, it sounds amazing, great job,
fellows, thank you! – Thank you, man, have a great show!
– Thank you.

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