2 Annoying Things People Did On My Recent Airplane Travel – Funny Story

Hey everybody, Paul Cram here I wanted to share a little bit
It’s kind of a rant Kind of a rant, kind of a story of my latest experience with air travel on an airplane. I was flying out of Hollywood, I was just there working Rehearsing actually preparing for a
film with another Paul actually. Paul Dawson
Some of you might know him from the film “Short Bus’ And anyway, anyway, it’s always fun when
there’s two Pauls. Or three Pauls, or four Pauls, or whatever I don’t run into many Pauls along the
way. Anyways, so I’m on the airplane and I sit down, and two things happened.
Two. I’m going to rant about two things and the first one actually happened
later but I’ll tell it first because it’s not quite as bad
At least in my opinion Well… I don’t know. It depends on what you
don’t like and what you do like because one of these may be worse than the other
Anyways, so I am sitting in my chair and it’s a four hour flight which is
not that long you know it’s not like an international
flight had like 14 hours you know like whoa! It’s just a four hour flight
which is a little bit longer than you know, for me, like the ideal time to
be on an airplane, would be like you know a quick little puddle jump flight, you know, where it’s like you know, about an hour to an hour and a half something that quick. Anyways, so it is a four hour flight Four Hour Flight and I’m sitting in my chair and this is about hour three so I’ve got an hour on a plane and I’m
sitting there and I’m like you know (sniffs) all of a sudden there’s this really really really strong smell and I was like whoa won’t blow me over
like what is this smell? and I was like I recognize this. This is so
familiar but my brain for a moment was like Errrk! Errrk! It like stopped because I’m in an airplane and I’m not used this smell that I am smelling. This smell is not an airplane smell. This is not something
that I should be smelling on an airplane and also there’s something about this smell
too where it’s like, something about this smell is not healthy. You know it’s like what’s going on? So, and, then it dawns on me. It’s like oh my gosh I know what that smell is that smell is… Vicks Vapor Rub then, and I look, and the man in the chair
in front of me has some Vicks Vapor Rub and he’s smearing it on his chest you know down to his collar. And I’m sitting there and I’m, I did, I started chuckling just a little bit because I was like Wow! Here we’re all in this airplane and we can’t like get away. And I think that’s the biggest thing
with social interactions in public spaces, like
libraries. Well not even just libraries. With public spaces you don’t want to do things that really annoy or get in the way of other people, what they’re doing. And I
think when you’re in an airplane you know- don’t spray super strong
cologne or perfume and you don’t put vicks vapor rub on, and you don’t blow
whistles, and you don’t be super loud you don’t. You know, and the reason you don’t
do these things is because people around you can’t get away like they can’t move they can’t, you know,
different things like that like it’s a social norm. I know that I’m I’m from, I’m
American, and I’m from the Western social thing of, you know, kinda following the rules, and what are
the rules, and follow the rules for good social interaction. So
things that maybe wouldn’t annoy somebody that’s from a different culture I get annoyed by them, because I’m American, I guess, in Western culture
society But I am getting a little bit off on a tangent Rabbit trail, bunny trail, whatever you want to call it. So, and I didn’t say anything to the guy that was smearing the Vapor Rub all over his chest I partially didn’t say anything because I kind of like that smell I think, I think, yeah it’s strong and potent but, you know, give it 10 minutes and it’ll simmer down a little bit. If it was a smell that I didn’t like If it smelled like dirty gym socks or
something then I would’ve said something Which actually leads me to the other
thing. So we’ve got Vicks VapoRub guy You know. Three fourths of the way through the flight that he did that. But earlier I first walk onto the plane and sit in my chair and there is a woman that, you know, ends up being sitting right next to me she’s pretty
petite and she’s in her probably late fifties, really dark black hair
and she comes walking onto the plane and she’s got really big high heels on and I always
wonder… closed toe high heels which comes
into play second and I wonder when I see women wearing high heels on a
plane, or I know that high heels are very attractive and becoming, and they make legs look you know sexy, and all that stuff, but I always wonder Wow! you’re gonna be on an airplane for
four hours the heels thing it doesn’t work for
me As beautiful as as heels are Because I know in my head that when you wear those heels you’re not gonna keep those heels on for four hours so I was like “hmmm?” So she sits down next to me and yes, like clockwork, you know she
takes her heels, she takes her shoes off So I am sitting there and I’m, and this was before Mister Vicks Vapor Rub Uhh, which if her feet would have
stunk, which they didn’t, thank God! if they would have stunk I probably would have been asking the guy in front of me I would have been like “hey, can I borrow some of that Vicks Vapor Rub? I really need to smear it right underneath my nose to cover up, you know…” “lady foot odor here” But fortunately for me her
feet did not stink Unfortunately for me, her feet her feet were… hmmm, how do I put it? Her feet were super dry a little gnarly. They definitely
could have used a soak in some really moisturizing lotion for a couple weeks You know this is I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe a pedicure. But anyway so she she gets up and she are not get
that she sits down she said dat she takes off her her heels and let me see if I can show
you this you know she’s in her chair Sitting in her chair and she crosses her leg, and so her foot if my leg is here, and her foot is here and she starts tapping her foot and eventually she sags down and her foot is rubbing my leg The first few times it happened I was just like whatever She’s gonna feel that her foot
is rubbing, literally like the heel of her foot is rubbing right by my knee and my thigh because I am wearing long jeans, too, Thank God! She doesn’t stop. She actually is kinda
doing the tapping thing and I glance over at her she just she seems
like she’s kinda zoned out she wasn’t like listening to music or
anything and I look down and she’s rubbing her foot on my leg a stranger I don’t know this
person is rubbing her dry and cracked calloused
feet foot on my leg and It is so good that it didn’t stink. That would have been just too much. So I turned her and said and I was really nice. I wish I would’ve said “Lady, get your dried cracked feet in some lotion and get them off my leg” But I didn’t say that. All I did was turn to her and say “Excuse me do you mind not tapping my seat and leg.” I do that because I I don’t like to be mean to people, not
that that would even be mean but I think that it could make her feel uncomfortable Whenever I’m doing something and
someone points it out if it’s kind of a faux pas or something I can get a little embarrassed so I was trying not to embarrass her if she was just, who knows what was going through her mind I? But I wasn’t expecting her response of a dirty look a “How Dare You Tell Me What To Do” look in my head I am just baffled by that look a little bit because why would you give me a dirty
look when when you’re dry and cracked foot is
rubbing up against my leg like it’s not sexy and you’re not trying to
make it sexy if you were you’d probably be looking at me or acknowledging me. I don’t know. It wasn’t like you’re trying to hit on me And if you are ever going to try to hit on me, anybody, rubbing your dry cracked foot on my leg Ummm… use lotion on your foot first! Anyway no, so it was interesting it’s interesting and probably what was going on is, if I had to guess she probably was a tinge embarrassed maybe and that’s why she threw the dirty look either that or she just was rude I guess I don’t know. Anyhow, it’s just been so
interesting to me the things that we do you and human
beings and when we when we’re in public and when we are all kind of stuck together yeah it’s interesting but that is the end of my rant those were the 2 things that happened I had the guy smearing all of the Vicks VapoRub on his chest on the plane and the woman rubbing her and stuff All in all, you know what? I had a great trip. It was really really productive
to do some rehearsing and stuff with the other Paul so I can’t complain too much. I can’t complain too much. what about you tell me let me know leave
a comment or video or something or a link and let me know if you’ve ever had some really
interesting experiences on an air plane during your travels. I’d love to hear them. Hopefully some of them will be funny Alright, thanks guys. Be in touch

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  1. That women sounds like she was mentally ill. Who does that? I think you handled it fine. I probably would have gotten up. By the way, since when is blowing a whistle on a plane socially unacceptable?

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