【ENG SUB】完美关系 21 | Perfect Partner EP21(黄轩、佟丽娅主演)

[Perfect Partner] [Episode 21] I’ll buy this. Why do you need this? You are a man. This is an art work. You have a great taste. Let me tell you. This is custom made. Look at the embroidery. It took more than three months. It’s the most expensive one as well. It cost me more than six thousand yuan. More than six thousand… OK. How to pay? By Wechat? Should I add you as my friend first? Milux Milk Powder, produced
in the excellent natural organic pastures in New Zealand. It’s 100% pure and free of chemical fertilizer. You can monitor and trace our supply chain throughout the course. It boasts its mild taste and immunity booster. You won’t get excessive internal heat
nor constipation after drinking it. A well-known brand worldwide. These are a few slogans we’ve thought of. We want you to deliberate on these slogans. And see if there’ll be any better ideas. Actually I’ve got one which I think is very good. Listen to this. Good grass for good cows. Good cows produce good milk. Good milk fosters good people. Milux Milk Powder will foster your baby into good people. Hear me out. Drink the milk and you’ll get the great strength and toughness of cows. Milux Milk Powder, awesome! This one’s good! I like it! This one’s really good! Really! So good! Stella. President Jiang, here come a couple of guys from Fly-Joy Group, claiming themselves to be the audit team. They request that we coordinate their auditing work
on relevant business. – Audit?
– Yes. Shu Qing, what’s happening? Take them to the rest area and serve them well. Okay. – Come on, eat while it’s hot.
– Thank you. Have more. I earned money today. I can afford buying you this meal. Just order whatever you like. Thank you. Are you still down because of that Liszt thing? You haven’t finished telling me that story yet. What happened next? Problem solved? If so, why would I sell clothes in the street? Because of these crappy stuff, they suspended my work at our school. Now it even appears that I really have harassed him. You know, you foreigners care about these stuff so much. Once they learned about the harassment, their attitudes changed immediately! You can accuse him of defamation. Accuse him? How do I accuse him? I got no proof nor money. What am I gonna accuse him with? Besides, if our school fires me due to it, I’ll be out of job then. I really don’t know what to do now. I have a brother who can help you out. Why is Fly-Joy Group auditing our account? Because we’re the supplier and we’ve just signed a big contract with them. Plus we’ve worked with them before. It’s reasonable for Party A to make such demand on Party B. But we can’t just open up our account for them to audit. Can we just pass the buck to our legal personnel? We can. But if we reject their audit, they’ll think we don’t cooperate. And there won’t be any cooperation
between Fly-Joy Group and us anymore. Stella, Yan Xiaohui has turned off her phone. Wei Zhe, got any advice? – Stall.
– What do you mean? We’ll just stall until we find out what they’re up to. [Embankment Building] – Does your brother live in Embankment Building?
– Yeah. This river-view apartment is very famous in old Shanghai. He has such a great taste. My brother is awesome. Brother! Bonnie, let me introduce to you my great brother who shares zero blood relation – with me…
– Mr. Wei! Miss Bonnie. Do you guys know each other? So she’s the “special lady” you told me about? I like her. I want her to be my girlfriend. Come in, please. What position does Liszt have in his company? He’s the vice president in charge of human resources. So, he’s a senior executive. Go on. Well, the thing is, I went to his company for him once. I thought he’d be scared because of the scene I caused. But to my surprise, not only wasn’t he scared by this, I even received a letter from his lawyer. I really don’t know what to do now. Zhe, apparently Liszt is teasing Bonnie. I want you to help her. Bonnie, don’t worry. He’s in our country. We’re not letting him tease you. Come here. Zhe, what’s up? I remember you told me once that you’ve got license. Yeah, I did pass the bar exam. Then there won’t be any problem. Tomorrow you accompany Bonnie to Liszt’s company again. To fight? Just tell him… This time the personnel condition within Fly-Joy Group
has changed dramatically. Our headquarter in America was fined 140 million dollars. That’s why they’re so committed to auditing worldwide. Of course, your company is among the lucky ones. You’ve signed the contract of Milux Milk Powder case. And the procedures were all clear. You’ll survive the audit. Unlike those long-time partners of Fly-Joy Group. Their accounts can’t withstand the audit. Elvin has been suspended and gone back to America. I’m also planning on resigning so that when the new boss gets here, I won’t have to suffer from his temper. I’ll leave right after the handover next week. Although you’ve signed the contract with Fly-Joy Group, the new boss will definitely has his own ideas. So I think you should do some work on another round of PR management. Director Yan, thank you for the heads-up. Can you tell me where’re you going? Well, there’s one company I’m contacting with. I’ll tell you after I get hired. There’re some things I probably should have kept to myself. But I’m leaving anyway. Plus, President Jiang has been very nice to me. So I think I should remind you to beware of Yuan Su. Yuan Su? What’s wrong with him? He’s not young. As for business, he is fond of playing tricks All he knows is trickery. Can you be more specific? He came to me before the bid. He wanted to make backstairs deals with me. But I turned down his offer. Later, their bid document shared the same idea with yours. I also found it quite weird. Of course, I have the same view of it with you. I also think this is plagiarism. You’re saying that Mingshi has something to do
with our bidding documents being plagiarized. If it’s true, then they must’ve got a connection in my department. When you work with Fly-Joy Group later, remember to be on your guard. That’s all I can say. Bonnie, last time you came here by your own. Isn’t that enough? Now you even got yourself a helper. I’m telling you, I’ve already informed the training centre that if you don’t apologize to me this time, I’ll sue you and the center for slander. Now you can apologize to me. Say sorry. Since you don’t want to make the apology, we’ll just meet each other in court. – Bye then.
– Wait. May I ask what proof do you have that Miss Bonnie slandered you? Just with that online post? Every word is true in that post. Besides, we’ve got pictures as evidence. According to the Civil Procedural Law
of the People’s Republic of China, Article 63, the witness testimony and electronic data, if ascertained and verified, can be used as evidence. Miss Bonnie didn’t slander you while you’re spreading the rumors everywhere, which leads to the damage to Miss Bonnie’s reputation. Who are you? I’m Miss Bonnie’s lawyer. I’m in charge of all her legal affairs. This is my license. Okay. How about this? Let’s get downstairs and find a coffee shop. Let’s sit down and have a nice talk, to sort this thing out, okay? No. Let’s talk things out here. What do you want from me? I want you to contact your school immediately in written form, withdraw all your complaints against Bonnie, tell the truth, and… apologize to her. Otherwise, I’ll send a letter to your company and file a formal lawsuit to the court for slander against you and claim 1 million for mental damage
as your compensation to my client. I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy lately. I know. If it wasn’t for something important, I wouldn’t bother you. There’s this thing that I want to ask you for your advice. What? Why so serious? Is it official or private? Both. You know, it’s a time of great turmoil within Fly-Joy because of the internal audit. Our boss has been changed. Director Yan has also left. If there’s a new boss, it’s going to be tough for me. So I’m considering resigning. You don’t have to resign just because there might be a new boss. You’re gonna be fine with your great capacity. Or, are you trying to avoid the internal audit
because you’ve done something illegal? You can’t possibly think of that! I’m never gonna do that. Then it’s even less necessary for you to leave. Actually it’s not just because of this new boss. It’s just so hard to pursue one’s career here in Shanghai. Think about it. In such an international corporation, I’ve got no supporter nor background. I’m also not an overseas returnee. It’s really so difficult to go through all these sorts of ordeal. I’m still just a manager now. Meanwhile, all my peers have become marketing directors. Well, I’ve got zero opportunity for promotion here. Then why am I still staying here? I might as well find another place and see if there’s any chance for me. Then what’s your plan? I’m planning to leave Fly-Joy and go back to Shenzhen. After all, I know some people there. Back to Shenzhen? – You don’t want me to leave?
– Of course! You’re such a talent. How is it possible that you can’t find a job in Shanghai? Yeah, it might be true that during this period you’re not very lucky. But isn’t there this saying that goes like “the darkest time is also the time closest to dawn”? As long as you hang in there, everything’s gonna be alright. Plus, you’ve also got friends here in Shanghai. You’ve got me. – Here.
– Thank you. You were so cool just now. You managed to scare off that dummy. Actually I was also very nervous at that time. Luckily, he knew nothing about laws. Yeah. If he found out that the license Wei Zhe gave you was fake, we’d be in trouble. That license was real. It’s just that a U.S. bar license doesn’t work here in China. If Liszt knew about it, the truth would come to light today. So, you’re really a lawyer? I graduated from Temple University. Then I switched to interior design. Instead of being a lawyer, you chose to be an interior designer. What were you thinking? After graduation, I felt being a lawyer was too rigid while I preferred life which was easy and free. So I switched to interior design. Besides, I’ve been dreaming of it since I was a little kid. Dream? I have a dream, too. What’s your dream? My dream is quite simple, to make something of myself. Is it super vulgar? No. I think it’s very real. Just like you. Really? The first time I saw you, I felt that you were different from the other girls. You’re brave, confident, strong and also very beautiful. Thank you. To tell you the truth, I moved in across your apartment because I learned that you live in Yuqingfang so that I got to see you often. That’s sweet. Bonnie! I like you. – Would you…
– No! Why? You’ve seen it, too. You know what a lame person my ex-boyfriend is. But I’m different from him! I know you’re different from him. But I’m just like a burnt child who dreads the fire. At least for now I don’t want to be in a relationship with foreigners. I don’t quite understand your world. – But…
– No more “but”! Let’s still stay pure neighbors. Retell the whole process of the third round of the bidding. Don’t miss out on any single person nor any detail. On my way to Fly-Joy building, I called Yan Xiaohui and talked to her about the presentation. Then at the front desk of Fly-Joy building, I met two colleagues of the marketing division, Wang and Su. Because there was still some time before the bidding started, I took some rest at the rest area. Then I met Tan Xinkai, manager of the marketing division. – Tan Xinkai?
– Yes. He was in charge of the whole process. I remember I asked him “why it was always us first and Mingshi second while this time is different”? Because it was you to present first before. This time we reverse the order to ensure fairness. Everything seemed normal. – It was Tan Xinkai who took you there?
– Yes. He told us to copy our bid documents
into the computer they arranged. Director Shu, we’ll use this computer for presentation. After Manager Xiao finishes copying, you’ll also need to copy your document into it too. Manager Tan, may I use my own computer? Director Shu, you’re so cautious. We’ll be the first to give the presentation. What you are afraid of? Actually I knew that
during the process of copying our bid into the computer, it’d be easy to leak out our documents because all of the bids were in the same computer. During this process, someone might catch others off-guard and copy other’s bid into his own USB flash drive. But that day it was Mingshi who was scheduled to make the head-start. So I thought the extra step I took wouldn’t make much difference. Are you sure Tan Xinkai was the only one present on the scene? No. There were two colleagues of his. More specifically, two staff. One of them is Liu while the other one is… He looks familiar. But I don’t know his name. What you’ve just said really soothes me. Don’t worry. I‘ll clench my teeth and stay through. I’m not gonna let you laugh at me. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether I can get promotion or not. As long as I can get to look at you and chase after you bravely, I’ll find it most important. Since you’ve decided to stay, I have to remind you later on, whatever you’re doing, be careful. Be careful? Last time, when our Milux Milk Powder bid document was plagiarized, before Yan Xiaohui left, she told us the mole was in your division. So you’ve got to be careful. Otherwise, you won’t even know it if someone frames you up. I know. Thank you. Everybody says that workplace is just like a battlefield. To people who haven’t experienced these things, they’d never know that it can be so scary. What are you thinking about? Nothing. I’m just thinking… How about I take you for an outing this weekend? This weekend is not okay with me. I’ve got plan. Actually, it’s not a big deal. Wei’s brother who shares zero blood with him have just moved here. He has just finished decorating his apartment so he wants us to celebrate it. Zero blood? Then… may I come with you? If it is inconvenient for you, just forget about it. Actually I really want to come along with you. Because I want them all to know about me. Retell the whole course you presented the bid. Xiao Ya presented first. Then it was me. Only half way through, Elvin stopped me. That was when I learned that our plan had been plagiarized. The process of bidding presentation
lasts only a very short period of time. Even if someone tried to plagiarize, I bet there was not enough time for him. Let’s turn the clock forward again. The day before the bidding, was there anything unusual? For example, the hard drive where you save the bidding document. Has it ever been away from you? Or, has someone touched your computer? That would be impossible. I set a password on my computer. Besides, during this time, just in case of accidents, every day I’d take my computer back when I got off from work. And I’d take it back here the next day. The day before the bidding presentation, I waited till late at night before I got the documents printed out. Once I got the print-out, I put it in the trunk of my car. Hold on a second. You said you printed out the bid the night before? Yes. Some companies only need the digital versions of bid documents for discussion in the bid. But for big firms like Fly-Joy Group, they’ll request that we prepare the print-out
of our bid document beforehand. They also designate the printing service provider for us so as to ensure the unification of specifications. [Siwei Printing Company] Why are we here? To find the mole. – Are you from Fly-Joy Group?
– Yes. Last Thursday night, we had our bid documents printed here. Look, there were not page 11 and 12. So we’re here to see if there’re extra pages. Last night it wan’t me who was on duty. – It was Yu.
– Where’s he? Yu! Yu! Come on here. They want to see you. – Yu, hi!
– Hi. What can I do for you? Last Thursday night, we had our bid documents printed here. But there were no page 11 and 12. Are there extra pages here? Oh, this one. – No.
– No? But I remember you printed a few extras. Not at all. Manager Tan only asked me to print one more on the phone which I gave to the woman who came later. That was it. No more print-outs. So it was Tan Xinkai, Manager Tan, who asked you to print one more? Yes. – Who’s that woman?
– I don’t know. She just said it was Manager Tan who asked her to fetch the print-out. Hold on a second, please. Sir, would you like something to drink? No, thanks. I’ll wait for my friend first. Okay. Sit down, please. Why did you book the table here? I know you like this restaurant. Relax, I got the salaries of 260K yuan a year. I can afford this. – Have you seen Sex and the City?
– Yes. How does that line go? “If you want to know the identity and taste of a man, just see if he needs to wait at Jean George’s”. At this hour, we don’t have to wait. So the men here are all of good tastes. Thank you. You should order. No, it should be you. Or I recommend rib eye steak for you. It tastes good. You can try it out. I’m going to the lady’s room. Then I want two rib eye steak she has just said. Yeah, that’s right. Why are you here? I’m looking for you. For what? I’ve got this question to ask you which is very important. How important? I’m going on an errand. How about we talk about it later? No! I’m sick. What’s wrong? Say it, what’s wrong with you? I have a serious premarital phobia. Now, every time I see Jiang Liming, I’ll feel chest congestion, so scared and vexed. – It’s true!
– Yeah. You’re sick. Why are you here for me instead of seeing the doctor? Don’t you know a good therapist, do you? Introduce me to her! Pei Yu, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just sentimental. I’m really not available today. Let’s talk about it another day. How can there be anything more important
than curing illness and saving my life? I don’t care. Today I’ll just follow you around. Once you finish your business, you’re gonna treat my phobia. Stella. Why didn’t you tell me that you’re here? It was kind of a last minute thing. One of my friends asks me out for dinner. – I see.
– Okay. Thank you everybody for coming. Bonnie told me that if someone moved into a new home, he should invite his friends to celebrate together. So I’m doing as the Shanghai people do. Good! Good! What a rare scene it is today! We got two couples of friends who are also real couples. For the record, you’re all couples. But we’re not. I’m just here to celebrate for my brother
who shares no blood relation with me. Then what’s the relationship between you two? – First love friends.
– First love friends? What’s that supposed to mean? Wei Zhe was my first love. But I don’t know whether I’m his first love or not. What’s so good about first love anyway? Most of the first love end up
being the sacrifice and stepping-stone. Then may I give you another shot, ‘sacrifice’? No, thanks. Let’s just keep this pure relationship between us. Isn’t it great? Excuse me, I’m just so curious. It seems you two would make a good match. Why did you break up with each other? Because of my dad. You dad didn’t like him? My dad likes him so much. Because of that, I broke up with him. Please complete the story. Alright. Here is the thing. The first time my dad met Wei Zhe, he liked him so much. So my dad asked him, “when are you gonna marry my daughter?” Guess what he answered? He said, “I’m not getting married at all.” I was so embarrassed. So I was furious. I told him, “Then what’s the point of us being together? Let’s just break up.” Then we really broke up. You can only believe half of her words. Lin Ken, when do we get to drink? Can’t you see Jiang Dalin can’t wait to drink with me? – Me?
– Yeah, you. Alright, alright. – Let’s drink.
– Come on. Three, two, one, – Cheers!
– Cheers! There’s something which I should tell you about. What? I’m right in the middle of a divorce case against my husband. We have some disagreements
over the terms of our divorce agreement. He has a grudge against me. So he has done some extreme things. That day I went to the bar with you. He followed us. You were kind of impulsive. The moment you were trying to kiss me, he secretly took a picture of us. I can’t explain these pictures clearly. And now it seems like I’m the one who cheated on him. And these evidence against me is very compelling. I can go to your husband and explain these things. What are you going to explain to him? He did this on purpose. If you go to him, you’ll only make it worse, even more complicated. I’m telling you all these things because, on the one hand, I don’t know what else does he have. I have to be really careful. When I came in, I had to double check whether he was following me or not. We have to keep the distance from each other these days. On the other hand, I hope you you will take care of yourself. You’ve just made it into a new company. This job was hard-won. If he tries to mess with you, it can have a serious effect on you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to cause you this trouble. Hey, enough! You’ve turned on the filter. Miss Pei, please enjoy it. Thank you. Let me take a look. No way. Just help us take the pictures. Mr. Wei, actually, I’ve been looking for a chance to ask you something in private. What do you want to say? Fire away. Wei Zhe, a graduate of Communication Department and a master of law. You won the most valued independent PR expert
for four consecutive years. You call yourself “a celibate”. That part, I don’t know whether it’s true or false. This one’s good. You pick, come on. That’s right. I made an investigation into your affairs. How do you feel? You’re feeling bad about it, right? The things you’ve done, I can do it, too. But I’m not as mean as you. You violated my privacy and spread rumors everywhere. You even told Jiang’s mother on me. If you have a problem with me, I think you can just say it to me in person. Backstabbing isn’t manly. From the day you began making moves on Jiang Dalin, you should’ve foreseen this day coming. It’s part of my job to investigate you. I have no consciousness of guilt. But I’m just so curious that why are you reacting like this? Are you afraid that I might find something against you? I’m afraid that you might fight something against me? What have you found exactly? All the things you’ve done,
do you know what do these make you look like? You’re like a kid who has many toys. But one of your toys is taken away from you. You’re picking things up against me because you’re afraid
that I’d be a threat to your place in Jiang Dalin. You’re afraid that I’ll take her away from you. Am I right? Too bad Jiang Dalin is not a toy. She is a person with independent thoughts. That’s right. She is a person with independent thoughts. So sooner or later, she’d know what’s good and what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong. You like Jiang Dalin. There was a time when Cui Yingjun was so nice to me. You might not believe it. I’ve never cooked a meal. He’s good, actually excellent, at cooking. He’s also attentive to women. My mom said,”if you marry him, you’ll live in ease and comfort all your life.” Instead, I almost suffer for the rest of my life. But it’s alright now. The moment I decided to divorce him, I was relieved. It was like the load had finally been lifted from my chest. It’s funny though. He’s the the party in fault. I feel zero sense of guilty about it. It feels so good to stand on the moral high ground. Am I an unsympathetic person or not? It appears that you can see through someone through divorce. You get to see through the other and yourself. No. I think you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re good. You’re a good woman. Okay. I’ll take your words as tonics and take it all in. Well, this one, I think we can put a filter on it. Hey, I’m talking to you. – What?
– Look at this one. If you did all these things out of jealousy, that’s okay. I accept it. That’ll be easy. Let’s find a place and settle this thing in a manly way. Let’s duel. I dare you. This one is not bad. This is good, too. You don’t? Alright. If you dare not, I suggest you leave Jiang Dalin as soon as possible. And I’m telling you, I’m here today because I asked Jiang Dalin to take me with her. I’m here to tell you don’t play tricks behind me. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson. Before today, I’m still having some reservations. This investigation, am I being too uptight? Maybe I shouldn’t sabotage other people’s love. I even hoped that the investigation results would prove me wrong. That’d make me feel better. But what you’ve just said and the look on you prove me right. I have this suggestion for you, too. It’s not me who should leave Jiang Dalin. It’s you. Wei Zhe. Wei Zhe! Coming. As for the duel, as long as you like, I’ll always have time for you. You must’ve got the price wrong. The price is right, sir. The rib eye steak you ordered is our specialty for today. So we offer a reduction of 50%. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. The fifty percent discount. Is it because of you? How can that be? I’m not that influential as you think. But, Ye Donglie, this is not a place for you. Having a good taste doesn’t mean you have to waste your money. What were you two talking about? He asked me to leave you. And do you know how I responded to that? I told him unless he confess his affection for you and agree to duel with me. Lin Ken! Lin Ken! I’ve cleaned all the plates and bowls for you. I put the food in the fridge. Or, it’ll go bad. Alright, it’s almost done here. It’s time for me to leave. Don’t rush. You haven’t seen the present I got for you. Present? What present? Come on, follow me. ♫ When the seed of time sprouts, ♫ ♫ the scenery outside the window can be seen clearly. ♫ ♫ The breathing is even and careful. ♫ ♫ Those burdens weighing on mind become secrets. ♫ ♫ When the memory is recalled gradually, ♫ ♫ there are so many trivial formalities in the world. ♫ ♫ My life is like a journey in the wind. ♫ ♫ Insignificant but gorgeous. ♫ ♫ Only powerless expression left. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ Listen quietly. ♫ ♫ The words have lost power. ♫ ♫ The bell ringing. ♫ ♫ The low whispering. ♫ ♫ Who left the traces unintentionally? ♫ ♫ The breeze is still gentle. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ At one slight stroke, ♫ ♫ the dawn turn the night over. ♫ ♫ Whether it is right or wrong ♫ ♫ doesn’t matter at last. ♫ ♫ There are so many beautiful stories in the world. ♫ ♫ Gentle but cruel. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ Listen quietly. ♫ ♫ The words have lost power. ♫ ♫ The bell ringing. ♫ ♫ The low whispering. ♫ ♫ Who left the traces unintentionally? ♫ ♫ The breeze is still gentle. ♫

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