♥Best Couple Award♥…wait…Namkoong Min♥Junho couple? [2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

Who is she? – I see. / – It’s Park Kyunglim. So, it’s Park Kyunglim. Hello, everyone. I’m Park Kyunglim. It’s nice to meet you. (Park Soohong, Park Kyunglim) As a viewer who loves TV dramas, I’ve watched, enjoyed, and been impressed with KBS this year. I’m standing here to announce the Best Couple Award, and I’m very honored. I can see how pleased you are from your red carpet-like jacket. I’m wearing it. Some people say that I look like Santa. – I’ll give you a present. / – Okay. Actors, please receive this heart. There’s one thing missing. I’m in the drama awards, and not in entertainment, but why should I award with you, Park Soohong? We’re an old couple. – You don’t like it? / – There’s Park Seojun. And there’s Ko Kyoungpyo smiling at me. Join me next year. – Park Kyunglim, / – Yes? do you want to receive cursed words like me? The Best Couple Award was a hot issue last year. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo became a real couple, who got the award last year. – That’s right. / – Yes. As well as the Grand Award in KBS Drama Awards, many actors want this Best Couple Award. Many are interested. Who will receive the arrow of Cupid this year? – I’ll announce them now. / – Okay. The fantastic duo from “Witch at Court”, Yoon Hyunmin and Jung Ryeowon. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Yoon Hyunmin and Jung Ryeowon. They grabbed both success and love as the prosecutors in the drama. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. And the next best couple. It’s an honor to award the Best Couple award to this person. They’ve done well acting as a married couple. Son Hojun and Jang Nara from “Go Back Couple”. Congratulations. Son Hojun and Jang Nara. From a college couple to a married couple, they made viewers cry by acting realistically. Congratulations. – They are well matched. / – Yes. I’ll announce one more couple to award. To think of this couple, I can’t help shedding tears. They’re still experiencing tragic love until now. Park Sihoo and Shin Hyesun from “My Golden Life”. Congratulations. Park Sihoo and Shin Hyesun from “My Golden Life”. They seem like they didn’t expect this. It has a 40 percent viewership. I wonder how their love will end. Please come to the stage. And we’ll announce the next best couple. It’s really… Please come to the stage. If this couple doesn’t get the Best Couple Award, Kyunglim will be so upset. Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. Congratulations! Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. They were a pretty couple. – Congratulations! / – Congratulations. All the prominent couples are coming to the stage. – They look gorgeous. / – I agree. I’ll introduce the next couple. They were wild and sweet. They showed a love of the 21st century. Ryu Suyoung and Lee Yuri, congrats. Ryu Suyoung and Lee Yuri… They did an internship for marriage and so on and received lots of support as a cool couple. Congratulations. MC Lee Yuri is also coming to the stage. And now, it’s the last best couple. In fact, I personally love this couple. This couple is excellent. – They are a male couple. / – A male couple. Namkoong Min and Junho from “Chief Kim”. They are from “Chief Kim”. (Namkoong Min, Junho) Namkoong Min doesn’t look pleased. Namkoong Min and Junho. They showed a partnership between men. KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award is given to six couples. Please give them an applause once again. Congratulations. Let’s start awarding them. (KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award) Park Kyunglim will award them. First, Jung Ryeowon and Yoon Hyunmin. Congratulations. They look good together. And the next is Son Hojun and Jang Nara. They are best friends. That’s why it’s more meaningful. The next is Park Sihoo and Shin Hyesun. “My Golden Life”, with 40 percent viewership, is very successful now. Congratulations. The next is Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. They showed how a couple could be so pretty. The next is Lee Yuri and Ryu Suyoung. Marriage internship is a word newly coined by them. The next is a male couple, Namkoong Min and Junho. Congratulations. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. They are the six best couples. Please give a round of applause once again. They are the best of best. – That’s right. / – They’re on the stage. Right. It’s something meaningful. In fact, KBS has been playing a role of cupid many times. There were Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. – Park Kyunglim, / – Yes. didn’t you also meet your husband from a matching program? And the MC was you, Park Soohong. And here I am like this. – I’ll just work hard. / – Okay.

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  1. Hahaha here am damn curious about how the hall would smell with all the Korean Top star all wearing branded perfumes😂😂😂

  2. Couple 1 : aaaaaaa
    Couple 2 : aaaaaa
    Couple 3 : aaaaaaa
    Couple 4 : aaaaa
    Couple 5 : aaaaaa
    Couple 6 : Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I totally love the last couple. They are the best wahahahaha. I ship u both. I can now agree on the same sex blah blah 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. this all start with Joongki and Yoo Ahin couple
    송중기 유아인

    [comment if there's any male couple who won earlier]

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