100 Replies to “Ali-A REACTS to his FIRST EVER Fortnite game! (FUNNY)”

  1. The first time I played I landed at the mountain where the durr burger is and I died from the storm and didn't know how to shoot

  2. This is as bad an idea for ali a as when i thought about reacting to my first vid when that was the only vid i had posted

  3. I'm my first game I got killed my an aimbot hacker that killed everyone in the lobby

    Like if this has happened to you by getting killed by San aimbot hacker

  4. In my first game I landed at lazy links I was on the Nintendo switch and I had no idea how to even jump 😛😐

  5. the dumbest thing I ever did in fortnite was when I saw a bot and I wanted to be toxic but then he pulled out a shot gun and killed me

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