10 + Surprising Facts About Denmark

The world is huge and it has many different cultures and people within it and we hear on a few facts Have had the pleasure to talk about and learn about so many countries from India to Canada to Sweden and within learning about those places we found so many great stories and Accomplishments for those nations and its people but today on FTD facts we are jumping a little bit further into the world and talking about a Fascinating country a country that may not be big in size But its heart is easily measurable to the rest of the world and that is the country of Denmark Yo guys what’s going on Dave Walter here and welcome to FTD facts the channel where we? When we talk about different cultures and people from all around the world and today? We are looking at the great country known as Denmark. Which is a nordic country now before I get in this video guys I’ll let you guys know about grammar Lucam They’re one of our sponsors if you guys aren’t good at English and grammar Just like myself feel free to check that out at the end of this video because you got to learn about Denmark right now So let’s get into talking about Denmark guys because it’s a really cool Fascinating country one that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while as a matter of fact when I was a kid I used To always think that Denmark was like a restaurant, but then I found out it was a country and I was like oh, God maybe I should never tell two danish that so the first thing we got to start talking about is its Population and it’s a pretty big country for its size being home to approximately Five million seven hundred and Forty-eight thousand seven hundred and sixty nine people at least that’s estimated for 2017 – this estimate it is listed as the one hundredth and twelfth largest country due to Population and all these people are spread across a unique landscape that is approximately forty 2931 Square kilometres which means for every square kilometre you go you’ll see approximately 133 point four people I really hope you don’t see point four people because that would just be disgusting They’d be cut into like almost half now keep in mind a good portion of Denmark’s size of land can’t be accurately Calculated and this is due to the fact that because it’s in an archipelago There’s so many times that tides come in and wash away islands And this is because although it is a beautiful place it is quite flat it has an average elevation of 34 meters Above Sea level which sets denmark at fourth when it comes to countries with the lowest average elevation Other countries like Maldives tarr the Netherlands are ahead of it So you might be wondering are there a lot of mountains in Denmark well? Unfortunately not the highest point is maho a sitting at a hundred and seventy point eight five meters now its height was Disputed for quite a long time until they set the record straight in 2005 and the area itself is marked the Millstone Which is the remains of an old mill that used to once sit there until about? 1917 and although Denmark is a really cool and interesting country What is unique about it besides the fact that it’s flat and it’s got really cool culture well let’s talk about its economy because currently it sits at the 37th largest export economy in the entire world they export a total of eighty five point eight billion dollars a year now when it comes to imports it ranks at 34th having a pretty balanced import export ratio and its imports equal eighty five point two billion dollars Which is just shy its exports and out of all these exports ten percent are packaged medicaments which 28% of those medicaments go to the United States they also export these to germany and sweden and some of the Imports at four point six percent are cars and three point five being refined petroleum However if we’re going to talk about Denmark and its import exports one that we should mention is pigs they had a lot of them as a matter of fact pygmy equals three percent with also human an animal blood coming in at 2.8 percent I never knew that Country’s really Exported blood that’s kind of a new thing for me and the reason this is mentioned is because in Denmark There are more pigs than there are people as a matter of fact they have an estimated 24 to 28 million pigs Which is much more than their like 5 million people the reason for all these pigs is because Denmark is the leading Exporter of pork in the entire world and the country is home to about 5,000 pig farms which may be in the United states. There’s more but as for exporting They are the ones that actually are the highest and as for the manure produced from these pigs They say they could fill up to 90,000 swimming pools of it each year I don’t know if that’s olympic sized swimming pools But either way that’s something that I just wouldn’t want to go swimming in now one thing. That’s most important about Denmark Is its monarchy it is considered the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe it began in 935 with Gormley Old being considered the real first king of Denmark however some historians are like. No, that’s not actually true It’s probably actually his son Who’s named Son Harvard? Bluetooth who pretty much won all of Denmark bringing them all together and although there are many different family names that have changed throughout history Within the Royal monarchy we should probably mention Margaret the first or as the danish pronounce it margaret the first who was the first female monarch for the country now She was the founder of the Kalmar union and her reign was from 1387 to 1412 now one thing That was really interesting about her is she had a really interesting policy within the government And that was that the government would give 500 marks to any woman that was Violated or abused during the wars with Denmark and sweden and let’s not confuse her with Margaret II who is you know part of the monarchy now earlier when I talked about it being? Archipelago Denmark is a country that is not only on a peninsula called Cutland, but it’s also a land that is home to 433 named Islands and one thing that I found interesting out of these 433 Islands about 70 of them are uninhabited I didn’t think there was a lot of that in Northern Europe and out of all these islands and its peninsula known as ute land they have about 13 heritage sites now eight of them are considered un Sco or unesco Zones and what we should mention is the yelling mounds runic stones? In church this was the first unesco Zone aim Denmark being inscribed in 1994 it is located in a yelling Jael Municipality and although it might seem like they’re just two stones they were erected by grum the old for his wife Sarah and many people think of this site as being the beginning of Denmark as a nation and one thing to add although these rocks are outside currently the unesco officials came in and surveyed the area and Discovered that these rocks were being damaged because of erosion so they’re going to put them in an indoor facility So there you have it guys that is us talking about the great nation of Denmark if you guys know any facts that we missed or read perhaps Maybe got some of these wrong let us know down there in the comments below because we always like to follow up on our videos And we like to do part twos threes fours and fives because you can’t summarize the greatness of a country in just one simple video My name is did well guys and as usual here on FTD facts We want to thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video hit that like button subscribe to the channel and check out our other videos because you’d be surprised about the cool things that other countries have to offer but This is Denmark a country that does have a lot to offer A great nation with amazing history that has been important to the formation of Europe a place where the people in Culture work hard to Be proud of themselves. This is the country people and culture of Denmark home to many, but a stranger no longer to us What so once again? Thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to leave a comment down there in the box below also if you like Denmark You might want to check out our videos on other nordic countries such as well like it’s sweden for example A lot of people like this one and sweden has some really cool things to learn about butter than that We’ll see you in the next video cool. Bye

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  1. Also. No matter where you are i Denmark, you will always have to travel less than 50 Kilometres to get to the sea.

  2. You forgot that Denmark was the First viking country and Denmark was the founder of lego
    And Denmark is the hardest language to learn

  3. Danish peeps: *sees video which says denmark in it*

    Danish peeps: *clicks video*

    (also im not making fun of danish peeps- im a danish peep myself, you dont make fun of your own kind right?)

  4. Denmark 🇩🇰 is my love and my dream I hope in 10 years later I will spend my whole life living in Denmark ✨💖

  5. It's ironic that the descendants of Vikings have created the most humane and civilized countries on earth.

  6. Well, lots of figures and percentages, who knows how accurate, but if they're anything like your pronunciation of Danish (Margrethe, Jutland, osv), your viewers are SOL.Why in the world did you make this video? I can't figure it out, other than stoking your ego about having made videos. This video wasn't made with love for the wonderful country that is Denmark. Too bad you missed out on that!

  7. I started to get interested in this country after i saw the impact on the world of Norse/Viking Expansion. Its language its quite cool as well, even if i expected more similarities than differences.

  8. We have “topskat” aka High income tax, then you need to pay 62% in tax… theres 25% vat on almost everything and water costs a lot to use! So we are also the country with the highest tax pressure in the world…. theres tax on everything so if you earn 100 you can keep the 10 for yourself and your bills…. but hey at least I can buy myself a pair of pants every 2nd year with my 20.000 USD payslip every month.

  9. Oh Denmark, the country that didn't even fight the Nazis but rather welcome them quite easily into their nation

  10. Denmark, France, Germany and Poland are my favorite European nations I hope I can live there soon…

  11. Before the time of Gorm Gamle, what became united by Harald Blatand as Denmark had more than one king – 2-4 actually – little kings ruling Fyn, Sjælland, Nord- og Sønderjylland.

  12. Fact: As a white-blooded American, I wish I could live there. I mean, all of us white European descendants have ties to the tribe of Dan

    If you have to call him by his name, say it in the language it is used in pls
    In danish its “Harald Blåtand”
    But anyway great video

  14. The moderne Denmark is a mixture of parts of the medieval kingdoms of Norway and Denmark and a small part of the duchy of Schleswig

  15. OK,,, però poveri danesi sono,,, troppo freddo,,, Sionisti, depressi ubriachi, droghe molti giovani,,, manku uno poliziotto nero,,,,caro paese,,, 800_1000€€ mese monolocale,,, discriminazione, ipocrisia, reddito 1000€€mese poco,,, Almeno studiare gratuito,,, 1000€€ mensile per studenti università, ospedale*****,,,bagno pulita gratis,,,paese normale civiltà avanzata intellettuale,,,,!!!!

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  17. Denmark is not a country its merely a group of small number of people (5 million) who are living together for their safety, security and common culture. Pakistan's one big city Karachi have 25 million people; It means in Karachi more people are living than the people living combined in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

  18. Alle danskere skriver bare. "Like hvis du er dansker". OVER 80% AF ALLE I DETTE HER FORKIN KOMMENTARFELT ER DANSKERE. 👌 200%

  19. Sorry mate, all you are doing, is regurgitating wikipedia facts. You are american, a country with merely 200 year history. You haven't got a clue, about Denmark, or the Danish people. We are the original Vikings with thousands years of history.

  20. GO OUT.


  22. Stupid fucking drunken nation! Women born drunk procreating drunk children! Two are working paying tax and three getting drunk doing nothing living with money paid by the two workers. A stupid regime! Scandinavian social democracy ….having the same regime since the end of WW2 makes it a dictatorship even longer north Korea. They love their regime because they are all afflicted by a so called Stockholm's syndrome. Denmark has the highest abuse of anti depressant in the world.

  23. 1:21 you just did, but thats okay because i once thought Afrika was a country😂😂
    Edit: oh yeah you forgot Greenland is a part of denmark

  24. I live in denmark and we have good places we have to forests full of artists like a giant smiling moon you can in giant lantterns we have a place with glass cooler rainbow and the cool thing is that the coolers have there own temperature and we have lego land dyrs sommerland much more but if you don't live there you better come

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  27. 🇩🇰 I’m a Dane and I love my country so much! The Scandinavian countries are the greatest in the world, seriously! Well, perhaps not Sweden anymore, but Norway and Denmark still ( : The fellow Nordic country, Iceland, is fantastic as well! Skål for os brødre og søstre!

  28. I'm Brazilian but now base in Denmark,i got my Danish passport last year from this legit administrative agent just within a month.I must confess the Danish people are very friendly.Contact:4123298388

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