All On Black – Depressing Maths 3 (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Awful Music] Errrrrrrrr.
The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity [School Bell] [Children talking] Teacher: Right children listen up
Child: Shhhhh! Teacher: Now, I have a question for you. If I had 15,000 pounds. Gave Adam 550 pounds. Gave Sudarshini 5%. Spent a quarter of the- -rest on dodgy pyramid schemes. 7,500 on a Filipino ladyboy- -plus a further 2,500 to bribe her not to
tell my family- And put all the rest on- -black on her online casino to try and make up for it.
Computer: You lose, you lose Teacher: [Sighs] Eight times, eight times- -it landed on red before. Of course I put
it all on black. Why wouldn’t I? What are the odds
hey? What are the fucking odds of that- -happening for the ninth bloody
time! In a god damn row! Can anyone tell me? Nine times! Nine times in a fucking
row! Girl: Is this going to be in the exam? Boy: Yeah that’s really hard. Teacher: No kids, no it’s not.

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  1. Mr. Smith sitting in his underwear losing all his money on an online casino – that pretty much sums up his life. Great job!

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