🤯Spurs 2-7 Bayern Munich🤯 Champions League 2019 Song Parody (Gnabry 4 goals!)

Spurs 2 Bayern 7! I haven’t seen devastation like this in North London since the Blitz! Ha! The Bayern goals went in – 7-2! Uhhuh Uhhuh Even Arsenal weren’t as bad as you! Haha! Haha! The Bayern goals went in: 7-2! And it’s thanks to me for selling you! And they all ran into the dark for to get out of the shame! So let’s go back, right to the start… And watch our seven goals again! Ja! A wonderful goal by 32 – hurrah! JOSHUA!!! A wonderful goal by Lewy too! Hurrah! POLSKA! Spurs led by one, then trailed 1-2. It’s time to see 4 goals by you! And they all ran out of the dark… Ready to get totally shamed! ROLL PLAYBACK! It’s second half! It’s time to kick off again! JA! A wonderful goal by 22! Hurrah! HAHA!!!! A wonderful goal, for him that’s 2! Hurr-a HAHAHAAAAA! Another great chance! He made it 3! This boy’s world class! I told you Tony! Can we all run into the dark? For to get out of the shame? NO! Sixth time I’ve had to restart…
THIS BETTER NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! A wonderful goal, for me that’s 2! Hurrah! CHEATER!!! My favourite number, a 4th for you! HAHA! CPR! North London is red! 7-2! These best thing I did, was selling you! And we all trudged into the dark… For to get out of the shame… I’m not coming back! He’s broken my heart! I’m off to sunny Spain! Good luck at Madrid, Christian! They’re even worse than Spurs!!! HAHAHA!

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  1. 토트넘 : 그래봤자 니네는 2018 월드컵에서 2-0으로 쳐발리고 한세기 놀림거리자나 ㅎㅎ

  2. 2009: Bayern 7-1 Sporting
    2013: Barcelona 0-7 Bayern
    2014: Roma 1-7 Bayern
    2015: Bayern 7-0 Shahktar
    2015/(16): Olympiacos 0-7 Bayern (group stage)
    2019: Tottenham 2-7 Bayern

  3. Deafeats:
    2014: Bayern 0:5 Real Madryt
    2015: Bayern 3:5 Barcelona
    2017: Bayern 3:6 Real Madryt
    2017: Bayern 0-4 AC Milan
    2017: Bayern 0:3 Liverpool
    2019: Bayern 1:3 Liverpool
    2019: Frankfurt 5-1 Bayern
    2020: Bayern 2-5 Nurenberg

  4. That result was more devastating than the coronavirus spread worldwide for a period is 7 years and 2 months 😉

  5. "Good luck in Madrid, Christian. They're even worse than Spurs are."

    I know it's not really true anymore, but I laughed hard…

  6. Real 4-0 bayern at allianz
    Real 4-2 bayern
    Real 2-1 bayern at allianz
    Real 2-1 bayern at allianz
    Poor muller he got raped so many times by madrid he can't help himself

  7. Im a Bayern Munich fan and even I obviously didnt expect that.. when Bayern win a game like 2-0 then im pretty sure i was cheering more than that 7-2 game XD. I was just too shocked and happy while watching the game, that i couldnt even react properly

  8. How many times did Tottenham score?

    Pep: Twiiiiiiiiicccceeee!!!!!!!!

    How many times have Bayern got 7 on a big team?

    Pep: Twiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    Dont fact check me on the second one, ik its 3+

  9. That result was more devastating than:

    Baca-PSG 6-1, no, not good enough

    Germany-Brazil 7-1, maybe

    Ajax-Spurs 2-3, forget it

    Roma-Barca 3-0, there's a better one

    Liverpool-Barca 4-0, almost
    Dortmund-Warschau 8-4, too many goals
    Barca-Leverkusen 7-1, it has it, but
    Real-Ajax 1-4, perfection

  10. Theory:Arsen Wenger sold Gnabary before he got sacked because then he knew he would score 3 against spurs and earn himself a job at FIFA

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