An Easy Life (1964) movie

Central Studio of Children and Youth
Films named after M. Gorky Written by
Vladlen BAKHNOV Directed by
Veniamin DORMAN Director of Photography
K. ARUTYUNOV Production Designer
M. GORELIK Music by
Ya. KOSTYUKOVSKY USSR Cinematography
Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Emin KHACHATURYAN REMOVING STAINS I’m telling you again – our dry cleaner’s
doesn’t do ripping off buttons or sewing them on
to clothes, dropped off for dry-cleaning. We got different responsibilities. Why don’t you agree
it sounds pretty weird? It would be way more logical
if you did those buttons too. Let’s take me, I’m still a bachelor,
you know, and these buttons are a real pain
for me. I’m very sorry, but I can’t help you.
I’m a bachelor, too, you know. Then you can understand me
better than anyone else. I’ve been doing research work
throughout my entire life, and these buttons have passed me by. I understand it all, but I’m telling you
again – our dry cleaner doesn’t offer… I’ve already heard it. I can’t make you change your mind,
as I see. And you’re calling yourselves ” The Team
Delivering Excellent Customer Services” ! Sheer paradox! And you check the book of complaints –
so many customers write about it there! However we could easily sew on or
rip off buttons on customer’s request. This is called ” services” . Services? Ms. Gulkina, you’re
new here, and you’re still unaware that in our business it’s much easier
to put a new burden on our shoulders than lift if off later. Hello? Nina? Yes, it’s me. Of course I remember. Sure, I’ll see you off. When does the train leave?
I’ll be at the station in 30 minutes. – Alright, Ms. Gulkina…
– Gulina. Don’t complicate life,
it’s very rough as it is. And you should live easily,
Ms. Gulkina. EASY LIVING STARRING: Aleksandr Bochkin – Yuri Yakovlev If anyone wants to see me
or calls me – I’m at the Directorate. Margarita lvanovna
aka ” Queen Margot” – Faina RANEVSKAYA Galya – Nadezhda RUMYANTSEVA – Is Aleksandr Petrovich available?
– No, he isn’t . What a shame! I’m running a bit late.
I’m working like a dog. – I beg your pardon. Pure wool?
– Right, pure. Domestically-made. Hand it to him and ask
to get it cleaned by tomorrow morning. You got it. But next time spare me
these kind of errands, please! – You’re so rude! Bye.
– Bye, Queen Margot. Give my best to him. For your information, women’s jackets
are worn longer now. Up to here. Olga – Nelli MYSHKOVA
Yuri Lebedev – Vsevolod SAFONOV Can I help you? No, no! Thank you. I’ll take a porter. No big deal.
I can easily handle it myself, especially as I know now
we’re both from the same city. You’re very nice. Vasilisa – Vera MARETSKAYA
Muromtsev – Rostislav PLYATT – Where did you hide away my books?!
– Took them to a second-hand bookshop. Don’t you know it’s out-of-fashion
to have too many books at home? – Look…
– Come on, Vovik, honey. Gulina – Lyudmila GNILOVA Professor – Georgy TUSUZOV Okay, let’s get started. With Yu.Timoshenko, Ye.Berezin,
S.Balashova, G.Vodyanitskaya, I.Zhevago, N.Golubentseva, N.Ivanova,
V.Kabatchenko, N.Kokorin and others – Thank you. See you.
– Any time. I feel so embarrassed, you know.
You’re a like a real porter. That’s okay. Excuse me, Mr. Bochkin, right? – Shurka! Bochkin!
– Yurka! Lebedev! – It’s me. Front and present!
– Glad to see you. Where from? From Dalnogorsk. This is my
travel-mate Olga Sergeyevna. And this is my former group-mate
Shura Bochkin. – Glad to meet you. Welcome.
– Likewise. – Can I take it?
– Here you go. So? Incredible. It’s a small world! – Are you gonna stay in Moscow long?
– A couple of days. Then to the mountains. Who else from our group-mates
works in Moscow? Shura! What? Practically no one.
And where are you going now? To escort Olga Sergeyevna home,
and then – to the hotel. Then I’ll give you a ride. – Thank you, don’t worry, please.
– Why? I’m going the same way. – How come you know where I’m going?
– Wherever you go, I’m going. – And what’s your currentjob?
– I’m head engineer. Wow… But our plant isn’t the biggest one
in the USSR. And what about you? You haven’t closed the door well,
I think. Let me do it… – So you’re going on vacation?
– To Bakuriani. Wow! Terrific! – How long haven’t we seen each other?
– Since we graduated. For 7 years. – You’ve been in Moscow all this time?
– Yep. – And where do you work?
– Who? Me? – Right, you.
– At some place, you know. Producing something
or doing research? Mostly doing research. Olga Sergeyevna, is it your first
time in the capital? I used to live here for many years. Olga Sergeyevna went to
a teacher training college here. – Really? So you’re a teacher?
– Right. I’ve been respecting teachers
since I was a kid. So here we are. Thank you. Wait. Yura, this calls for celebration.
What do you say? Definitely. Olga Sergeyevna, let me invite you,
on your behalf and on my behalf, to take part in our big party today. I don’t know. It’s kind of unexpected. So much the better. Life would be
so boring if you knew all in advance. Come on, say ” yes” . Please.
And Yura is asking you, too. Right? Please, come with us.
I’m begging you. See? Please, don’t say ” no” ,
or we’ll get down on our knees. If you get down on your knees,
then I say ” yes” . Great. Tonight at 9 exactly
right here. – Where’s Vladimir Yermilovich?
– At a lecture. Alright, tell me how you are. Like a squirrel in a wheel. This
apartment alone takes heaps of time. Then comes all this shopping.
Can you imagine this? At times I think
I’d better be working. Like you, in school. And I quit my job in school
shortly after I divorced Nikolay. – Really? And what are you doing now?
– Making hats. – What hats?
– Ordinary hats. Like this one. Really? Wow! A fabulous hat! – You made it yourself?
– Right, myself. Oh my! You must be raking in money. I earn more than I did in school. I’m on my own now
and must take care of myself. But I’m sick and tired of all this-
hats, customers, Dalnogorsk! Poor Olga! I understand you.
This life is not right for you. I can imagine this Dalnogorsk. I guess people are so unfashionable
there that you got no one to talk to. How many hotels, do you think,
are there in Moscow? About 50, I guess. Then we got to try just
the 40 ones left. Right, to make sure
there’re no vacancies in them. I wouldn’t have stopped in Moscow if
I needn’t to go to Chief Directorate. Why not drop by there
on your way back. They will have approved all
the figures by that time. I feel very awkward, but is it okay
if I stay overnight at your place? – If not, just say it straight.
– No, why not… Great. I’m not gonna bother you.
D’you keep yourself busy at home, too? – Keep myself busy doing what?
– I mean, busy writing, thinking. – Ah…
– You, scholars, are obsessed guys. Right. But that’s okay.
I can live with it. Olga, dear, where is your Nikolay now? No idea. I think he’s building
something somewhere. Aren’t you sorry you’ve divorced? Me? Sorry? No way. I hate losers. Why was he transferred
from place to place? Because he got no backbone. To go to Siberia – no problem.
To Sakhalin – okay, great. To the North Pole – still better. I’ll tell you this – never marry
young guys, it’s way too risky. You never know how they’ll turn out
some years down the road. Way better to marry mature guys,
who’ve made their careers already. He may have heart and blood pressure
problems, but it’s not a pig in a poke. Don’t worry, next time
I’ll be a smart girl. Good for you. Margarita lvanovna.
Hi, dear! Got any visitors here? Just my sister. – This is Olga.
– Glad to meet you. And this is my benefactress
Margarita lvanovna. Queen Margot. You know, I could tell at a glance
you two are sisters. Cause you are like two peas
in a pod. And both are real beauties. Only you wear a size bigger, right? What size shoes do you wear? – Size 36.
– I got something especially for you. Only make sure this time it’s not
like with that dress the other day. And what was wrong? I bought a dress from you, but these
dresses were on sale at every corner. Look, I didn’t say
stores were not carrying them, I just said I was having them. Margarita lvanovna, but… It’s so very hot in here.
You’re so gorgeous! You’re a goddess! A queen!
Do you know who you are? – Who?
– You ‘re Minerva-horsewoman! I got something very special
for you. I bet you’ll like it. – Something really glamorous!
– I’m intrigued. – The Kunderevs give you their best.
– Aren’t they in Karlovy Vary now? Got back already. If you’d like something
made of 100% pure wool… I got it for myself, though, but you know how I feel about you. Just look at this. Too ordinary… Wait. Isn’t itjust fabulous?
A real day-dream! I’m taking this one. – What?! I promised it to an actress.
– Which actress? – From the ensemble.
– How come? I’m your client, aren’t I? I can’t . Don’t open! Please, don’t open! What are you doing to me!
Let me get dressed! Don’t open! Don’t scream so loud! Quick! Quick! I can’t . Go check who’s there. It’s milk delivery. Oh my, they scared the hell
out of me! You know, I got so nervous lately. I can’t relax even at night: I keep on seeing those cops
in my dreams. It’s a real nightmare. Look… My legs won’t hold me up. I got a totally wonderful thing for
you. Strongly recommend to take it. Here. Look. What is it? Wait. Do you know what’s this? This is a cream… This is a cream for facial mimicry. And what’s this? This is a compact, lipstick, perfume –
a make-up set, you know. – How much?
– We’ll agree on the price. And you haven’t seen this yet.
You can get it only from me. I’m buying it! And what’s this? An anti-aging cream for wrinkles. But you’re too young for it, you know.
Keep it in the fridge. Olga, honey, do you still remember
English? I hope, yes. I used to read
Shakespeare in the original. Incredible! You’re so well educated!
You can do even this! I also used to know
some foreign words. I even knew a French guy
from Odessa. And this is especially for you. This is… You know, what’s this? This is a one-size bra
right from California. Look, fabulous, isn’t it? – No, no, wait.
– Hang on. Don’t worry about the cream. My clients took 4 sprays from me,
and now they look totally different, even their own kids
don’t recognize them. I’ll get the same jacket for you. I know one guy, a real saint.
He can get anything. I’ll go call him. You know how I love you!
Bitch! Oh my, I’m just a nervous wreck. Just look at this parasite’s riches.
Even hung some abstractionism. Can I speak to Alafern Nikolayevich,
please? Alafern Nikolayevich, it’s me. Have you got what I need in size 48,
for a highly educated one? You have it. On my way already.
See you. Jeez, how smart this moron looks. Oh! Oh! What is it?! What’s up?! Oh my God! What is it?! What’s the matter?! – What did you give to me?!
– A cream. – It’s so very burning.
– It’s a natural reaction. That’s it. – Olga, read the instructions, please.
– It’s a furniture polish. Not a cream. – A furniture polish?!
– My face is totally disfigured now! They palmed off 5 such sprays on me.
Damned illegal traders! I’m gonna sue them! – I’m gonna sue you!
– Come on, you’re kidding me. I’m an honest lady, I graduated from
a grammar school. Take the jacket. To hell with yourjacket!
Get out of here! What an unpleasant incident! Oh my! You’re trying to do the best you can.
And what do you get in return? Listen to what I’ll tell you, dear. The imported furniture polish is as
good as our domestic cream. Trust me. Your old skin will get off
and you’ll be like a newly born! Really? You’re so beautiful today! If my clients weren’t waiting, I’d be
admiring your beauty all day long. A real dandy! Couldn’t you go
to the dry cleaner’s yourself? I’m rushing from place to place: work-
college, college – dry cleaner’s , dry cleaner’s – grocery store! I’m tired like hell! And frozen to
death, too! Aren’t you ashamed?! Yes, I’m really ashamed! – Who’s washing there?
– A buddy from Dalnogorsk. – Which one?
– Yuri Lebedev. – The fat one?
– No, the tall one. Remember him? Nope. – Look, Galya, honey.
– Yes? Want to go to a restaurant with me? Why?
Is it your birthday? No, just to celebrate our reunion.
So will you? If you insist. I got new shoes on credit
by the way. Why on credit?
Couldn’t I give you cash for this? You know that I wouldn’t take money
from you. Look, why are you so nice?
Do you want anything from me? No. And why are you asking? I can see through you. Okay, I’m gonna confess.
I want you to do me one little favor. Galya, sweetie, don’t tell Yuri
where I work. Again?! I’m sick of you leading a double life.
And I’m not gonna lie to cover you! I don’t ask you to lie.
Just hold back the truth. No way! I’m not gonna help you,
you’re on your own. Galya, please, try to understand me.
You’re making me look like a fool! I’ve already told him I’m doing
some research. Itjust slipped out. You’re putting me in a horrible
position. Not me. You did it yourself. Okay, okay, I did it. But please,
help me out, for the last time. Galya, really for the last time.
Trust me. So what do you want? You want me to
say you’re a scientific genius. Why a ” genius” ?
Just an ordinary researcher. We were at college together.
I feel kind of awkward. You feel awkward, and I must lie.
And what if he asks me? Get creative. Feel free
to dodge the topic, or say nothing. Great. If you’re asking, I’ll keep
my mouth shut. I won’t say a word. It’s a no go. How can I explain
why you’re not talking to him? Get creative. Feel free
to dodge the topic, or say nothing. Hi. You must be Shura’s sister? – Good guess.
– And your name is Galya. Right. Galya. – And I’m Yuri.
– And he is Yuri. Sorry, I’ve barged in on you like this. Never mind. Don’t make a big deal about her not
talking to you. She’s got a sore throat. I mean, it hurts. Some complications.
Docs forbade her to talk. – Okay, let’s get ready.
– You mean I need a tie? Sure. – Does this table suit you?
– Absolutely. Thank you. – Sit down, please.
– Here you go. – Hi, how you doing?
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. – Who is it? A very familiar face.
– Come on! This is Toropunka! – The Toropunka?
– Sure. Who are you saying ” hi” to? Absolutely no idea. – Why say ” hi” to strangers then?
– So they won’t say I’m conceited. – Let’s split it in half, huh?
-Right, in half! – Is it fair like this?
– Absolutely fair! – Okay, which half is yours?
– This one. Here you go. Take it if you think it’s fair. I’m toasting the man, thanks to whom
we’re having this merry party. What’s the essence, the significance
of his invention? Sorry, Mr. Bochkin,
I kept you waiting. We are catering the banquet now. – In whose honor?
– In some renowned inventor’s honor. What can I offer you?
We got your favorite fish. That’s for sure. Maybe, you’d like
to make your own orders? No, we totally rely on you.
Here you go. Thank you. Okay, we’ll do it like
this. We’ll order this. Why teach you, you know all yourself.
And this? Have you got it? For you we got everything –
just name it. – I see your friend is a famous guy.
– Today chemists are held in esteem. What, Galya, dear? Ah… crabmeat.
We’ve already ordered wine. What? – Champagne.
– 2 bottles. – Oranges.
– Right. And why can’t she speak? It’s her throat. Doctors temporarily
forbade her to speak. That’s it for now.
Extra tips for speedy servicing. You’re number one after the director
here. How do you get time for that? So where do you work?
I didn’t get it, you know. Who? Me? After today’s happenings I’ll challenge to a duel everyone
who dares to deny love at first sight. – Any volunteers? Great. Want some?
– No, thanks. – Do you fall asleep fast?
– Actually, yes. Okay, sweet dreams,
but I got some work to attend to. – I’ll be there, in the kitchen.
– Stay here. Don’t kill the light. – I better go to the kitchen. Sleep.
– Good night, scholar. Good night. Okay… ink. The picture’s clear –
we got an educated woman here. Alright. Let’s try to remove
these stains. Sorry, Shura,
I need to light up. I cant’ sleep
God knows why. – Working?
– Right. We’re working. I won’t distract you. Sorry. No. Well, what? I can’t work
in these conditions. Oh, Vovik! Chapa! Vovik, it’s bad for your health!
Eat this carrot. – Look, I’m not a rabbit.
– Nibble this dry cracker then. Anyway, I’d like to know
what your Shurik does. I’ve already told you,
he’s a chemist. It’s way too abstract.
Mendeleyev was a chemist, too. At school we had a chemist who taught
chemistry. Actually, a lady-chemist. So I’d like to know to what kind of
chemists he belongs. Obviously, he’s not
a school lady-chemist. And it’s even more obvious,
he’s not Mendeleyev. But this is not the answer
to my question. They’re roasting Skvoreshnikov here-
it horrifies me to read it. Oh God, I can’t believe it.
He’s Vovik’s colleague. But why? Obviously for his book. Olga, just imagine – he was absolutely
all right and bang!… And he’s done. Yes. He’s done. You remember, I didn’t advise him
to take up this theme, don’t you? Alright. We’re praising
the insanity of the brave with an adequate song,
so to speak. Thank you. Vovik looks so much like Hemingway.
Don’t you think so? – Right.
– I’ve heard others say it, too. Go work, and take it easy, please. No. Thank you. I can’t believe it. He was absolutely
all right. If Vovik comes in,
say it’s you who’s been smoking. The two of us quit smoking together. Olga, I guess I figured out why your boyfriend avoids
talking about his work. Why? He just can’t talk about it.
Has no right. He’s a top-secret researcher. A top-secret researcher?! All physicists’ and chemists’ work
is a military secret. Trust me. So is it good or bad? Let’s try to reason logically. If he’s a top-secret researcher,
he’s no fool. Sounds logical? Right. And if he’s no fool,
he’s a talented scientist. Maybe, even renowned. And, probably,
Vovik knows his last name. Vovik! Yes! – What famous chemists do you know?
– How many letters? – To hell with letters.
– I thought it was a crossword. Olga, we’re so stupid! How can Vovik know his last name
if it’s a military secret? All adds up, you know. Vasilisa! What? What’s the hell is going on here?
Where’s my manuscript?! What manuscript? The manuscript
of my Ph. D. thesis I’m working on. It’s gone all of a sudden . Don’t worry.
I’ve hidden it in a safe place. Vasilisa, I need it for my work now!
Where is it?! Up in the mezzanine. Up in the mezzanins?!
My manuscript?! – Get it from there, please.
– Right. – Do it. Now.
– Okay, just take it easy. It’s been up there for 2 years,
so what’s the rush now? I’m better already. And what’s your thesis about? Olga, dear, I’m afraid I can’t
explain it to you in a few words. It’s not completed yet.
I got a lot of work to do. But I can tell you this. This thesis is the dream and
the essence of my whole life. Everyone should have
a long-cherished dream. Some high goal, which he’s trying
to reach throughout his whole life. He’s trying on,
and on, and on. Otherwise he’s not Man! You know, for me this thesis is notjust work I’m doing for a living. Each time it’s a discovery of
the world. Some kind of happiness. And the confirmation that I do
mean something in this life. – Vovik!
– What? You’re a total ingrate. I’m keeping your manuscript safe and
you’ve come down pretty hard on me. Here. Safe and intact.
Do you love me? I do! Olga, dear, hold it, please.
This is my thesis! This is it! Right, let them not think
that only Skvoreshnikovs can think. Here they are – my huge ideas! You know, Shura, I think everyone
should have a dream. A cherished dream he’s trying to reach
all his life. He’s trying on, and on. Otherwise he’s not Man. – Do you think so?
– Sure. And you? Me too. Go ahead,
I’m listening to you. You know, I work in a school
notjust for a living. Every time it’s a kind of a discovery
of the world, happiness of creativity and the feeling that I do mean
something in this life. You know what I mean? Sure. I’m positive your kids
in the school love you so much. And I reciprocate them their love. In this case, on behalf
of your favorite students, I propose a toast
to their favorite teacher. Oh no. Let’s better toast
your favorite work. – A very good toast. Bottoms up.
– Okay. I desperately want to see where
you work. Will you take me there? It’s totally impossible. Sorry.
I’m just mortified! Forget it. No big deal. Don’t worry. There’ll be no traces left. You’re so professional at it, as if
you’ve removed stains all your life. You’re right. Didn’t I say I’m
working in the dry cleaner’s . I’m just dying to see
where you work. Though I understand
it’s just impossible. I can imagine you at work. You sit there so concentrated,
knitting your brows and ignoring everyone around you. Like this. You’re a very good imitator. No kidding, a perfect one. “Snow-flakes are swirling all around
us like in a dream. “Show-flakes are melting
on your eyelashes. “Are you going to stay with me long, “My darling stranger? “What town is it? What land? “The vast dazzling whiteness
stretches in front of us. “Maybe, it’s not January, but May? “Maybe, it’s cherry-trees blooming. “I’m so much scared it’s but a dream. “And you will be gone,
like snow in spring. “So why have you come to me, “My darling stranger?” – Yuri, want some tea?
– No, thank you. Good, I don’t have time
to serve you anyway. Afraid I won’t have time to sleep
because of this draft. Your brother works at nights,
and you too. You two are like a model working
family. – You got a mistake in it.
– Where? Sorry. Take a look. Here. When are you supposed
to hand your draft in? Tomorrow, or I won’t get any academic
credit points. – I can see your throat is okay now.
– What? Your throat. Ah, my throat… Yes, it’s okay. You’re very efficient with it. Nikolay Petrovich
would’ve given you an ” A” . For real?
Nikolay Petrovich himself? Wow! You’re trying to butter me up. Here we are. We got so much in common
in our outlooks, in preferences, like we’ve known each other
forever. Like a thousand years? – I know all about you.
– And I’ve always known I’ll meet you. I’m happy, too, I’ve met you. Till tomorrow. See you. I’m happy, too, I’ve met you. Don’t be making this noise! Yuri is sleeping. Yuri is sleeping. I think
he’s been abusing our hospitality. I couldn’t imagine he’d be staying
so long with us. I’m terribly uncomfortable with him.
And you too, by the way. Sure. Every minute I expect him
to start asking me about you. – And what am I going to say?
– You lecturing me again? Yuri says you were a top student
at university? Right, you got a very talented
brother. And Yuri owes me his job. Really? It was me who was originally assigned
to this plant in Dalnogorsk. – Why is this light on?
– Want to see you better. Why do you never talk to me
seriously? I hate serious conversations. Or you are frightened of them, huh? When Yuri arrived at Dalnogorsk, there was neither town, nor plants
there, they had to rough it in tents. And you’re blaming me
that I didn’t go there. I can imagine how much
you envy him now. – Come on! I envy Yuri?
– Right. And what good has he got in his life? Sweats blood at his plant. Wastes
his vacation on the Chief Directorate. My life is much more exciting. Definitely. Thanks to Queen Margot
you got all this cash. You got a car and more threads
than any fashionable girl. Waiters in restaurants just adore you
and you’re leading such an easy life. Right, I’m not the role-model
of our time. So what? Some are after heroic acts,
others – after a quiet, peaceful life. You had a talent, but you
traded if for cutlets a la Kiev. It’s my own talent. I have the right
to trade it for whatever I want. Bravo! Bravo! So why won’t you tell Yuri
or Olga about it? – Probably, you want to do it?
– I’m staying neutral so far. – Armed neutrality.
– But I’m gonna take you in hand! No, this is going to end badly.
I’ll have to get rid of this Yuri. Hi! For the 3rd day running you turn up
in front of our plant after the shift. Is it accidental too? History knows much weirder
coincidences. – Going to college?
– No, home. And, you know,
I’m accidentally free tonight. Same here. And also accidentally. And after that you refuse to believe
in amazing accidental happenings? I wouldn’t say so. And we can have a very good time
together tonight. Great. You’ll be helping me about the house. Yes, ma’am. Oh, our ride! Okay, like we agreed.
You’re my aunt from Kiev. You’ll come 5 minutes after me.
Will you remember this? Go again, please,
I’ve developed sclerosis recently. You’re my aunt from Kiev.
Can you playact my aunt? You know how I feel about you. I can playact even Anna Karenina for
you, no worse than a People’s Artist. I was in amateur talent activities.
Sang Snow White in my hometown. Here are your things. You’ll come in
precisely 5 minutes after me. Wait. What about your sister?
Will she be in? She doesn’t like me, you know. Relax. She’s always out at college
at this time of the day. You’re so cute. You make me crazy. Salute to those working in chemistry! Is it okay if I stay here for another
couple of days? Even for a month. Especially since
you’re irreplaceable in the household. Yura! Yura, potatoes, please! Why are you home?!
And not at college?! – They cancelled a seminar.
– Why? – How do I know?
– I got to tell you something. What? Look, Galya. Now our aunt from Kiev
will come to stay with us. Got it? – What aunt?
– Margarita lvanovna. Why are you doing all this? To get rid of this Yura. You said
you feel uncomfortable with him. And when our aunt arrives, Yuri, as a polite guy, will understand
there’s no room for him here. – Is that it?
– Yes. That’s it. – Great.
– Great. – It won’t work.
– Why? I’m against it. What do you mean?
She’ll come here in a second. She’ll come and go. And cut this crap,
or I’ll spill the beans to Yuri. – So what do I do now?
– You’ll find a way to get out of it. Hi! Hi, darlings!
I’m your aunt. I’ve come all the way from Kiev.
And I’ll be visiting with you. – Right?
– Yes. Hi, auntie, dear!
This is a surprise! Hi! – And this is my friend.
– Glad to meet you. I’m Lebedev. Likewise. I’m their aunt.
I’ll be visiting with them. And where’s my dear niece Galya? Oh, yes, she’s not home.
She’s at college. No, she’s home. Galya,
your aunt has arrived. She’s home.
This wasn’t our deal. Shura! Oh, there she is! My dear niece Galya! I can’t believe my eyes! Is it her?
She’s so grown up! Oh! How very rude! And where am I going to live here? You’re not going to live here! What do you mean? Dear auntie, you’re going
to stay with someone else. You’re gonna stay… with Grisha. – What Grisha?
– Your other nephew. But I don’t want to stay with Grisha. I want to stay with you, Mr. Bochkin. Just Shura. Dear auntie, we got no room here,
you can’t stay with us. – Look, we’re backpedaling out of it.
– What? But am I still your aunt? – Yes, but you better agree on Grisha.
– Okay. I agree to stay with Grisha. After all, he’s my own nephew, too.
See you. Alright, great. Just great.
Let’s not lose our time then. I was so nervous when I was acting. I’ll give you a ride to his place. – See what a hell of an actress I am?
– Yes, I do. Will you take me home? – I’ll move to the hotel right off.
– No way! Vovik, don’t forget for God’s sake,
handkerchiefs are in the left corner, the hot bottle – in the right one,
validol is in the upper pocket, piramidon, aspirin, codeine
and antibiotics are in the lower one. Nitroglycerine is right here. You’ve loaded me with all these
medications like I’m going on a trip from the Directorate of Drugstores
and not from the Knowledge Society. Knock it off.
Cracking jokes is not your genre. You’re so out of shape. So a 2-week
lecturing trip is no stroll for you. Okay. Here’s a list of some errands.
Do them all, please. Pick up the suit from the cleaner’s .
Take the Hoover to the repairs. Can’t you do all this yourself
when you’re back? I can never ask you for a favor. Why? Here it’s written: get money
by proxy. I’ll gladly do this one. It’s natural. And now I ask you, no,
I demand: stay away from this… Margarita lvanovna.
Or I’m taking away this proxy. – Vovik, sweetie! Do you love me?
– Yes, I do, I do. Let’s sit for a few seconds,
before I hit the road, okay? I had no time to say ” bye” to Olga. She’s too busy now. A 5-day-long
continuous romance. It would be very appropriate
if we met this guy too, you know. I desperately want her to strike it
lucky at least once. However, he’s totally crazy
about her. And what about her? You’re asking.
He’s so talented and unmarried. These two qualities are so rarely
found in one person now. – But I possessed them both.
– Vovik. Sorry for taking your precious time, but can you make an exception
and take this suit for cleaning? I would’ve gladly helped you,
but I got to follow instructions, which forbid us to take things
with such stains for dry cleaning. So what do I do now? I’m going on a trip
and I need this suit badly. Yes, I understand you. It’s not my responsibility, you know,
but… I can make an exception for you
and give you the number of a woman, who can do it privately. She can remove any stains. I’ll greatly appreciate it. – But it’s just between you and me.
– Sure. Here’s the number.
Margarita lvanovna. Margarita lvanovna. I’ll remember. You know, I’m so happy that your
relationship with this scientist is developing in accordance
with the plan we worked out with you. But you need to be more active. What are you talking about? He got a right to know me better
before he proposes, okay? And you got a right to show yourself
to best advantage. There’s a graduates reunion
in your college today, right? Why not go there together
with Bochkin? Why? What do you mean ” why” ? He’ll see
what interesting people you know. Tell me who your friend is,
and I’ll tell you who you are. And besides, when he sees
how many guys you got around you, he’ll realize that he has to rush it. There’s a rational grain in it. I got granaries full of such grains. Aleksandr Petrovich,
we’ve come to talk to you. – About what?
– About how we’re serving our clients. – Again?
– Again. I see you’ll never leave me alone.
So? We got a new complaint here.
We don’t want our clients to think that only bunglers and inefficient
workers work in our dry cleaner’s . Ms. Gulkina, that’s not me, who issues instructions,
and I can’t cancel them. You’re standing in the way of progress.
Then we’ll go to the Directorate. – Okay, I’ll think about it.
– We’ve heard it already. – I’ll consult someone.
– We’ve heard this, too. I’ll think again
who I can turn to for advice. And you come in my office, please. Look, Ms. Gulina. Sit down, please. I’ll be honest with you. You’re here just for a working record
to be accepted to University, right? Go ahead. You’ve been here for only 6 months,
but I’ll give you a certificate that you’ve worked here for 2, 3,
even 10 years. And you can go and apply
to university. Don’t thank me for this. Maybe, there’re some who are trying
to get here after college, but I’m not in a rush to go to college
from here. I want to work here. But I can imagine how desperately
you want to get rid of me. No, you can’t imagine it.
And one of us will have to quit. Mr. Director. What is it, are you mocking at me
or what? You’ve been holding the suit here
for six weeks. All suits of Moscow and Moscow
region could be cleaned in this time. And what’s the result? It’s no
cleaner than it was before. Take a look at these huge stains.
Bigger than the jacket itself. This is a great exaggeration.
They’re just tiny stains. – You think so?
– Yes. Look, I got to warn you,
you may get in big trouble because of these tiny stains. Come on, don’t you try to scare me. Your husband shouldn’t have put
such stains. Are you going to teach my husband
which stains to put and which not? You think, if my husband
is away on a very important trip, I don’t know where to file
my complaint? File your complaint wherever you like,
but don’t speak to me in such a tone. That’s how you’re talking to me?! I mustn’t speak to you
in such a tone?! That’s how you’re reacting to
the criticism coming from below? Remember, you’ll come to apologize
to me. It’s no cleaner than it was before! Totally outrageous!
This is some lowdown business! And you call it dry cleaner’s !
Wrap it up! I know where to turn to about it. You’re my last hope. Get it cleaned
before my husband is back. Relax. The firm won’t let you down.
The suit will look brand-new. You look so gorgeous today!
A real Venus. Shit, forgot her name. See you. See you, dear. God damn you! Mr. Bochkin, I’m so glad
I met you here. I was about to go to your place.
We got an urgent order. Not so loud! How many times
did I ask you to do that?! – All right. An urgent order.
– I got it. – Must be ready by tomorrow morning.
– Get in. Does your girlfriend
live in this house too? My girlfriend? Wrong.
My bride lives here. – Are you getting married?
– Having it in my plans. Best guys go away to become husbands. Guess what I got for you in this case. Imported nappies, baby’s loose
jackets, caps for twins. – Thank you, but it’s too soon.
– Take them. Babies grow, you know. – What suit is to be cleaned?
– Very important stains. – Oil paint?
– Wait. I’m not a professor, but I guess
it’s corn oil. Margarita lvanovna,
I don’t like the way you’re splitting our company’s
revenues. You’re hurting me so bad. I’m doing all the harmful work,
and you’re just collecting orders. Pardon. You’re working underground,
while I’m risking in the open. Who knows, what’s worse for health? Do you read newspapers?
On the last page? Guess what I got for you.
An imported tie. With such a pattern that I’m really
embarrassed to show it to you. You’ll check it out at home. Keep it for yourself. Where on earth
do you get all this stuff? It’s my little women’s secret. Okay, look. I’m late for the theatre. I’ll drop you off over there. PEOPLE’S COURTHOUSE No, not there! A bit further on! Here! She lives here! Easy, Shurik. Easy.
Stay calm, and that’s it. – Hi.
– Hi. Can I see… Oh, I’m sorry! So now you’re saying you’re sorry? What did I tell you? I told you
you’d come to me to apologize. Okay. Take off your coat. The minute I’ve given a call to
the authorities, and you’re here. But I’m not spiteful, you know. Come in, please. Thank you. But how did you find me? Who? Me? It’s a secret. I got it. There’s my address on the receipt. And you’ve come to take
the suit for dry-cleaning, right? Yes! You’re absolutely right. You’re late. I’ve handed the suit
to a private specialist, who, unlike you, is not set off by
the stains that are hard to remove. Basically, there are no such stains
that private specialists can’t remove. I beg your pardon. Hello? No, Olga,
your scientist hasn’t called yet. If you’re not gonna wait for your
turn in the hair salon, take a taxi. I’ll introduce you
to the dry cleaner’s director. Right, he’s here to take the suit
back to the dry cleaner’s . Can you imagine this?
Such a fantastic customer service. So come quick. Olga! – Where are you going?
– Who? Me? I’m not going anywhere. – And why did you blush?
– No, I didn’t . You just imagined it. Why are you standing?
Sit down, please! You know, I got 2 tickets to
the theatre. So if you don’t mind … You’re inviting me to the theatre,
right? Me? You? You’re so nice. Does the dry cleaner’s
offer this service, too? No way! This is my own initiative. You want to invite me to the theatre
on your own initiative? And I thought you were doing this
on behalf of your dry cleaner’s . And why are you so positive I’ll go? I’m not positive at all.
I’m positive you won’t go. And will I make you happy
if I go with you? I’ll be on cloud nine.
But please, hurry. We won’t be late. I’ll be ready
in 3 minutes. And what’s your name,
mister director? Shurik. Aleksandr Petrovich. Aleksandr Petrovich? Terrific. There’s so much expressiveness, dynamics in your name.
It’s so emotionally charged. – You think so?
– Yeah. – Well, how did you like the singer?
– Nice, but not Jacqueline Francois. – And you heard Jacqueline Francois?
– Sure. – And how did you like her?
– Nice, but she isn’t Edith Piaf. – 15 ice-creams.
– Why so many? – It’s for my whole brigade.
– Here you are. I’m out of ice-cream. It’s just outrageous. A kind of outing
to the theatre with ice-cream. – Probably, a cup of coffee?
– With pleasure. Oh, excuse me! I need to make
an urgent phone call. – Suit yourself.
– Thank you. – I’ll be over there.
– Great. – Can I use you phone, please?
– No. Please. No, it’s for the staff use only. Thank you. You’re very kind. Olga, dear! Good evening! I’m so sorry, I’m being delayed
at work, and so I can’t make it tonight, I’m afraid. Oh, what a pity. We have a graduates reunion at our
teacher training college. I didn’t go. I waited for your call,
thought you’d make me company. So what shall we do? What shall we do? We’ could meet tonight
after work? Sounds great! Then I’ll rush to the college now and you’ll come there to pick me up
when you are free. Great! I’ll be waiting. She’ll be waiting. She’ll be waiting! Yes! Thank you. – Here you go.
– Thank you. What’s the matter?
Aleksandr Petrovich? What’s wrong with you,
Aleksandr Petrovich? Oh, my shoe strings got untied. Sorry. That’s all right. Let’s take a stroll.
I’d like to be alone with you. – Really?
– Yes. Come on. Aleksandr Petrovich! For God’s sake!
Are you nuts or what? And you’re calling it ” a stroll” ? I thought we were participating
in a kind of hurdles. I’m sorry, but I’m acting with you
like I’m a total fool. Do you think I’m that dumb
and don’t understand anything? And what do you understand? That the suit was just an excuse
to come over to my place. No use to try to outwit you.
You got the male mind. Right, sometimes I understand
more than I need to. But you’re a very dangerous guy,
too. Do you try to meet many girls using
the same tactics? Right, many. Shura! Look who’s here!
Meet my friends, please. Hi. I’m Galya. I’m Vasilisa Sergeyevna. – Glad to meet you.
– Likewise. – Vasilisa Sergeyevna.
– Lebedev. – Well, how’s the concert?
– Not bad. We don’t have such concerts
in our Dalnogorsk. Are you from Dalnogorsk? My sister
lives in Dalnogorsk too. Probably you know her?
Olga Sergeyevna Korotkova. Olga Sergeyevna… Do you know her? And I thought you all knew
one another there. You must be kidding. Dalnogorsk
is a huge city. Really? – Yura, it’s huge, right?
– Yeah. It’s natural that Olga Sergeyevna
doesn’t know Yura, she’s a teacher,
and Yura is a chemist, you know. Are you a chemist? Tell me, please, probably you know by any chance
a chemist named Bochkin? – Bochkin?!
– Right, Bochkin. He’s a researcher. – No, he doesn’t know any Bochkin.
– No, I don’t know him. Aleksandr Petrovich, and you,
do you know Bochkin? Who? Me? Right, how can you know him?
This is not your field. Right, this is not my field. I think it’s very hot here.
It’s draughty here! – I don’t think so.
– I guess the interval is over. Excuse us. We’ll meet later,
In the next interval. Are you nuts?! – Galya!
– Yes. Tell me what’s going on. Look, let’s make a deal.
Never ask me about my brother. I should’ve told Olga the truth
long ago. And wouldn’t have been
in such a stupid position now. How can I explain it to her now? How? Easily! Like this! And who knows. Maybe tomorrow
I’ll be no longer a bachelor. “It’s incredible, but it’s a fact. “When the examination period
begins due to the schedule, “We say to each other
‘Good luck’, buddy Don’t be chicken.” “To boost our self confidence “For the examination period “We say to each other – ‘Good luck!
Don’t be chicken!’ “Chefs don’t serve chicken or duck
to us. “We’re hitting the books
from morning till night. “And to make sure we don’t oversleep
the sunrise, “Our pillows are as hard as rocks. “There’s no down or feathers in them!
So good luck! Don’t be chicken! “Student life is full of fun.
We’re good friends. “Forever we’ll remember college
and heated discussions till morning. “Years won’t gallop past us, buddy,
leaving us untouched. “And so instead of big mops of hair “We’ll end up having heads
bald as chicken eggs, buddy!” “We’re not occasional friends,
we’ve been friends since forever. “And when time to part arrives, “Instead of saying ‘good-bye’ “We’ll say to each other our usual- “‘Good luck! Don’t be chicken!” ‘ Then I became a post-graduate student. And I’m finishing post-graduate
courses now. I have three kids. All is clear about you.
Take your place, Vadik Mineyev. – And now Borya Morozov.
– Me! I’ll send you out of the room! Tolya Vakula! Look at yourself! What
kind of assistant principal you are! – Borya, tell us, where do you live?
– In Tula. – And what are you doing there?
– Teaching literature. Tanya Levchenko. I’m Savchenko now. And where are you living now? Go to
the board and show it on the map. I’d gladly show it, but this place
isn’t on the map yet. Olya Korotkova. I’m working in Dalnogorsk.
Teaching literature. – And do you like it?
– Yes, very much. I think that the teacher’s profession
is the most exciting, and I’m just happy that I dedicated
my life to this noble work. What do you want, Masha? May I step out? Why do you want to step out? My husband is signaling to me. – What are you doing here?
– She’s crying. Time to nurse her. Couldn’t you wait? The recess. The long recess. This tall guy in specs is a professor
at University, he’s writing books. And that one is Vadik. He’s finishing
post-graduate studies. He has 3 kids! And that is Misha Sergeyev.
He’s a writer now. Come here. Do you see the girl
conducting the choir? She defended her thesis
and moved to Chukotka. Can you imagine this? Olya, who is it? My bridegroom.
A very talented scientist. Shura, meet my friend, please. – Shurik… Aleksandr Bochkin.
– I’m Tanya. Ivan Sergeyevich has arrived!
He’s my favorite professor. Would you like to meet him? Let’s go. Hi! – Let me introduce my friend to you.
– I’d be delighted. – Excuse me.
– That’s okay. Shura! Where are you going? I’m sorry, I’m tired as hell. It’s been a very long day for me. Then I’ll go with you. No, stay here, enjoy yourself.
You got really good friends. See you. I’ll call you tomorrow. If anybody calls me,
say I’m not home. Maybe, you’re not home for Olga
either? For Olga, in the first place.
Yesterday we had our last date. Did you have a fight? Or did she uncover your secret? None of your business! Sure, it’s none of my business.
And to save your ass is my business. You stirred up all this trouble
and got me into it, too. I can’t explain anything to Yura now. Serves you right! You shouldn’t have
kicked out our aunt from Kiev. You’ve picked up a perfect hero
for your romance! Just listen to him!
And who brought him here, huh?! Me, but he won’t go away
because of you. Chief Directorate is holding him up
here, in Moscow. Chief Directorate?! Right, Chief Directorate! I’d like to know what you mean
by this word? Look, I don’t allow you to go out
with Yura. What?! I obey, my brother and master. It’s a whole hell of shit! I’m dodging Yura in my own home. I’m trying to sneak into my own
apartment when he’s already in bed. Can you take him away for at least
one night? I got urgent work to do. Queen Margot’s order, right? My dear brother and master,
how can I take Yura away from here, if you put the big foot down and
don’t allow me to go out with him? Oh, wisest of the wise!
I can’t see any logic here. Today, I’m making an exception, and you can go with your Yuri
wherever you want. I’ll do anything for you!
The dry cleaner’s requires sacrifice. Imagine, I thought such passions were
possible only in foreign movies. Actually, I already noticed his
strange glances at the dry cleaner’s .. I was yelling at him,
and he was just staring at me. So what’s next? Today I’m going out with him, and
I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know. I don’t know.
But can I get a short rest from Vovik, while he’s sowing seeds of wisdom,
kindness and eternal values? One poem in my head goes like this:
“I like it when someone likes me.” I absolutely adore poetry. Hello? Wrong number! Why isn’t your Shurik calling today? He will. Everybody is so different. Take your scientist. So indecisive.
And my director is all assertiveness. Yours is so insecure,
mine is a primitive but glamorous guy. Like Pushkin said:
“Water and rock, ice and flame…” Hello! Push the button! No. It’ll be like I said. Period. Never! I got no time to speak to you, Olga. I need to dry clean the suit
of your esteemed sister’s husband. What can we talk about? Huh? You got your outlook, I got – mine.
You like to work, I – to enjoy life. A researcher. So what?! If I wanted, I could be
a researcher, too. If I wanted… Mr. director, I devoted my entire
life to research. And I’m not supposed to rip off
and sew on these damned buttons. Professor, it’s not
one of our duties. I’ve already heard it! – And I got a company car.
– Really? And what do you do? I’m head engineer. I propose a toast to our talented
inventor. – Cheers!
– Cheers! – In whose honor is this celebration?
– This is Bochkin. Front and present! – That same Bochkin?
– Aleksandr Petrovich. – He knows me.
– Really? – Really.
– You must be kidding. Hi there! Yes… I could’ve been anything
that I wanted to be, and what am I doing now? Shura, what’s going on?
You didn’t call me. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Where did you disappear?
Oh my, you’re such a mess! I’m busy with my research. Doing
a very serious experiment. An experiment?! How very interesting!
Can I peep with one eye? No way! It’s top-secret. Top-secret? I got the point.
Military secrecy. But If I’m in your way,
I’ll be off. That’s okay. Come in, please. You even look a bit different,
you look real drained. But I understand you – nothing
can beat exciting work. I am not even pissed off at you. You’re talking to me,
but you’re thinking of your research. The experiment! Stay where you’re! Back off!
This is lethally dangerous! – Are you okay?
– This time, yes. You have no right to risk your life! I understand, science comes first,
but don’t do it. They got nothing similar here.
Incredible! Come here. Are you carrying
the same suits, but without a hole? Made of the same fabric? Sorry, we don’t carry it. – What do we do?
– Let’s go to Maryina Roshchya. – Okay! Let’s go.
– It’s a fantastic department store! – Are you carrying the same suits?
– Made of the same fabric? – We gotjust one, it’s in the window.
– Get it for us! Please! Save us! Get if for us! Okay, I’ll try. We got lucky this time! You know, the one who’s seeking
will ultimately find it. Right? Aleksandr Petrovich, where did you
disappear? It’s so cruel. I’m so happy you’ve come! I’m so glad to see you, too! But, please, don’t sugar up reality. In life, like in art, I value
only the truth. Me too. While we are at it, the suit, which I had to take
to a private specialist after your dry cleaner’s ,
got back to me absolutely brand-new. Really?! Fantastic. The advantage of private sector!
It beats me how they’re doing this! And you’ve come here
just to tell me that? And why not? I’m not that mean, as you might think. I was just passing by, and decided to tell you that I’ll be home tonight,
and if you… No, it’s absolutely impossible. I’ll be busy. Sorry, I intend to work
late tonight. Aleksandr Petrovich, labor helped
Ape evolve into Man, not to turn him into a working mule
afterwards. – Work can wait, huh?
– Yes, you’re right. Yes. Work can really wait.
I’ll drop by tonight. By all means. And I’ll introduce you to my sister. I bet you’ll fall for her. Terrific. Cha-pa! So? What’s new?
Did your chemist call you? Yes, just now. And you spoke to him
like we agreed? I told him I’m leaving tomorrow.
He got so upset! Good. And then I said that I don’t feel
well and can’t go out with him, and if he wants to say goodbye to me,
he must drop by. He got so upset
that I felt so sorry for him. Let him get upset. Now he’ll show up
and get straight in my hands! You came up with a great plan! Actually, intellectual guys tend to
hesitate and self-analyze. And your Bochkin hesitates, too –
to marry or not to marry. And unless we slightly push him,
he’ll be self-analyzing till he retires. I guess it’s very possible. And your departure
will urge him to act promptly. Note, we aren’t doing anything bad. We’re just speeding up the natural
course of events. And we’re right doing it. I should think so! Like the French
saying goes – c’est la vie! By the way, my director also
promised to drop by tonight. Olya! Let’s introduce them to one another,
okay? I spent last night at the Telegraph,
so that I wouldn’t meet Yuri. Today Olga leaves, but I can’t say
goodbye to her because of Vasilisa. – Aleksandr Petrovich!
– It’s my lunch-break! Ours, too. That’s why we’ve come.
Here! – What is this?
– A collective request to quit. What’s the matter? A collective request? Very interesting. So you decided to quit yourjobs.
All together. Right? – You got it wrong.
– We’re asking you to quit. What?! What the hell you are talking about! We’re asking you to quit of your own
accord and not to meddle in our work. So you’re intent on teaching me
how to work? Lunchtime is over.
Get back to work. – And you, Ms. Gulkina.
– Gulina. – I won’t leave it like that!
– We so much hope for it. These suckers dared
to teach me how to live! Look who’s here!
Hi, Volodya! Hi, Olga! – Vovik, why you got back? You sick?
– Come on, darling. Relax. Just no lectures today, so I decided
to spend the whole day at home. I hopped on the train for Moscow,
and here I am. Like Chatsky said: ” I’m up with the
sunrise, and here I am, at your feet” . He didn’t have a bad heart, and you
better quit all this ” hopping on” . – Are you mad that I’m back?
– No! Vasilisa can’t wait to see you. Do you love me? I do. I just got so scared.
You appeared out of the blue. Ladies, I got a surprise for you. What surprise? Come on, tell us. On the way home I bought tickets to a variety show
for all of us. Terrific! Only Olga will be busy
dating her Bochkin. How come? The chemical reaction
still proceeds? Wait. Bochkin, Bochkin.
I guess it rings the bell. Sure. He must be very renowned.
Are you hungry? – Like a wolf!
– It’s bad for your health. Here’s my director’s number.
Tell him not to come today. But speak lower, okay?
And I’ll go feed my wolf. Hello? – Is it the dry cleaner’s ?
– Yes. Can I speak to Aleksandr Petrovich,
please? Olga! Aleksandr Petrovich speaking. Vasilisa Sergeyevna asked me to tell
you not to come tonight. Her husband is back
and they’re going to the theatre. – Are you positive about this?
– Absolutely positive. – And nothing can change?
– I’m afraid, not. This is great! Thank you. It means I’m going to see Olga! Sorry I’m late.
And thank you for waiting for me. But we didn’t arrange to meet here. I’ve been just window shopping. Thank you for being just
window shopping. Are we going home? Then let’s take a bus? You know what? Let’s better take a walk. – I need to talk to you.
– About Shura? – How do you know?
– I was ready for this conversation. I’m going to say good-bye
to Olga now, and this is it. I won’t tell her anything.
And what can I tell her? I’m proposing to you and offering you
Queen Margot’s illegal dry cleaner’s . No, I better let her go away
and stay unaware of my secret. Then Yura will go away
and I’ll resume living like I want. – Like you want?
– Right. You think so?
Come on, don’t cheat on me. No, brother. You won’t get rid of me
so easily. You’re ashamed of yourself
and would like to live like good guys do. But only on one condition: so that you won’t have to waive your
conveniences of life, habits, money. But it doesn’t work like this. Why should I be ashamed? I’m neither
a freeloader nor a swindler! I’ve robbed no one! No one? And what about yourself? Myself? When? When you set your mind on living for
yourself and started to seek easy ways. First you allowed yourself to forget
you’re an engineer. Then you hooked up with this
Queen Margot. And what’s next? Did you think of it? Shura! Shura! Drop this act! Don’t pretend you’re
sleeping. I spilled the beans to Yuri. Do you think I was blind and didn’t
see something’s wrong with you? – And don’t be pissed off at Galya.
– Let him be pissed off. I don’t mind! Stop bugging me, okay?!
What do you want? Right, I’ve ruined my own life!
Note, my own life, not anyone else’s . What am I supposed to do?
Maybe jump out of the window?! Huh? It’s the best escape from your problem.
We live on the 1st floor! And stop yelling! And what would you do
in my place, huh? You know, Shura, any situation
can be altered. Right, I know this. But what am I
supposed to do? I, not someone else? Who needs an engineer who’s never
been a day in his profession? I’ve totally forgotten everything. Yura suggests that I go
to his plant in Dalnogorsk. – What do you mean, to his plant?
– What you heard. To work there. Is it true? But not as an engineer, you really
forgot everything. But with time… But if only you want it. I want it! You can’t even imagine
how desperately I want it! But Olga. How can I explain it
to her? – Come on, if she loves you…
– Wait! I got a brilliant idea! She said that she can’t imagine her
life without her school in Dalnogorsk. I can say to her that I’m moving
to Dalnogorsk just to please her. Sounds great! Galya! – You’re an incorrigible show off!
– She’s right here. Today I’m going to tell her the truth.
And nothing but the truth! I’m going to tell her everything.
It’s up to her to decide what to do. I got to rush while Vasilisa is out.
I want her to know the truth from me. Then do it! You’ll never regret you’ve taken me.
I’ll be sweating blood! I promise! I’ll make up for the time lost! I’ll
push you aside and take your place! Vasilisa, honey! Hurry, we’re already late. I’m almost ready. You may put on the suit,
I picked it up from the dry cleaner’s . I’m sure you won’t recognize it. Okay, we’ll see. Chapa, Chapa. – Do you remember our plan?
– Yes, I do. Act as though you future is at stake. Either you move to Moscow
and live the way you like it or… – Vasilisa!
– What’s the matter with him? Vasilisa! – What is it?
– What does it all mean? – What have you done to my suit?
– Me? Nothing. It’s the suit itself. – What do you mean ” the suit itself” ?
– It stretched in the cleaning. Wait. What are you talking about, Vasilisa?
Just look at it! Margarita lvanovna, what has your
private dry cleaner done to the suit? What private dry cleaner?
And why Margarita lvanovna?! Quiet! Are you using her services again?!
I asked you not to do it! I demanded! Stop yelling at me! I can turn to whoever I like
and buy threads from whoever I want! From whoever you like?!
But who gives you cash for all this?! What?! Cash? So this is what it’s all about! You worry about your damned money!
You’re obsessed with money! Right! I can think only about money!
I’m working like a mule to make it! My colleagues are doing some important
work, and I’m just making money. They write books, and I’m busy doing
this fucking useless side-work! And I’m doing itjust to make
more money! That’s it! But they end up having heart attacks
like your Skvoreshnikov! And you live like a normal guy! It’s not normal, you hear?
Not like a normal guy! Vovik! A normal guy would’ve gone berserk
living such a meaningless life! I live like a watchman,
guarding my own belongings! My sables! Vovik! Are you nuts?! You know who I could’ve been?!
And what I’ve traded myself for?! For the furniture! For the antiques! For the cut glass! To hell with all this stuff! – Vovik, please!
– To hell with it all! To hell with it all! She doesn’t need books, and I…! Vovik! Vovik! Vovik! All right! That’s enough! That’s enough! You’ve gone nuts! Remember
how much it costs?! I don’t care! You don’t care? Then break
something really cheap. Here. Drink this water. And break
the glass. Well? Come on! Break it! Good evening. I already thought you wouldn’t come.
Take off your coat, please. Thank you. – Are you crazy?! Get out of here!
– Who’s there?! – He is not my guest. Honestly.
– He’s come to me, Volodya. Come in, please. Don’t stand there. Come on in. Come on! Terrific! You’re my silly darling! Why get so nervous over some stupid
suit? More the less, not a new one. A match. Where? – Perhaps you better go to sleep?
– For good? What are you talking about? I’m sorry, there’s got to be
some mistake here. – Forget it. But, maybe, I better go?
– No way! I’m so happy you’ve come. – Come in, please.
– Thank you. Have a seat. Olga. I’m moving to Dalnogorsk. Great. For long? You didn’t understand.
I’m going there forever. – Forever?
– Right, forever. And what about Moscow? By then I’ll be always around you and
you won’t have to quit your school. I’m really at a loss.
And what about your work? This is precisely what I wanted
to tell you. There I’m gonna get some real work,
and here… No, no. Better I’ll move here. I can’t accept such a sacrifice.
I’m set on moving here. But this is not the point. Yes, this is the point! My dear,
my sweetie, please, don’t move here! Just great!
You leave a guy for 2 minutes, and some girls go all sweet on him
right away! Aleksandr Petrovich, out of here! Don’t listen to her. Vasilisa,
this is my Bochkin. He’s come to me. Wrong, this is my Aleksandr Petrovich.
And he’s come to me! What Aleksandr Petrovich?!
This is my scientist! Scientist? This scientist’s working
in the dry cleaner’s ! – No!
– Yes! Yes. – How did you dare?!
– I… I didn’t want to, itjust happened. I felt ashamed that you’re so
engrossed in your work, a teacher… A teacher?! She’s as much a teacher,
as you are a scientist. A hatter with university credentials! You’re a perfect match! So what? Olga, dear,
we can start it all from scratch. If you’re by me side… Dream on! If I start it all from scratch, it
won’t be with you in Dalnogorsk! But why not? If you care for me… Me?! For you?! You cheated on me. Cheated so cruelly. Who can one trust then? It beats me. What could’ve happened
to the suit? – Wait! I beg your pardon!
– Now what? What happened to the suit?
First case of spoilage in our firm. And the last one!
Your firm shuts down for good! Why didn’t you give me a 2-week
notice? Do you know the law? You! That’s all I need now! Hey, you, Don Juan – home-worker!
An abscess on society’s face! I can handle this myself. Bastard! Son of a bitch! – Did you call me? What’s wrong?
– And you ask? What have you done? What?! Jeez, what is this?! Get a load of my husband!
He’s a real scarecrow! – Hi!
– And you’re here, too? Your husband has really changed.
He’s kind of shrunk. But what do I got to do with it, huh? Vovik! For God’s sake!
Don’t worry, Vovik. Olga, I’m so sorry. – You spoilt the suit!
– Hasn’t Bochkin told you anything? What does Bochkin got to do with it?! Now it’ll turn out that Bochkin
was dry cleaning at home. Right, he was dry cleaning at home! And may you make such big money,
like he did! What a shame!
To shut down such a firm! Olya, did you hear that? Olya, we’ve made a big mistake! I guess we’ve let your true happiness
slip by. – Hi!
– Good day. Here are the tickets. To Dalnogorsk. Say ” good-bye” to each other.
And I’ll get the luggage in myself. The ticket. – I’ll be right back!
– Don’t get out without your coat! Yura, look after him, please,
he isn’t seriously-minded at all. And I’m even less seriously-minded. Why are you saying this? So that you won’t forget that
two absolutely light-minded guys, who must be always taken care of,
live in Dalnogorsk. I hope you got what I mean? Sure. And you know what? I’ll ask pensioners
and community activists in Dalnogorsk to take care of you. Great. Margarita lvanovna, what about you?
Where are you going? Hunting. – Is it far away or close by?
– Oh, it’s a long way from here, dear. – For long?
– For long, dear, for very long. And why? Leave me alone, okay?!
Better ask them. Come on. Follow us. – Bye!
– Goodbye, dear! Goodbye! – I’m coming! I’m coming!
– You got the ticket? – Here. The ticket.
– Okay. Here you are. Seat 15. Bye, Olya. Take care of yourself.
Say ” bye” to Chapa. – Hi, Olga Segreyevna.
– Hi, Yuri Nikolayevich. – Hi.
– Hi. I’m happy we’re
on the same train again. You can be on the same train, but
still go in the opposite directions. – Yura! Time!
– Excuse me. Come again. And sooner. Next time
I’ll take care of your life myself. “Going to far-off parts,
while we’re still young. “What’s the name of that station?
And how are those lands called? “Do you know how happy people are
when they meet “With the cape of desire,
with the vast field of dream? “What’s the name of that station?
And how are those lands called? “Going to far-off parts,
while I’m still young.” THE END

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  1. The lovely Nadezhda Rumyantseva, glorious in "The Girls"(Devchata,1961), gives us pleasure again. The real entertainment this comedy with excellent cast.

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