Alexander Freeman: Filmmaker and Comedian with Cerebral Palsy – Being A Doctor/Having Sex

They always advertise stand up comedy and
to me that’s just not fair because what about the guy in the chair? But for me, since I have cerebral palsy, it
would be called sitdown comedy. And even if I was able to do stand up comedy,
I would probably look like a drunk college girl on a Friday night. Like “Whaaat? Why am I on the ground?” I have thought a lot about my career choices
and I often wonder what it would be like if I was a doctor. All of my family is either a doctor or a lawyer,
okay, but I decided to do something completely different I decided to be a filmmaker. But I often wondered what if I did become
a doctor and let me clarify what if I became a surgeon. Well, it would probably end up with blood
everywhere and probably the patient on the operating table would be disabled by the
time I was done with them. A lot of people are probably wondering can
I have sex? or Can I fuck? And the wonderful news is yes, I can fuck. Oh yeah! But how do I fuck? That is what you are wondering. Sex for me usually involves me getting tied up
because think about it, I would constantly be accused of domestic abuse. So… Some people call it kinky. I call it practical.

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