《Conspiracy of love》EP 06【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

President Sheng About your fairytale romance reported by the media Please comment Xushubei is the most important person in my life I love her According to the source You gave up your engagement with the daughtr of Xiashi Group in order to be wiht Miss Xushubei Is this true? First of all, I am not engaged to Miss xia Secondly, emotional things are not like business Why can’t I have my own love Have people I like You always keep a low profile This time you announced your relationship with such a high profile Whether this has anything to do with the recent drop in Shengshi’s share price It has nothing to do with this Why is love always associated with business If I have to say something This exactly shows to the public that Shengshi is an open, fair and transparent company Isn’t that what investors want how are Miss Xushubei’s feeling now This is our private affair thanks Ms Mei What makes you so upset? even forgot to knock the door? Look The power of love pushed Shengshi shares up by 20% cheers Shengjun what you did is so brilliant Shengshi’s stock has been rising to the daily limit these days It’s expected to last for a few more days According to current trends In a few days we’ll get back what we lost don’t just drink I’ll go get some food this cup of wine to our best actress I have done everything that I promised to you It’s your turn I will do what I promise you food is coming dont’t just drink cheers eat some food bottom up Sorry Ms Mei I’m late Never mind Editor Su It’s so nice of you to come over here in persoon Ms Mei you are too kind Just now on the phone you said you’v got some big news definitely won’t let you down Sheng yitang Do you think a car accident will kill everyone? Will shut everyone up who are you What do you know You know what I’m talking about Do you really think dead people can’t talk who the hell are you Mr Luo I have a word with President Sheng President Sheng Please let me explain to you Someone must have planted it on me Who let you in I was worried you misunstood me I came here to explain to you You were there too that day You should know all about that day what happened that day I really don’t know President Sheng Melinda brought her that day I was drunk too much that day I really didn’t konw she was yours Melinda didn’t tell me I will find out the truth If it’s you who leak these You and your dad’s Jianshen Tec. are finished Shengjun I want to talk to you Shubei It’s me Eva why it’s you where is Shengjun I don’t konw Secretary zhong said he had just gone out OK Today You knew it Eveyone knows I don’t know why this is going to happen. Is that the reason you can hurt Shengjun? what do you mean? Shubei I can tell that Shengjun does love you But what you did make him… You shouldn’t be doing this Do you think that I am that persion who would do anything for money? I don’t belive it But it’s true President Sheng What do you mean This is your masterpiece why don’t you have a look at it President You think too much Xushubei is a former employee I don’t have to do this to a former employee Xu Shubey’s being in a Miami nightclub wasn’t because of you? Yes, I was there But you know the acuqisition for Jianshen Tec. are on the way As a new employee, xu shubei should contact with customers more contact with customers there are so many meeting rooms in company why don’t you use them but go to nightclub? President Sheng You’re right It’s my fault I’ll pay attention to it next time Fine Hand in the photos what photos? photos you sent to the magazine I really don’t know about the mgazine If you don’t trust me You may go to the magazine with me right now We confront them face to face You mean These photos have their own feet and run to the magazine? The Internet is so developed now good I’ll look into it And you keep yourself to yourself Yes President Sheng President Sheng Go immediately to the 19th floor and tell HR to fire Menlin Yes Sir This is an order from HR That’s too sudden You guys just go ahead for your work Xushubei Let’s wait and see You first According to what Melinda said It’s Menlin who did all these photo things why I don’t have hatred with her Why would she do that I understand But no evidence of Melinda’s instructions has been found But rest assured I had informed HR Menlin will never appear in the company again what’s wrong why are you so unhappy what imitating you like an old lady Shengjun thank you thank me? How are you going to thank me I it’s easy you kiss me bold as brass boring Xushubei Are you a woman I don’t know whether I am a woman or not I just know I’m your nominal girlfriend Shubei Shubei It’s OK I’m here Which is Miss Xushubei I’m her boyfriend You can talk to me We preliminarily conclude that the fire in miss xu’s house was deliberately done by someone for more information We need to make further investigation Before finding out the truth We ask Miss xu to pay high attention to her life safety Thank you Shubei Come and stay with me tonight Shubei Let’s have lunch The cause of your house fire has come out It’s Menlin,isn’t she? intentional arson No one could do such a thing without any deep hatred who hates me most It’s Menlin who lost job because of me Not exactly You are right She is so impaient that she couldn’t hide the photos for so long She must not have endured it long Someone must be behind her That’s what our investment management department is doing this week President Sheng Do you have any instructions? Is that what you do Why didn’t I see the full report for this quarter President Sheng as you know Our department is now gearing up for the acquisition The investment management department is one of the most important departments in our company So many people can only do one thing? I’m now telling you Shengshi doesn’t feed people who do nothing valuable Menlin is the best example If I ever find out someone’s making trouble here again Just get out of here understand? Yes President Sheng I understood but I have an immature suggestion to remind President Sheng Now the company’s image matters to its share price so Please President Sheng always think twice about everything Mistakes made by subordinates only affect one department but made by superiors may directly lead to huge losses of the company Xushubei Say it quickly I’m busy I have a task for you you make the dinner smells good you are back Xushubei Why are you giving me this? President Sheng descendants of royal families don’t even eat instant noodles I haven’t been short of instant noodles since you were here good sorry I’m really not in the mood to cook today right You’re not in a good mood because your house burned down but you look good All you have to do is clean up for me and then you have big house to live eat better than before why not in bad mood yes good food, good shelter here Sorry about the instant noodles Xushubei we need to talk Thank you for taking care all this time. I did what I had to do we have nothing to talk before I get back to Shengshi I know I’m responsible for delaying your return to the company But I’m already planning it I said it again we have nothing to talk before I get back to Shengshi Let me remind you You’re penniless now I have talkded to Shangmin He will lend me money She is out Miss Xushubei Please comment on the photos in the magazine What is Mr Shengjun’s view on this matter Is your marriage to shengjun valid? Miss Xu Mr Shengjun How do you feel when you know Miss Xushubei used to be a nightclub lady? Shubei used to work in investment management dept. It is normal to entertain clients I believe in her character So please everyone Don’t look at the picture and guess After going through all this I decide to try a live-in relationship with Xushubei live-in? Because we are both busy with our work So I want to know more about each other before I get married Shubei I love you What’s going on downstairs Why didn’t you tell me in advance You despicable Xushubei Don’t think I’m trying to take advantage of you Under this situation If you go out It’s not good for you why can’t you understand Do you konw how many women would line up to come into my house Don’t be discontented Other people care but I don’t Do I want to live here now? Look at you still tough Would you like to go out and try again? What do you want? there is no free lunch You can’t be ignorant of such a simple truth What are you doing? All for you, take it You bought this dress, too OK here you are What’s your hurry I haven’t done my mental construction yet you Don’t do it Xushubei It’s impossible for you to eat and live without paying anything No way How about this We exchange for the same value according to the old rules save it Equivalent exchange again The equivalent exchange you promised last time hasn’t done yet What do you want to trade this time besides I don’t have anything right now I promise I will do what I promised you but this time what are you up to help you help me? I will let you know what I’m capable of Don’t mess around in my kitchen get out I was kind enough to help you I don’t want to help yet do it fast, I’m hungry hurry up Xushubei I didn’t expect that you are so virtuous. Food won’t stop you eat slowly The food is fresh and still hot Xushubei I didn’t realize your cooking skills were limited to appearances Don’t drink cold There is heat in the pot I’ll take care of company’s issue Shubei Eva What’s wrong, don’t you let me in? come in Shubei You and Shengjun live in together But you ever said you can’t be together Yeah This is temporary Are you going to leave him? of course I mean We’re not kids anymore No one will be together forever why If you like a person you should be with him forever Shubei He’s put your picture things behind him You can’t fail him any more Shengjun is such a good person If you hurt him again I’m sure I’ll get him from you This is the data of last week’s stock price fluctuation Our company’s share price has not only recovered to normal levels but also a 3.48 percent increase everybody as a junior, I have been learning from the seniors like you I hope you give more confidence I believe that under my leadership, we will get through the difficulties become more and more better Shengjun We’ve always believed in your ability We are at ease with you to take care of the company Now that I’ve made good on my promise and I have a request I want Xushubei go back to investment management dept No She can’t Master Investment management department just settles down, let’s not make a fuss about it Moreover It’s old President’s order to fire Xushubei If we unilaterally let her back in the company Maybe we old bones can’t live on our own Shengjun you are back Did you talk to the board today Eva came home today why did she come here Maybe she just came by to drop in She thought we were living together good what good She was in a very bad mood when she came here today But she pretended that everything was OK for her She was trying to smile all the time She grew up with you Don’t you know what she’s thinking what you said now Don’t you think you’re too selfish You are so impersonal Yes I am selfish and impersonal Am I something to you? Do I need you to push me around? Do I have to marry her just because she was my childhood sweetheart? Please enjoy Shangmin Your legs are fine and your brain is fine too I can’t compare with Shengjun in girlfriend things look at Shengjun He made you his girlfriend in such a short time That’s what is called awesome Can we not talk about him ? What’s wrong Did you have a fight? no Don’t you know about the things between Eva and him? just a little but as you know him He doesn’t talk much about himself so Are you here to ask me about your rival? How could that be I’ve just been in a bad mood recently How about Eva? seems not good I’ve heard Eva loved Shengjun since she was a child Shengjun said his was engaged when they first met after a long time apart She must feel sad But she dose have courage to start chasing Shengjun again As for Shengjun he was like a piece of ice when he saw Eva no one can stand it he is always melodramatic Xushubei Isn’t Eva your rival? I never said she was my rival Did I say I accept Shengjun? And Eva She is I think she is nice wait a minute I am confused now If you like Shengjun You can’t give up even if she’s better than you It’s not logical what do you mean I mean hold on we will win I am sorry Let’s make it up Stop working at the moment Yes Father You just stay in the villa and don’t go anywhere including company? As I said All your work You mean house arrest BeiBei let’s break up I’m gonna marry Eva I was wondering who that was it’s our master Sheng’s fiance Miss Xu why don’t you go in? not allowed to? Ms Mei why are you here to see drama? Xushubei You think too much of yourself You’re nothing to me at most a piece he had arranged here listen carefully Whatever your purpose is If you dare to influence me on the acquisition I’ll make you nothing not even a piece Do you think you can cover everything up? Who are you? What are you capable of? you go back first I have somthing to talk to her Let me tell you I can take you down not because of me it’s you it’s you who helped me to take President Sheng down President Sheng is under house arrest and lose the control of Shengshi thank you Ms Mei You’v exposed youself I never meant to fright you when I came to the company I don’t have any purpose Shengjun never arranged me I was justing using him does that mean anything to me? what are you trying to say now doesn’t help a bit you know what The feeling the rain hits me now is totally different from yours I am enjoying it It’s you like I said Shengjun is under house arrest Why would you buy me coffee So you knew it and you still come how can you say that We have a deal fair competition You cannot become enemies just because we love the same person since you are so direct I have something to say I’m here to ask you for help this time help Shengjun You mean we get him out Now uncle sheng is watching him strictly There are six bodyguards round-the-clock to watch him it’s impossible

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