Adam’s Apples – Is That Your Father (Subtitles)

May I come in? Adam, there sure is no shortage of recipes for apple cake in this world. It looks like we’ve won the round one. What a handsome man. Is that your father? It’s Hitler. No. Hitler had a beard. No, you’re right. I’m thinking about that Russian guy. Well then, I’ll leave you to it. Hitler’s enemies also didn’t take him seriously. Don’t you think that I do? That’s just plain rude. Old Paul Nordkap who’s in the hospital now with no will to live… He was the bigger Nazi than anyone else. Why do you think they ask me to cheer him up? Wasn’t he in a camp? That’s right! He was working there. He met Goblins and all these folks. Goebbels? He was probably also there. Come with me tomorrow. Then we’ll see who takes who seriously. Deal? [The Book of Job]

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