3Peat Presents: The Blackening – Uncensored

(screaming) (spooky music) – What about Dwayne? – Dwayne, we just left
him, how could we! (booming)
(screaming) – Why us, why are we being
chased by a psycho killer? – I told y’all, black people
ain’t got no business camping. This is black karma. (booming)
(screaming) (screaming) – Dwayne, is that you? – Is he dead? (spooky music) – No, I’m not dead! (screaming) I’m disappointed. You said these bitches
left me to die. That’s some fuckin’ pain. (scattered apologies) – Wait, how did you survive? – Well you see you know
how in horror movies, the psycho killer always
kills the black person first? – [Group] Yeah. – Well when he saw
that we were all black it kind of fucked up his mind, and because I fell like a
white woman he let me go. (excited murmuring) No, no shut up! He sent me in here
to tell you that he’ll spare the rest of us if we give him the
person that’s… the blackest. (spooky music)
(gasping) – Well Lisa says nigga the most. – Nigga! – See? – That does not make
me the blackest, okay? I am very white. I watch Gilmore Girls every day. I let my daughter
call me a bitch. And, I say nigger,
the hard R yeah, yeah. – Yeah, we’ve really
been meaning to talk
to you about that. – John’s a gangbanger. – No, no, no I’m not in a gang. I just went through
a bandana phase. I’m so white I let my
dog kiss me on the mouth. No, Shantier is the blackest. She’s wearing a Black
Lives Matter t-shirt. And she smells like
cocoa butter and historically black colleges. Wait, what happened
to your shirt? – What shirt, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. Besides, all lives
ma– (retching) All lives ma– (retching) All lives matter. (moaning in disapproval) (booming)
(screaming) – He is gonna come in here soon if we don’t give him someone. – Well Nnamdi is from Africa. And he is literally
the blackest. And he’s been hiding in the
shadows this whole time. – Yes I am from Africa. But the southern part where
Charlize Theron is from. You guys know him. – Nigger really? (disapproving banter) – Lisa, that is the hard R. – Patrick got shot. – No, no that does
not count, okay? I was shot because I
saw people running, and I ran towards the danger. I am the whitest person here. – What about Torian? He’s been awful quiet
this whole time. – Huh? Well I thought is was
because I can’t be sacrificed you know, because I’m gay? – [in unison] So? – And we all know, we all know that gayness is just whiteness wrapped up in a bunch of dicks. Catch it, catch it, catch it. Ok look, I can prove
I’m the least black. God forgive me. In the tv show Fresh
Prince of Bel Air I like, I like light skin on Viv more
than I like dark skin on Viv. (yelling in disapproval) I said it, I said it,
I said it, I said it. (booming)
(screaming) – I hate seasoning. – I clap on the ones and threes. – I’d rather eat
kale than greens. – I went to a Björk concert. – I thought quinoa was one
of the days of Kwanzaa. – I qualified for
the Winter Olympics. – Mayonnaise is
the best condiment. – I voted for Trump. (screaming) – Shut up, shut up! Arguing is not going to help. Empty out your bags. And whoever has hot
sauce is the blackest. That’s it, it’s done. (ominous music) Count of three? – (group) One, two, three. – Oh fuck. (booming) (screaming) – Real talk. Did anybody else have hot sauce? – He voted for Trump, that motherfucker had to die. You know, for the culture. (hip hop music)

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  1. If I was there I would be the blackest because I'm west african not from the southern part where Charlies theron is from

  2. The entire thing was hilarious, but the 2 best parts was the catch it part and the voted for trump part. We all agree, there's no debate about it… that mf had to go.

  3. 1.) they all had hot sauce.
    2.) “He voted for trump. That mother f*cker had to die. Ya’know for the culture.”
    3.) they did a wakanda /black district 13 salute to his death. Good lord.

  4. I have watched this so many times lmao. Great work on this skit !!!!

    “All lives ma – gag – all lives ma – *gag*”

  5. I come back to this sketch every month, hoping there has been an extended edition made or something…LOL Soooooo good

  6. Alright now do the whitening. Or is that too racist because only white people can be made fun of but not black people

  7. This is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen🤣 “all lives mat- all lives mat-“ 🤣🤣

  8. Racism is fake..

    Let's make a channel that pushes everyone out and focus on blacks while mentioning "Blacks" every 35 seconds

  9. Hilarious! If it was reversed(black psycho after white people) it just wouldn't be as funny!😂😁


    Thomas Felder

    Published on Aug 21, 2017


  12. Leviticus 20 :13. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.THE BLACK GAY CHARACTER GOT SACRIFICED THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM…

  13. Real black people wouldn't do that shit. We already know we're targeted by demons. And if somebody fucking comes at us with a knife we fucking just jump em

  14. I'm always amazed at how some of the lamest content on youtube goes viral yet more deserving content doesn't. This stuff is gold. I haven't stopped watching this since I came across it yesterday. Still ROTFLMAO!!!!! "I was shot cause I saw people running and I ran towards the danger"! OMG I'm dying! (lol)

  15. Black guy "Well this guy listens to old school rap…". Me "I listen to it not make it a f&%king lifestyle!!"

  16. 1st  blacks never shut their mouths . 2nd  for every black killed in horror 10 white people died. 3rd a stupid woman always survives .  good thing im not a killer   your fukin dead

  17. Is no one going to acknowledge that there are maybe about a dozen people there in a house possibly full of melee weapons with a damn phone and there is one guy outside with a tiny ass knife?
    Just sayin’ man…

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