Aladdin – Ep 401 – Full Episode – 27th February 2020

Chandu, Genie Meanie.. Looks like my son
needs to up his game. “My God..” “My only kin.” “Heed my prayers..” “Show them the right path
and answer my prayers.” “Pardon their mistakes
and purify their conscience.” “Forgive them for their sins
it’s my earnest request.” ‘You are the best
mother in the world.’ “My God.. My only kin.” “Heed my prayers..” “Heed my prayers..” “My God.. My only kin.” “Heed my prayers..”
– No.. “Heed my prayers..” “Lord..” “My God.. My only kin.” “Heed my prayers..” You have never refused to
give me an answer, right? You won’t do so even today. Tell me where your lamp is! I know that you are in pain. In trouble. But I have taught you that no matter how painful it is nothing’s more than courage. Gather yourself up.
For me.. For Aladdin.. You are my Genu who likes ‘Samosas’ and
‘Sheer Khorma’ that I prepare. You love me a lot. I know that
you can’t harm anyone. You can gather control
over yourself. Yes. Zafar might have your lamp and an army of thousands.. But I have faith. I believe that my son
will never give in. Tell me. Tell where your lamp is. Brother, Genu stopped
raining fire balls. I told you, did I not?
Only mother could do this. I think your remedy
is about to work. Genu.. Try to remember. Try! You try. You can do it. Tell me where your lamp is. Tell me, Genu. Mother.. Mother.. “You gave many
heavens as gift..” “When you called out
to me as mother.” ‘May I address you as mother?’ Yes..
– Mother! “I never had to ask God
for anything more.” ‘Mother, I am all the more
hungry after eating.’ ‘You are such a kid at times.’ ‘At times you are too sensible.’ ‘I have learnt
to be sensible from you.’ ‘Mother, we love you.
– Me too.’ ‘I love both my sons, too.’ ‘Mother,
never let me go away from you.’ ‘Genu, do remember this always.’ ‘One can rely on only
two things during tough times.’ ‘Patience and faith.’ ‘No matter how
tough the times are’ ‘never lose faith in God.’ ‘A true human never leaves
his faith during tough times.’ Genu, forget all your pain. Only remember one fact. That you are my son. You belong to me. I can’t live
without you now. Come back to me,
my dear. Come back to your mother. This can happen only then when you tell me
where your lamp is. Genu, look at me. Tell me
where your lamp is. Where is your lamp, Genu?
You.. For my sake. ‘The witch Mallika
had created many things.’ ‘While creating those,
she used a magical liquid.’ ‘If she indeed had created
this genie’s lamp, too’ ‘it will also
have the magical liquid.’ ‘Tell me what to do next.’ ‘For that,
we have to go to my cave.’ In Zeher’s cave. Genu!
– Genu! ‘Genu eats a lot,
let me become a cot.’ Genu! Genu!
Open your eyes. Look at me, my dear. Mother,
did he tell you anything? Did he tell you
where his lamp was? In Zeher’s cave. In Zeher’s cave! I know where her cave is. Mother, your younger son
has done his bit. Now it is your
elder son’s turn. Genu, I won’t let
any harm come to you. I will get your lamp
from that cave. This is your
elder brother’s promise. Mr. Bulbul, Gullu.. I’m leaving my mother, Yasmine
and Genu under your care. Don’t worry. We will take care
of everything. Mother, Zafar had
snatched Genu from us once but not again. To get Genu’s lamp,
I will fight not only Jafar but even fate, itself,
and will return victorious. Go, Aladdin.
Go and get Genu’s lamp. We have neither lost now,
nor will we ever. We have neither lost now,
nor will we ever. We will defeat the enemy. We have neither lost now,
nor will we ever. We will defeat the enemy. We have entered
the battle. We won’t rest
until we win. First, a fire started.
Then two masked men came and put out the fire.
But who were they? We must thank them. Wow! I swear on gold coins.
You have made a good point. You want to thank
the ones who put out the fire. What about the one
who started to fire? Will you forgive them
just like that? Who did it?
I want to know who did it! Aladdin, his mother,
and his genies. Naazneen is right. We must end
the trouble from its roots. We must send Aladdin, his
mother and his genies from here. Indeed.
– Yes.. Aladdin..
– No more! ‘I swear by gold coins.
My work is done.’ ‘But who was the new genie?’ Jafar, come here. Look at this. Zeher.. Is it what I think it is? Yes, indeed. This is the magical fluid. I knew it. I knew that
my havoc will work. Wonderful! I never thought that
all this is possible. Today,
you have made me happy. You wait here.
I will be back. Genu’s heat won’t quell
even after dabbing with ice. The whole room
has become hot. If you wish,
all of you can go outside. Not at all.. Ruksaar,
just as Genu is like your son so is he for me. Aunt,
Genu is my brother and I won’t go
anywhere leaving him. Lady Ruksaar.. Genu! Genu!
– Genu! Have patience, Genie. I won’t
let anything happen to you but I will make Zafar
suffer badly. Usually, winning or
losing is decided after the war. But I will declare
the result of this war now. I will win.
Victory will be ours. Don’t keep me away from the magical lamp for too long. I think the magical fluid will be ready very soon. Your game has ended, Zafar. Children play games. I am a lion.
I only hunt. You talk unnecessarily. You know that as soon as
I hold the magical lamp you will get defeated.
– Hey. I am shocked. A naive lad can’t kill me. Today,
I will finish your courage and this magical lamp. Both won’t be destroyed
as long as I’m alive, Zafar. ‘Zafar!’ ‘Brother.
– Go away..’ ‘Ring thief!’ ‘To Aladdin, these relationships
matter a lot.’ ‘Your brother’ ‘is in a butcher’s clutches.’ ‘I don’t know what I’m going
to do to him.’ ‘And you..’ ‘You won’t be able to do
anything.’ My name is Zeher
and I’m as poisonous as my name. Aladdin!

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  1. Jinu apni ami ka kabi bi kehna nahi tal sakta me allah tala se dua karta hu ke sab jinu ko azad kaar do un ko ked karne wali ciz se kiu ke un ke andar bi dio hota hai bad dunya me rukhzar jesi maa ka pyar milna ciahiye to bure se bura jin bi acha ban jata hai jese aguthi ka jin i miss you aguthi ciap

  2. अलादीन ने मूर्खता छोड़ दी, आप परियोजना को एक दिन और लंबा करने के लिए समय बर्बाद करते हैं

  3. I'm from Afghanistan this very heartbreaking show I really like this show 😘😘Lewani Janan 😘😘

  4. kahini ghum firke wahi aake ruk gya😍in the actual fairy tail this is exactly what happens when zafar takes aladdin to get the lamp. zafar gets mad at aladdin and leaves him in that khoofiya cave. aladdin stays there with the lamp and he somehow managed to escape and get to meet the ginnie.
    here aladdin just got stuck in there with the lamp. i just hope he will save jinu❤️damn this is so nice and amazing that how they showed a little bit similarities smoooooothly.

  5. Hii tabia ya wahinduu kushangaa tatizo wanakera badala watatue tatizo wanashangaa hadi mtu anakufaa loooh

  6. Writer you r so cruel tum jino ko kitna aag mai jalo gay rehem nai araha tum is bechare pr tumhe aag mai phenk dy te hain phir tum jino ki takleef ko feel krogay tu aenda kisi character k liye itna takleef dyne wala seen nai likho gay you zalim or be rehem writer 😡🔥🔥

  7. Itna tarap raha hai geenu itni bari jheeel hai Baghdad main becharay ko laykay waha daal dai kamal hai direction ka bhi

  8. Omg Aladdin put his hands to a bowl of lava?! Well Technically it is not possible but it is so cool 😃😃😃🔥🔥🔥

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