♪ FRIDAY THE 13th THE GAME THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Down at the campsite Counselors are chilling by the fire My mind is not right Killing’s like an art, and I feel inspired They scream and run In every which direction in a panic And one by one I’ll pick ’em off and kill them with my dance moves, and show ‘em my grooves Cause today’s Friday the 13th I’m breaking backs and gouging eyeballs out when I attack Today is Friday the 13th I’ll waste these kids without remorse with… Cr*tch chop, head stomp, tonight! Can’t hide, I’ll find you I’ll stick my blade right through that closet door No door I can’t break through Take the window or I’ll spear you like a boar If you stab my neck, I’ll chill a bit but then I’ll trail your tail Teleport trek, I’ll jump ahead to where you least expect, then you’ll get wrecked Cause today’s Friday the 13th I’ll slam your body down like this is WWE Today is Friday the 13th I’ll knock your heart right out and then I’ll… Head punch, bear hug, tonight! Shotguns and flare stuns don’t work All they do is to slow me down But feel confused when girls wear my mom’s sweater and talk Tommy Jarvis He machetes me right in the eye I’m Jason Voorhees, I can’t be killed, and a new round’s bout to start You thought you killed me, but now I’m back and slaying in the dark Creative thoughts, I’ll rip your jaw or throw you on a stump Go call the cops It gives you hope but won’t help save your life, I’ll give you strife Cause today’s Friday the 13th I’ll tear your arms off up against a tree and leave you limbless Today is Friday the 13th They call me chiropractor cause I’ll… Crack your, break your, your neck!

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  1. Jason is singing thriller 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

  2. A poem from me:

    You wil die!
    U have a short time!

    I leave ur freinds as bait
    And u sealed u fate

    Il give u all sorts of strife….
    For the rest of yo life
    Somebody should have warned you about KNIFE!

  3. I’ve juked Jason many times as vannes when he shifts and I never look back she is the fastest he would have missed her simple

  4. 💄💋🧝‍♀️🦄🐎🍒🧃🎟🎫🎨🩰♟🎮💉🩸🌡🧪🦠💊🧫🔭🩺⚰️🚬📿💣📮🎈💌🧧📔📕📘📚📙📙📙📖📖🧮📍🖍🖌🔵🟠⚫️🟡⚪️🟢⚪️🟢🟣🔴◼️🟩◻️🟦◻️🟪🟪🟥🟪🟧🟨⬜️

  5. Jason: villager
    Teenagers: smash bros characters
    Jason from Friday the 13 the new blood: Isabelle

    Edit: this is the same comment of a josep thing PLEASE don't say i a copy of because I'm the same person and this is my new phone that I'm using because my old phone has been broken and I dont know how to get my old channel back so wey and any questions I well respond

  6. This is every Jason players ideal match until the police get called and the cars get fixed in the first 2 minutes

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