“All Leftwing Comedians Do…”

Some wanker on the fucking right recently told me that all us cunts on the fucking left that call ourselves
cunting comedians do is fucking swear because we fucking arseholes
have nothing to fucking say. I know, what a fucking wanker! Fuck knows what the cunting
arsehole was fucking on about but I think the twat was saying we wankers
on the left do nothing but fucking swear because otherwise we don’t have fucking shit to say. I just want to put it to the bollock-brain that
although we may cunting swear a fuckload there’s nearly always fucking nuance
behind what we’re cunting saying. And sometimes, in fact most of the fucking time, we leftie arseholes are just using
these fucking swearwords to fucking drive our point up your fucking arseholes
even fucking harder. So next time one of you shitheads have a piece-of-crap like this to fucking say,
please take the wanking statement and shove it up your bollocking arsehole.

2 Replies to ““All Leftwing Comedians Do…””

  1. Y U need to curse so much, Ted? It's not very Christian of you. Oh, wait…that's the point. Never mind. 😉

    You do good work my main man!

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