Ambi Pur v/s Car Trash: Smelly to Smiley Video

Boman: Ambi Pur Car is here to eliminate the
toughest odours in your car. But what are these odours? Let’s find out Respondent 1: Pungent garbage.
Respondent 2: Piece of stale food inside the car. Puneet: The smell of food in the car or garbage
thrown aside. That can be smelly Boman: I’ll tell you what, let’s go for
a drive. Puneet: It’s okay. Ya. Boman: Let’s see if Ambi Pur Car works against
trash. Let’s test Ambi Pur Car Boman: Look at that, you thought of garbage…
and right ahead of us appears a garbage truck! Looks bad right?
Puneet: Oh Gosh! Boman: Now imagine if this garbage was in
the car? Puneet: That would make the car really smelly. Boman: Ok so let’s stop on the side here.
Let’s test Ambi Pur Car. Puneet: This is like trash collected from
a number of cars. Boman: Look at what that is! Boman: If your wife were to see so much garbage
in the car how would she react? Puneet: She’d ask who has eaten so much
and left it all in the car! Boman: Should we just ask her? Scared?
Puneet: Hearing her name only scares me. Boman: Let’s go pick her up. Puneet’s wife and mom will now do a smell
test. Wife: It’s a nice fragrance…Very refreshing.
I’m in New Zealand. Mother: Flower type.
Wife: A romantic aroma. Boman: Are you listening? A romantic aroma?
Puneet: Yes, I am listening Wife: It’s a really nice fragrance.
Oh wow! Mom: I didn’t even realise Ambi Pur Car doesn’t just cover odours,
it eliminates them.

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