9 Life Saving PERIOD HACKS You MUST Try | #Sketch #Comedy #Anaysa

Her Periods has started now see what she would do?? Anku.. do one thing… Am I your maid servant who do all your work why don’t you do a few by yourself why are you crying?? Tom & Jerry are so cute so many girls like Anku who face the same problem so let solve your problems through today’s hacks and this is a must watch video for the girls who experience the periods for the first time and if you found this video helpful so get this video to 1,50,000 LIKES so lets get started give me a pen don’t you have pen even on the exam days pls give it get caught in that awkward situation. Same with happened with me so many times now what I am doing put your sanitary pads in any pouch now no one one could know, even if it would get fallen Anku your pouch has fallen down oho.. stain.. ok remove it away from here..I am gonna to sleep No.. what should I say about these incidence so you can use shopping poly bags or sheets or you can put a thick towel over your bed sheet like this so that are easy to wash chips.. body already got dehydrated during this time and you eat that salty chips this increases your bloating problem but what should I do with this craving??? have banana more craving… so have almonds & Juice all these provide calcium this will reduce your period problems what should I do now my periods has started let me help you why don’t you prepare for it before?? actually happened all of a sudden. what should I do now?? have this?? from where you took out it?? I’ve a pocket in my panty don’t get surprised!! I’ve made it by myself cut a piece to cloth of pocket size and fix it using a glue this gonna you help in emergency or in case you want extra pads can you make it for me ?? am I look a tailor to you?? make it by yourself Anku, where are you?? why you lay down like this I am on my periods. so won’t be able to come at least 3 days but why?? you can do exercise I’ve searched it on Internet that not to exercise during periods ok let me tell some special exercise for periods get up fast so what we need to do first we’ll do child pose next one is cobra pose keep your body stretched like this this will give you a relief and the last one is Butterfly Pose these will give relief from pain during periods my periods has started and tomorrow need to attend a wedding… just a minute. mine & your date was the same then how will you get your periods earlier tell me look I ate Papaya. You can eat Ajwain too as these are warm in nature mostly these makes our periods to come earlier this is good… I’ve having these from a week. When…. stop what?? warm water in this bottle.. for those warm compresses … ok got it its time to use it this is good if you don’t have that hot water bag this water bottle with warm water will work well you too come I am on my periods and my panty is too loose what if I’ll get stain who told you to wear loose panty!! all say that we need to wear loose clothes during periods its true to wear loose clothes but need to wear tight panty you can wear two panties a time. so that layering will support and no need to worry about those stains also it doesn’t make your pad to move here and there plz check there’s any stain on my clothes?? now what should I do?? wrap your scarf around your waist like this this’ll give you a style and hides your that stain too now lets go.. without having any fear we experience periods every single month sometimes we don’t have solutions in some situations so these hacks will help to face that situations so if you like our way of presenting this video and if you like our jodi.. so for the sake of women get this video to 1,50,000 LIKES and we are very close to 5M so do SUBSCRIBE to Anaysa to reach 5M soon also follow us on Instagram to stay connected with us so we both of us say Bye-bye..

100 Replies to “9 Life Saving PERIOD HACKS You MUST Try | #Sketch #Comedy #Anaysa”

  1. Mam mery pure tummy or back pe kale kale nishan pad gy hai main kya Kru
    Or uper se bhai ki shadi aa rhi hai plzz hlep me plzzz

  2. इस वीडियो में अंकुर लास्ट में अच्छी लग रही थी

  3. i m 13 yrs old nd mujhe bhi periods hote hein this is my 4th month but jaise mere periods JUNE KO hoke July ko kyu ruk gaya Anishka di???

  4. Hii, Mera naam Pooja hai .. or muje aap dono ki friendship bhut aachii lgti hai kabhi kabhi Mai bhi esa sochti hu ki kaaas ki Meri bhi aap dono ki trh Meri bhi ek friend hoti to kitna aacha hota hai best friend 😔😔😔

  5. Thanks dii for this hacks . I don't know when i will get period but the hacks is very useful for me and i am 11 years old i will go to the college now so the hacks will be very useful thank you so much dii. Who girl think that the hacks is useful for us hit the like button🖒.

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