74 Replies to “A Corner | 모퉁이 [2012 Drama Special / ENG / 2012.10.14]”

  1. i should be working out my lower body today instead of my eyes…. this drama makes me wails which i never did before, ..

  2. When the God have another plans for you ☺
    I tried to suicide one but I failed
    Cuz God have another plans for me
    I'm happy 😊 I didn't did it again

  3. so lovely…..I have the same relationship with my granny…..no matter what she cheers and matches me with so many positives…..

  4. I prefer special drama over regular dramas. it has a deep and fun story, plus I don't get bored over having so many episodes

  5. I cried really hard.. 🤧😭
    Its a very good Drama and This story has lots of deep meaning..
    Loved it a lot..

  6. I've always been wanting to find this cause it's deep down in my memory as I've watched it when i was younger. Now that I've found it!

  7. “I didn’t stop you. It’s you that stopped me” – 💖 44:26WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY! They authentically saved each other😇💕 “Thanks for the chance to see the BEAUTIFUL world” 😍 💜👍 Don’t waste it, folks! ✨ 🌎 💗 BLESSINGS!(you are NEVER alone)!❤️ ✌🏼

  8. I also dont like to be a burden
    To anybody.there are times i wanna end my struggling life.but i now have a beautiful child whom i have to love and care.just live one day at a time.

  9. This movie related to my life but this happy ending made me.jealous…. cuz its.late for me…. my mom died and we cannot solve the problem forever. 🙁

  10. What is the name of the song that is played at the end of this drama special? The one playing while the credits roll…?

  11. 🦋 absolutely the dearest KBS 🇰🇷 movie I have ever seen. Thank you KBS for providing the international community with quality entertainment and English subtitles! Adoration from America!

  12. I really cried watching this movie. It's so amazing friendship between a granny and a teenager boy. They were both alone and lonely. Seeking for love and attention. Thanks for sharing this inspiring movie..

  13. IAM so moved both characters are so real ,so many people l have seen,who deal with his lonely Ness by there own way .if two looner meet may be ,why not they changed their mind set.remember the last line… lets moved to the corner then you see this big beautiful world. Hatts off for the makers ,story writer, artists and all others who involved in such a wonderful movie.lam loving it

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