🌹Wedding Bouquet DRAMA😱

– Time to throw the bouquet! Leesy totally wants in on this. (people shout) Are you okay Lees? Okay, so my mother-in-law is in charge of a luncheon for like 150
people at this church building right now and it’s a
fully stocked kitchen, but we discovered that
the can opener didn’t work and it’s like a hurry
and she’s like somebody find a store that has a can opener and I’m like wait a minute I
have a friend that lives like right here so I texted Kimmy
from She’s In Her Apron and guess what? – Hi! – She got me a can opener! Saving the day right here, I was like totally random text, it was really random text. – It was totally random. (laughs) So funny.
– You were like um, I do have that so anyway,
thank you for saving the day. – You’re welcome! – I’m gonna go give this
to my mother-in-law, she’s gonna be excited. – [Kendra] Caleb, I see a table
over there that needs some, let’s go that way. There ya go. – So my brother Jeff is getting married. We’re doing the luncheon
right now and my mom and my family were responsible
for feeding 150 people so we were up here setting
this up, I helped with all the chairs and tables,
setting up the music and the microphones and
I’m doing some video for their wedding too so it’s
gonna be an exciting day. – And Laura wants to
go straight to dessert. – [Jeremy] Oh, who doesn’t? – Can you say yum? Hey, did you find somebody to hold you? – He’s spelling his name for us! – Oh, fun, say thanks Uncle Johnathon. – Thanks! – So Jeremy and I are eating
at the little kids table, sometimes when you have a lot of kids, you get to sit and eat with them. So what do you think of the wedding? – Good. And I’ve never been to
a real wedding before. – [Kendra] Yeah? – This is the wedding reception. – [Kendra] This is the luncheon. How does the bride look Caleb? – Good. – [Kendra] Good? – [Bride/Groom] From his love came the song of all that he sings out loud everyday for years and years. I have a dream. – [Kendra] Well this is
a beautiful place that Jeff and Emily were
married, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful and
now we’re just waiting for them to come out
and let the celebration and the reception and party begin. (crowd cheers) – Jeremy. Jeremy’s running around
like videoing a bunch and that’s fun. (laughs) We’re taking pictures and we’re
freezing so I’m leaving bye. Alright we made it out
to the reception tonight and sorry you’ve only seen me today, Jeremy has been really busy
being Mr. Videographer. So fun part about receptions
is always the food, let’s see what we got here? Oooh, it looks like a hot chocolate bar? – Yes! – [Kendra] So we get to do all
sorts of different toppings, yum! And then of course the treats. – [Laura] Cookie. – [Kendra] Oh do you want a cookie? – Yes! – [Kendra] Okay, get a
cookie, you get a cookie. If you touch it it’s yours. There ya go. So Isaac and his cousin Sterling are being waiters apparently, they just walked up to me and said Mom can I get you anything
from the table of food and anyway I asked for a glass
of water and they brought it back and I just
thought that was so cute. – Here. – Which one his and which one is mine? (laughs) Sure? – I guess. You sold it, you sold it, I like it. (laughs) – So this is a business right? In a business you get tipped, that’s one for you and one for Sterling. – Alright bud? – I’m gonna go tell Sterling. – One dollar! – Yeah! (laughs) – Little entrepreneurs right there. – [Kendra] So I’m pretty
sure at this point, she’s just going around
eating other people’s food. Hey Laura, is that your food? So we decided to actually just go through the line as a family and we’re like rounding up
our kids and we couldn’t find Caleb anywhere,
and then we found him, and he was in the line. Were you with Grandma Cindy? – Is it okay if I get this one? (laughs) (people clap) – [All] Yes I pray that you do – Love me too. (people cheer) – And now it’s a big dance party and that is our favorite kind. (laughs) He’s had a little bit of sugar. – Three cookies, two
cupcakes, that’s what we get. – So Leesy, they’re doing the first dance with the bride and her Daddy. Do you wanna do that with your
daddy when you get married? – I wanna do it now. – Oh you wanna do it now? – Because I already know how to dance. – Okay. (cheerful dance music) Wanna go dance? – Yes. – [Kendra] Caleb you get the next turn. Oh yeah, they’re dancing. (cheerful dance music) – YMCA! Dancing with the bride. Whip, whip. (laughs) – Ready? Spin, spin, spin, spin. (dance music) (laughs) – Time to throw the bouquet! Leesy totally wants in on this. (people shout) – Time out, so Elise really
wanted to get the bouquet and her cousin Amber lifted
her up so that she could get it but it didn’t end up happening. Look at how close she was,
like it was coming down. Ugh. So she was pretty sad. – [Kendra] Are you okay Lees? – But her cousin Amber
did make her a bouquet and so that was a great
consolation, she was happy. (slow country music) – Well it’s been a
beautiful day celebrating Jeff and Emily’s wedding as a family and as we’re dancing together tonight I’m just looking around
realizing how many people there are in the world
that are rooting for us that are loving us like
we have hard times in life but then you look at the network
that you’re surrounded by of your family and those
people that are just loving you and are there to support you at any moment and I love the beauty of that tonight. Just married. Ready for the send off? – [All] Na na na na, na na
na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! (people cheer) – [Girl] J House out. – Bye Laura. – Bye. (touching piano music) (cries)

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