ALIF – EP 06 – 9th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Why did he invite Sofi? He must have done that like that. He knows I do not like her, but still? Neha, you can curse her later on,
you can let me celebrate today at least. Madam, is there any good news
of you and momin? You can enjoy this for now,
you will getit later few more. Madam, you are doing the
wardrobe this time? Of course, who else will do for the
wardrobe for kalbe momin? Thank you, hello congratulations. You as well, congratulations and
congratulations to you too, zolfi, you are the star for today’s functions. Credit goes to you sir. Credit always goes to me. Thank you. It is my pleasure, you are always welcome, see you inside. Have a great day. Guys, we are about to begin,
let us taking this inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, I hope that we are all settled
and ready to go and firstly thank you so much, for you to come, you have taken the time out,
so thank you much, you all know that Sanam is my 4rth film and I am taking them on
shoot in two months, like my previous movies, in this movie, there will be a change in my team, so let me introduce you
to the very talented and very amazing miss sofia durrani, who will be doing the
wardrobe of the movie, please give her a huge round of a clause,
ladies and gentleman, please welcome, sofia durrani, please have a seat, thank you so much and now I will introduce you
the main leads of the film, who were not there in
my previous films, so please give a huge round of a
plause to shelly and abbas, so sofia, you want to say something? Well I want to say that I am
grateful to kalbe momin that he have given me the chance and I will try that this movie of momin related to
wardrobe will be best as compared to the last 3 films. Thank you, now, I would like to call the leading
lady of the film on stage, miss shelly, best of luck, baby, have a seat, so any question now? Madam one question, momin have hired sofia durrani on
you in his film, what you want to say? because momin is a mean person. I do not have time for doing the
wardrobe of his movie, he insisted me a lot but I said sorry to him, I here because of my goodwill, knew the fact that I am not
the part of his movie. Momin, did not acknowledged your talk? World knows my work, I do not need the acknowledgement of anyone. Thank you. Thank you. I will not spare him, you will see, what I will do to him. I have done a mistake, that I thought he is very nice. the mistake that you have done that
you are very happy with yourself, now you have to know that you
have no value in front of momin. I will let him know what my value is. What momin have done, he has to pay for that, I will not forget this all. Zolfi you can be star
without momin as well, there is only not momin, we have other people as
well in the industry as well. you will not meet momin again. I will meet him once, only once and I will tell him
that what is he? I know, it was nice, announcement has been done,
but still it will take 2 3 months for reproduction, we have reproduction then we have to
finalize the script then location hunting, okay listen, I will call you tomorrow,
I have some guests over, okay bye. Do you take anything, cold or hot. No, that is fine,
you can go. What do you think of yourself? Momin. what wrong have you done,
to get me out of your film and not to cast Zolfi? I do not care, did you heard that? you do not care, that is good, and that means our friendship
will be like before? you are jealous of zolfi and you do not tolerate that I am near
to zolfi and I am doing all this to him, you have done this because of this, you are an insecure and mean person. Anything else? I will not see your face again. You have to see my face, to you and to your zolfi as well, in every newspaper, in every billboard, on television and everywhere, because like every year, this year as well,
I will give hit film and will make the headlines, and who are you, who the hell are you? The only image and accomplishment you
have in life is that you live with momin, that is it. you are so proud of yourself; I will wait for your end. you have to wait for so long. I will try that it will not be that long. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2000.
You are bluffing; you have counted 1000 times,
2 minutes back. I am counting fast,
not counting like you, fast, fast, 2010, 2012, and 2014. I am not playing, so much big bluff. How come, it is bluff sister, it is speed, I am in hurry, I have to go to school
tomorrow morning that is why I am counting on so fast. Where is abbas, he have to come at 6,
now it is about to 7. I just spoken to him,
he is stick in traffic. you just start telling the story,
when abbas will come, you can tell him again,
okay. Let us start. okay, I will let you know, story will start, there is a mountain, and there is a scene in night, the heroin, Roshni, In the pretty valley on the mountain,
he is dancing, wearing the white gown, like a fairy, the moon and stars are on the sky, the light of the mountain,
will show that. Wow! What an opening, that dance, that night,
the star and moon, I am visualizing. Here the title song of the film will come
and the titles will move. Who is doing the movie, this time? I am making it done with Shuja haider. So this was the opening of my film. It is rubbish. He is right actually; there is nothing new in this. Okay. Okay look, I want to open the movie in city and where have you
taken it on the mountains. City is the relevant point,
I am with him. I will see, how I will open it in the city, actually, the heroin of the film is dancer. I do not like fairy tales at all. Fairy tales are totally out,
what is wrong with you? We do not want kids to see the movie; we will have to show them to youth. Look, film will be open in club, okay? That is exciting. And roshni is dancing on the dance floor, okay? One boy will try to hug him, okay, and the second boy will slap him. Roshni is dancing right? Yes, she will keep on dancing, when the second boy will slap the first boy
the first boy will punch him in the retaliation, okay, are you following me, in the answer of that the second boy
will take out the gun. And then he will shoot the first person. He will shoot Roshni, and there we go, lights out, there will be a chaos in the club, there will be the theme song
and open tracks. How? You are a genius momin. I got it sir. You know what the real problem is. Roshni is not a different un-realistic dancer
she is very modern, she is hip-hop, you do not have to make
her a Diva or something, you know, I want that when she will dance, so there will be thrill in every scene, to me and to the audience as well, whenever she will come on screen, screen will have fire, audience will whistle on her, okay. you are saying right sir, but sir when I was developing this character;
I have an image of Pakistani film industry, like Hus ne jahan. who is Husne Jahan? you do not know about Husne jahan, she is the biggest dancer heroin
of Pakistan film industry. I have not heard her name before. I do not want to show
Husne jahan in my character, did you get that? What happened to him? Abbas not here maybe, he is upset, let me check. I have heard all the actors, who is this husne jahan? just search on Google, she was a Diva, the first Diva of Pakistan film industry. I am a real bad woman, they said right, everyone says right, you cannot deserve me as a mother, you deserve a good woman, I am a dancer, a dancer cannot be a good mother because she do not have heart, only body and face she have, but from now onwards, you will not see this face, your bad mother, will not come in front of you now, but, just do one thing, do not hate me, I have put the hatred for myself for you, but your hatred will kill me momin. Oh my God, she is beautiful, where is she now? there is some tragedy
happened with her. tragedy, what tragedy? Abbas is not here yet, this is the professionalism of him, and he will behave like this with us,
because one of his films is hit. I spoke to him, he said,
he is here in a while, I will try again. I am not the servant of his father
that I will wait here for him, when he will come, ask him to sit here. What is wrong with him? Just attend the call momina, your agent is worried, he have started calling daud
and daud is calling me. Yes, I will take the calls. They need your passport; they need to apply for Visa in emergency. yes, I spoke to them; my passport is not ready yet. Okay, then you are going with me tomorrow
and just are done with this work of passport, are you not thinking to leave the film? I do not have the option
of leaving the work, even if I wanted I cannot leave it, I have used all the advance. this is the opportunity of lifetime momina; do not say like this, do you remember that you always wish to get a movie? Because of Jahangir. But still, what is happening with you momina? I cannot sleep, I wish to sleep for days, when I lie down for sleeping, I see all the faces of the people
who have I taken loan from, we have taken the loan from
all the houses of this alley, some we have taken before, some we have taken now,
to take the dead body of Jahangir, it says that all the hair
of the head is in loan, today I have understood what is it? everything will be fine,
we all are with you. I have to give your loan too. Do not put it on your head, not all the loans will be completed, keep it in heart, just think of uncle and aunt, they have no one accept for you, just cry, you will get everything out. I cannot cry. You usually cry in seconds. Something happened, something happened, momina should not have to happen this. Then it has to be happened with whom? to Jahangir. Greetings momin brother, should I serve food? Father, father, I have brought your vanity box, it was mudded. this mud is on everything. it is been days, you did not talk about husne jahan? Husne jahan, husne jahan, husne jahan also died, Husne jahan was dead too. what happened to the shoulder mother? It is paining. Should I press it? No, it will be fine, once it will be fine,
the other place will start paining, I cannot press myself that much, please do not go to America. Why mother? My heart suffocates. Mother, it is just the matter of one month. you cannot do this, now we do not need this as well, we can eat lentils and breads
with the work of Television too. Mother, we have a loan on our head. Yes, yes, but, I do not know, I can find some job and the father of Jahangir too, what happened to him? there is only one reason mother. I will go and see. I do not know why I am so heartless, the part of my tears will be done
by them as well may be. Momin brother, you can take me to Turkey as well, I can go and see as well, momin brother, yes, yes, I was telling you to go there permanently, it will be easy for grandfather
as well and you can travel too. I am saying to go permanently
momin brother, just wanted to go for traveling, I cannot get my heart there
and here, the girls, parties, fun, luggage is packed,
I have to measure them, it is very strict now. Hello. Oh Hi momin, Tina was telling me that
you are going to turkey? Yes, I am just going, what is up? Okay, I will not take more of your time,
just give your comments. Comments of what? Neha and Zolfi have
announced their engagement and he have shared the pictures too, just give your comments on them. you know what, I wish them the best of luck, and they freely deserve this. So should I write this? Yes, just write this. okay, bye honey,
and have a safe flight. There should be some reason to get her out, we can work repeatedly, if there is no reason, we can write it again,
in fact we can right it 10 times. Yes, you are saying right but this
time momin sir, needs a different script. Yes, we will give a different one this time,
just arrange the meeting. Akhter sir,
I will inform you after I will talk to him. Film is my passion and do forget that I have done his 2 films
and both were hit, how can he make this film
with someone else? I will tell you on phone
after talking to him. Okay I will wait. You can come, I will drop you outside, now who will write the film? 10 writers came here and
met me since morning, who does not want to
write the movie for Momin? Yes, but there should be
a reason to fire him. Momin’s choice is the
biggest reason of him, okay tells me where were you lost,
who died? Do not ask. yes, tina? Have you seen your Facebook? Why what happened? Someone leaked your pictures. pictures? Which pictures? Neha, I will teach you a lesson for this. Mind your language, what is the crap you are talking? You exactly know what I am talking about, you have leaked my pictures
on social media, now you watch what I do with you? What are you talking about? Which pictures?
Why will I leak your pictures? Except for you,
no one else has those pictures, and I am not fool. Whatever you want to do,
you can do that, I am not scared of you,
but I have not leaked your any pictures, I have deleted everything, master sir, I am thinking one thing. what? If this work would not have done by us,
then what will happen? Then instead of us, someone will else will be doing this work, this is the name of God, and God have so many people
to make his work done. yes, you are saying right but I do not understand how
people get to know about this place, people do send old Quran
prescription from somewhere, today, I have received one
box from charsadda. He sent it, he made us sit here, and he will send the work too. okay I will leave, I have a work of Visa application today, let us sees if it happened. It will not happen this year, just try next year, do not waste your money, until then I will get someone too. Okay, you have stopped the topic, Bye. Bye, greetings. greetings. Momina, you came here after so long. Greetings master sir. Greetings,
when did you came from Lahore? It is been days master sir,
I got the film. Congratulation, it is good news. I do not know How is Jahangir? He is dead, I was in Lahore, And you did not tell me? You should have informed me, I should have prayed
for his funeral prayer. yes. Why are you quiet? I have told you to pray for me that
my exam will be end, not to end Jahangir. You did not cry. Just cry. Jahangir is finished but not the exam, all the hair is in loan, why will I cry master sir, my pain has been drink by my tears, why will i cry, when I wake up in the morning,
I thought that I will take Jahangir to hospital, but then I realize
that he is not here, the spine of parents has been broken, they cry always, they cry always, I am heartless master sir, I eat, I drink, I sleep and
I wake up but I do not cry, I am very heartless and strong. May God, gives you patience. He has given me so much patience, Muslims do face tests, but then the reward is big too. I am sinful, I am not Muslim,
and how can I be rewarded? Your name is Momina, you cannot be sinful, God has promised his
people to give rewards, God keeps his promises, and he is very much
strong of his tongue. but I have done nothing to take reward, if I have done any virtue,
I have done that being a sinful person. But still you will be rewarded. What reward, after Jahangir,
nothing can make my heart happy and my parent’s sadness finish, and if there is any reward, that has been eaten by my sins. You have a good spirit in yourself. Good spirit, you are making me ashamed master sir, you do not know me. No one knows us but He, who is sitting upstairs knows everything, okay raise your hands for prayer, and pray for Jahangir, God has promised his
people to give rewards. but I have done nothing to take reward, if I have done any virtue,
I have done that being a sinful person. But still you will be rewarded. If I would have got Faisal sometime,
I would have thought that this is my reward, but how will I get him? It is the wish of God, what I can say, look,
momina is here too.

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