♪ ALIEN THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Mother woke us from cryo-sleep, So why are we still in space so deep? Seems like itʼs cause of a distress call, From a planetoid rather small. We go out and investigate, No choice, our contract clearly states. Stumble in a derelict ship, Where a facehugger r**** my face. Facehugged by a xeno, Smothered by a xeno. Facehugged by a xeno, Impregnated by xeno. Ash breaks the quarantine rules, Opens up the door for the crew. We donʼt know what that creature is, Bringing it inside is a foolish risk. Hey! Iʼm the captain of this ship, You must obey my directive. Anyway the creature is dead, Letʼs just have a quick meal, forget this, go back to bed. Chestburst by a xeno, Dinner crashing xeno. Chestburst by a xeno, Nasty little xeno. Brett looks for Jonesy the cat, ‘Til heʼs dragged up into the shaft. Dallas tries to shoo it away, But he suffers the same fate. Ash is an android enemy, Working for the company. Says we stand no chance weʼre just bait, Decide to blow the ship and to
escape. Tail whipped by a xeno, Skull bit by a xeno. Tail r**** by a xeno, Runninʼ from a xenooooo… Sneaky funky xeno, On the escape craft I stowed. Got this chick cornered, blocked, But she blew me out the airlock… Ripley beat the xeno, Revved the engines, flames blow. But trust me there are more, Youʼll see in the sequels.

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  1. We made Alien The Musical in celebration of the film's 40th anniversary. Next weekend will be Avengers Endgame The Musical, then what else do you want us to create?

  2. Hiding for my life woah a xenomorphs hunting for me woah traumatized by his killing spree Logan please like

  3. 200 years my family's gone now I am shedding tears. Frozen in a tube the world's been nuked now some people fight for food. Must find my son he was kidnapped while I did sleep. My bestest friend is a mut whose name is dog meat remember you this song fallout 4 Paul.

  4. Hilarious and creative; my favorite part is the chestburster solo, it just looks so cool here, fantastic job; are there videos for alien 3 and resurrection???

  5. One question what happened to the cat second question what happened to the lady after that guy got whooped by the Xeno and got his I bet out

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