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(sighing) – God, I don’t know. – What am I afraid of? That’s a hard question. (ambient instrumental music) – I’m scared of fruit
at the bottom yogurt, I’m scared of bees, I’m scared of stepping on slugs, – Thunder and lightening. – Really distant outer space. – Needles. – Getting shot. – Cats. – Adult sloths creep me out. – Donald Trump not being impeached. – Are we talkin’ about like, an object, or are we talin’ about anything? Oh, well, I don’t like
failing at anything. – Probably failure. – Disappointing my mom. – Not being successful. – Sucking at life. (laughing) – Everyone’s afraid to fail. – Not being happy. – Being stagnant. – Being mediocre. – Being boring. – No one finding me interesting. – Being embarrassed. – Fear of rejection, for sure. – Disappointing people. – Myself. – Myself. – Myself. – People talking behind my back. – I’m afraid of getting bullied. – I think the biggest thing I’m afraid of is letting my OCD get to me. – Forgetting, because that is how one loses sight of one’s divinity. – When I try to think about infinity, it actually causes a
ceratin reaction inside, like I get short of breath. – New things are pretty scary,
but also being homeless. – Being poor. – And having nowhere to live. – Losing my family. Especially my little brother. I have nightmares about that. Don’t ever leave me bro! I love you. – My grandpa and grandma
dying at the same time. – What am I afraid of? Losing my family. – Losing someone that I love. – Other than commitment? (laughing) – Thinking about kids and
marriage, it all scares me. – Anything bad happening to my daughter. – I can barely breathe when I think about losing one of my kids. – CPS taking my kids from me. – Being alone. – Like, if no one else was on the planet. – Not having someone to really love. – To spend my entire life with. – Being forgotten. – I don’t think it’s required that somebody remember
me, but I will feel sad to know that I’m gonna
be pretty invisible. – Strangers. – You never really know
what they’re capable of. – Someone showing up and going after you. – Being attacked by people, or being hurt. ‘Cause like, I’ve been hurt before in my past by people. – When there’s like too
many people in a room. – Dense crowds. – Small spaces. – Not being able to see
this far in front of my face is not okay. – It’s like sensory
deprivation, pitch black. – I’m afraid of the unknown. – Zombies. – I don’t like demons or
like anything spiritual. – The devil. – God. – I’m only afraid of God. – Ghosts. – I was trying’ to sleep, and then I hear somethin’ move, and I’m like, whoa. – Snakes, maybe? – (imitates snake) Aah. – Spiders. – Spiders. – Bees. Fuck them. – Being stung. – Oh, right now, it’s got to be flying. – Moment that plane is in the air, I am terrified of hitting the ground. – I have a fear of heights. – Falling. – Falling on the sidewalk,
breaking my teeth, and having my eyeball punctured. – The freeway. – Traffic and car accidents. – The odds of it happening are so high. That is my number one fear. – Earthquake. – Being buried alive. – I always think about like stashing water underneath my desk, in
case the house falls down. – Don’t want to be on fire. – Not a fan of water. – The ocean, ’cause it’s
like space, but on earth. – Sharks. – Sharks. – Drowning. – Drowning. – I’m like afraid of dying without having ever really lived. – Growing old. – Death. – Death. – Dying. – Dying. – Without having to live
my best life, I guess. – (sighing) Damn, that’s deep. – Um, that we’re not living in a
simulation, and this is real. – Thank you so much for watching another one of our videos. Before you leave, please make sure and subscribe to our channel. And check out a link in our bio, where you can pick up some merch. See you next time. Leave us a comment.

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  1. My worst fears are, in order:

    – Losing someone I love (family and friends)
    – Clowns
    – Crowded places
    – Big trucks or semi trucks in the highway (thanks Final Destination)
    – Become stranded in the middle of the ocean

  2. I’m terrified of what Heaven or Hell would be, infinite consciousness without any end…
    Wouldn’t Heaven be boring?

  3. My fears are:

    Losing my family
    Going blind
    Getting old
    My busdriver falling into the the water
    Being alone
    Failing school
    The dark (I still sleep with a nightlight)

  4. what’s your biggest fear?
    0:59: being bullied
    in another video
    what’s the worst thing you’ve done?
    2:24 bullied people

    karma will come to u luv <3

  5. Heres a tip for anybody who is scared of spiders:

    Spiders have terrible vision even though the have eight eyes so that spider in the corner of the room cannnot see you and is probably hoping that its in somewhere safe so when you touch it or try get rid off it they get very scared bassicly they are more scared of you… and also they blind

  6. Drowning.. I can't swim, someone tried to kill me when I was younger, they tried to drown me so yeah I try not get in large pools of water.

  7. The deep oceans because you can get lost and never be found
    Mk here is a joke
    The villager in mincraft 0:04

  8. I have to many illnesses . And they have got worse as I've got older. My fear is I'm gonna die alone with no one around me.

  9. Mine is….!

    The dentist!
    I swear i am terrified of the dentist one time i even ran out of the chair at the dentist! One time i cried so much when i had to get a numming shot in my gums i cried and cried until i literally got dragged out the chair and sucked up loads of courage to sit back in the chair i didnt like it ;(

  10. 1:59 maybe she’s in an abusive relationship ,she has a bruise on her chest and she says her fear is being alone,maybe that’s why she can’t get out of her relationship. Hope she’s okay

  11. I don't fear the death, i'm not scared to die horrible either, if it happends it happends, it means to me that i couldn't be killed in a easy way i had to be killed horrible since i was too strong. I do fear to see people that i love getting hurt or them getting treated as bad. It's terrible to see something bad happening to your loved ones. ♥

  12. For me losing my fam… I think I’d rather go first. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lost my mommy; I really don’t. I told her this and she thinks it should go the other way around… I mean I don’t want to die and want nobody to die but death is apart of life, ya know… 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Time really scares me. The day i started to high school was like yesterday but now i'm in college. I don't want my youth being spent this fast.

  14. Mine are: death being final/no reward for « good » people and the idea that we’re just specks of dust on a rock in a quiet corner of the galaxy that’ll probably never get to explore the cosmos.

  15. okay, so my fears are:

    extreme gore/blood
    heights and falling, yes, including stairs that have open rails, like ones that aren't closed off by a wall and long flights of stairs
    pitch black, like being unable to see ANYTHING even with your eyes open
    medical needles, i literally freak out and start crying if one is needed to be used on me or anything
    spiders, fuck them, i got bit by a wolf spider in fourth grade, wAS NOT FUN AT ALL
    there not being some sort of afterlife, you just cease to exist anymore
    failure, i'll even not play some video games in fear of dying or failing the objective, that's how bad it can be
    any sort of bugs or related to the sort, i'm not exactly afraid of some of them, they just look kinda creepy and weird as fuck.

  16. I have a lot of fears, and no one asked so…

    The dark
    Being alone
    Knowing I am going to die one day
    The unknown
    Getting older
    Life's meaning
    Closing my eyes (other than blinking obviously)
    Loud noises
    My own reflection
    Being bullied
    Gross noises
    Randomly waking up one day and not being able to see and/or hear anything.
    I could go on…

  17. Oof. My biggest fear is that one day, my bipolar depression will get the best of me and I will leave my son behind without a mother.

  18. 3:15 me too because my city was destroyed nearly 9 years ago by a 6.3 earthquake and we've had literally thousands of earthquakes since including a 7.8 and it's been so horrific. People say "you should be used to it" but they are so scary because there is no warning before them. But at least it helps to focus on positive things.🌷🌸🌷🌸Stay Strong NZ

  19. Being alone in the dark i have cryed before about that i may lose my hearing and eyesight 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it just makes me deppressed

  20. I’m afraid of dying.

    Not necessarily dying itself, because it’s inevitable, and it’s all going to happen to us. But it’s more that I don’t know when I’m going to die. I’m scared I’m gonna die and not be able to experience everything I want to experience – having kids, getting married, getting my dream job, traveling, etc

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