Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time

– I presume these are South Korean dramas. Yeah, I don’t know what North Korea… I guess North Korea has
enough drama on its own. (“Clementine” by Chappell
Production Music) – I don’t know. Maybe there’ll be some dance numbers? – I expect what I see in the music videos, just without the music. – Things are kind of
amped up a little bit. – I literally didn’t even
know this was a thing. (electronic music) – So this school is super, super posh. – “This school is chosen for
the sons and daughters of God.” Did I read that right? – So if you don’t go to this school, you’re a piece of (bleeps). – I don’t approve of any of this. – All these guys in sport coats are just taking down the
one dude in a sweatshirt so we know who to root for. – Beat the crap out of him just now. – Where are the teachers? – Yo, run! – Now we have a girl riding a bike and she’s got this ingenious
dry cleaning hanger on the back of her bike. – I need that setup. – She’s a peasant. – She seems like a girl we
could all identify with. – They’re still beating him up! – They’re going to run into
each other and fall in love? – “It’s better to burn out
than to fade away,” Kurt Cobain Good to know Kurt Cobain
exerts such a strong influence on Korean media. – There’s a bunch of punks! Okay, I like it now. – This one guy’s straight up
got like, Busta Rhymes hair. – This guy’s got the most
preposterous wig of dreadlocks. – All right, it could be 2070 or 1983. – I feel like I’m having a good time when I’m watching these guys. – Somebody worked hard
stacking those cardboard boxes. – Their one friend is… dead? – Summing things up from
afar, go to your friend. Make sure he’s okay. – I’d be surprised if this guy didn’t die. – Mmm, he would have
hurt himself really bad. – This reminds me of when the
Jonas Brothers had a TV show. – They just had more
fun than I’ve ever had in my entire life. (electronic music) – It’s like they name these things just by spinning a wheel of words. – I love the name “Coffee Prince” ’cause I consider myself
kind of a Coffee Prince. – Oh, they’re racing. – Whoa, yeah, now we’re driving around. – He’s like a little kid. – Why would he think it would be okay to come in to the bathhouse like that? – No, she is a girl. Give her her money. – “No, you’re a guy.” Oh, geez, that’s so mean. – Bathing and showering with
a bunch of other naked women. Then you’re like, “Guys,
let’s get some noodles.” – Got a little Mulan situation going on. – Who the hell is this guy? Is he the Coffee Prince? – “I miss you so much “that my eyeballs are about to pop out.” I say that all the time. – He knows he looks good. – This guy’s like a
Korean Patrick Bateman. – I think he’s talking
to his mom like this, sort of flirting with her over the phone. – She works in a coffee plant? And he’s wealthy? What kind of (bleeps) son is this? (electronic music) – It did not reflect what
I thought it would be, but I liked them. – They really seemed to hang
on one element of a story for a good length of time. – The plots are crazy. – It’s kind of reminding me of the energies of a
Nickelodeon show, or something. Like, real fun. – “Boys Over Flowers” seemed interesting. I’d definitely keep watching that. – The only thing that
could get Americans excited about drama is murder. But they’ve found other things that South Korean audiences like. – Here’s the thing. I’m making fun of it, but
I could totally see myself, after like, five episodes, being like, “(Scoffs) This is so
dumb,” as I’m riveted. – You have there, again, the perfect hair. I would just kill for that hair. Constantly, constantly pushed by the wind, yet there’s no wind. But it always looks like…

100 Replies to “Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time”

  1. The first kdrama i watched was bof and now i just finished up heirs can someone tell me shows more like it 😭 and other great shows

  2. Signal is awesome. Forest of Secret is 100 times better than most american dramas. Reply 1988, family centric drama. Arghhhh there's so many good dramas!

  3. This wasn't representative… watch "W" dude who wants to see murder 😂😂😂😂😂, you'll get a kick out of that… but, we can ever expect them to get it completely right

  4. ugh dude, ROMANCE.

    … sorta trumps murder especially if it lacks goreeee~

    BTW could you guys do a reaction to the first episode of Coffee Prince 😍
    Or at least, maybe the highlights…?

  5. "Where are the teachers"?

    Mate teachers don't exist when fights happen in dramas well at least not in the first 5 minutes of the fight that or one of the students comes in….

  6. Boys over flowers really drive me crazy HAHA. I watched it for the first time about 8 years ago. and yesterday I watched it again on youtube. I just want to watch the 1st episode actually but i really takes my time, consider it has 25 episodes, I cannot stop to watch the next one the next one. I warned you be careful when u are alone watching this drama, once u stepped in that drama, there is no turning back HAHA.

  7. “I expect what I see on the music videos just without the music”
    Well I mean yes, but you do understand what’s going on. . . Most of the time

  8. "I didn't even know this was a thing."
    Dude, me neither until 3 years ago. I thought everyone was insane. And now here I am…

  9. Im no against to American drama ,but why why Why does american series has no permanent loveteam/couple?and it has to be rumbled instead? And kiss anyone who likes in random ? It seems always complicated at all.i used to watched korean,taiwanese.chinese drama and both couples stick together even though its not a romance thingy drama.


  10. Ok try to watch different k dramas really good
    My id s gangnam beauty, Strong woman bong soon do,Accidentally in love,hwarang,12 year promise

  11. A good show to introduce people to K-Drama is I Can Hear Your Voice since has suspense, a supernatural angle and is just epic.

  12. My reactions exactly… I never understood why people who weren’t Korean would watch these shows. Then I watched it for the first time and thought this is so corny and stupid but I love it!

  13. first koreandrama was accidentally in love and then meteor garden 2018 now im obsessed, i wish i watched bof before mg tho

  14. Hey guys give me some K Drama recs, I’m really picky

    Loved: Boys over Flowers, Age of Youth/Hello My Twenties

    Didn’t like; Misaeng, Oh my Ghost, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Signal, any Reply series, Strong Girl Bongsoon(?), prison playbook, 동백꽃 필 무렵, 좋아하면 울리는, the sound of your heart


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