Hey, kids it’s me PDRsan School is out until spring break so basically you get over a month of spring break Dude, why is school out early? Well that’s You know that thing from China What? The Untamed? Anyway school is out and because of the C because of that thing that will not be named I’m guessing you guys have been told to avoid going outside and are bored out of your brains so people can’t go outside because they can’t stop watching the Untamed? Just shut up! but guys don’t worry the master of not going outside has got your back! I’ll show you what you can do during spring break without leaving the house I’m gonna use this long break to catch up on studies (How to get followers on twitter) Build your online persona I see Dude, you free today? What? Your parents say you can’t leave the house who cares! let’s hang out! who cares about Hello? He hung up on me Man he’s so boring What am I supposed to do now? I know I’ll put that video I filmed of him on twitter That’s what you get for not hanging out with me! Next Are you filming? You’re filming right? That’s gross! Run! Run! Just I said I was sorry I didn’t realize it would blow up and PDR would make a vi come one but I’m sorry It’s sad that they won’t let you graduate now but you’ve got to admit that it was funny Hello? Hello?? Man, I can’t believe I ruined my best friends life Oh, well Time for some YouTube Man there’s nothing good on YouTube What should I do now? Leave mean comments! Your videos suck you poo poo face go to hell lol Man, that feels good! Next a Hajime video The only thing bigger than your sub count is your ego you… This guys is amazing all he did was spread false information about there not being much toilet paper and now he’s super famous That’s so cool I know if I spread false information I can be famous just like him what should it be That’s it! The next thing that you guys should be stocking up on is soy sauce! If you don’t get soy sauce soon, it will be all gone!!! Can’t wait to be famous Hey! What now Mum!? The phone won’t stop ringing! your school, the media and even strangers won’t stop calli… Hello Yes Yes I’m sorry What the hell did you do? I didn’t… Yes I’m not sure what this is about, but sorry I got a crap ton of retweets! look at all the replies Die Go to hell loser Stop spreading misinformation I can’t buy soy sauce because of you! What am I supposed to dip my dumplings in!? Found him! That’s our home address and phone number!!! Hello Are you the person who runs the Superultrarollingbomberthundercorporation twitter account? Yeah… I have a few questions I got trashed on the internet People dox me the police come after me Man, being famous on twitter is hard work I also upset Mum Can’t be doing stupid things like this anymore I’m gonna sell Mum’s stock of toilet paper and masks on Mercari and become rich! I know you’ve got a long spring break but don’t do anything bad speaking of bad things PDR3 hoodies are on sale! You can get a zip up one or a non zip up one Click the link down below if you’re interested Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video(^o^)b Don’t forget to subscribe! Maybe click the bell icon to get notifications To all my student peeps what are you going to do during the break nothing to do right? so you should watch all my videos once you’ve done that watch all of the videos on my second channel once you’ve down that watch all the video on this channel again… Also I put a video out on my second channel the other day, so check that out if you haven’t !!!(^-^)

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  1. 俺の高校の卒業式

  2. School is out for the students but not for the teachers.
    I am an English Language Helper (not a main teacher), and I still have to go the school everyday with nothing to do, but I need to look like I'm not slacking off

  3. コロナのせいで私たちの卒業式が無くなっちゃったんです(´;ω;`)

  4. うちのところは休校じゃない。

  5. 学校ブラック過ぎて

  6. コロナウイルスのせいで、頑張って大縄大会の為に、練習して、90回跳べるように、なったのに、コロナウイルスめ、絶対許さぬ😠

  7. 外に出るなと言われても ルールは 破ってこそのルール そこら中で咳してばらまく

  8. 質問コーナーしてくださいゆたぽんをなめて下さいコメントで父母ゆたぽん見てるか fuck youって送って下さい

  9. 定期券払い戻ししようとしたらみどりの窓口の人にこの休み中遊びに行くかもしれないからしない方が言われたんだが…

  10. 因みにトイレットペーパーなど国民生活安定緊急措置法の特定品目の物を高額で販売した場合課徴金を払うことになったり罰則として3年以下の懲役や100万円以下の罰金になったりするからやめた方がいいゾ

  11. でも言うて友達はよみうりランド行ったりカラオケ行ったり普通に外に出かけてるんだよね‪w‪w

  12. 休校になると言うことはコロナウイルスが近くまで来ている….

  13. 俺の親なんか家にいるのはきもいけん2時間ぐらい走って来いやって怒られましたwいや外出しないための休日だろw

  14. デマツイートのせいでスーパーのトイレットペーパー、キッチンペーパー、生理用品が売り切れてた😭

  15. 受験は夏が勝負みたいな感じで1ヶ月もあるから受験生だからせなやばい。。。

  16. ちびっ子達、お外は危ないからお家に居ようね〜。

  17. PDRさんゆ○うたとエ○リンにチャンネル登録者数が抜かれそうです!対策はどうしますか!?

  18. くそつまんねえんだよこのくそやろうがくたばれー


  19. 山屋マリナを山生笑笑は🏔!マヤ多ユニやら真幡は生なはまはみやた湯ヤタやらか

  20. ニンテンドー64買ってみてくださいスマブラドンキーゴング面白いですよ買ってみてください

  21. 3月19日から3月25日に南海トラフ地震が来るといわれてるので気おつけてください

  22. いきって遊んでる中学生見てウザい


  23. 夏休みより宿題が多いらしい配りに来るって言ったのに俺の家にだけまだ来ない間に合わんやつやん、怒られるだろうな持ってくるの遅いくせに

  24. どーでもいいけどマスクってだいたいプラスチック製やって。まっまが言っとって箱見たらまじやった

  25. Intrally am stuck in my room cause I can't stop watchingvthe Untamed!!! It's SOOO GOOD! I'm even re reading the 111 chapter transcalations right now! Hshshssh

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