32 Seconds – Depressing Maths 4 (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Awful Music] [Awful Music]
The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity [School Bell] [Chatter] Teacher: Right kids listen up! [Claps Hands]- -I need a volunteer- -Okay Kelly, come up here- -Right. What I need you to do is hold this stopwatch and when I tell you to start, start it. Okay got that? Kelly: Yes sir
Teacher: Great! Right, now earlier I tied this six- -foot length of rope in a classic
hangman’s noose. The Rope will be- -shortened to around three feet long. Now
if I was to climb this desk…- -Sorry you two can you move for the time being? This is important. I tie this rope to this- -beam right here. Like so. Now I weigh
eighty seven point eight kilograms and- -I’ll be dropping from a height of around
1 meter. Now the question is how long- -will it take me to die? Has everyone got
their answers? Great! [Stop Watch Tick] [Rope Sounds] [Lost of Breath] Kelly: Okay, that’s it. 32 seconds. Who got 32 seconds? James: Oh no way I did. Kid 1: Oh way to go James! Kid 2: Right on James! Kids 3: I wish he would notice me Kid 4: What a guy! [Music, Coffee by bae]

11 Replies to “32 Seconds – Depressing Maths 4 (Animated British Comedy Sketch)”

  1. A dedicated educator until the end… now at the end. And he seemed like such a great guy, too. Definitely somebody I would have enjoyed hanging out with.

  2. Being Canadian I was able to follow along at home because we also use the metric system. What a series! He was educational all the way to the end.

    p.s. "I wish he'd notice me." That joke was great!

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