Ann Smiley-Oyen

Active learning is the first thing. I teach active learning and I try to provide active learning situations in
my classroom and working in a research lab is perfect
because it’s giving them opportunity to problem solve. It’s giving them
opportunity to take responsibility for data, for thinking through situations. That’s one reason for them to be involved in hands-on kinds of projects. My name is Ann Smiley-Oyen and I’m an associate professor. My area is motor control in the department of kinesiology. The
other thing that’s nice about having students in the lab is that they see research, and they become an integral part of the research. We’re a research institution, a lot
of students don’t get to see that part and yet that’s a lot of the work that
goes on behind the scenes at a research university. These students become a part of have not just working on research projects but actually creating knowledge. The land-grant mission is to serve the
people of Iowa. The research that we do in here is
certainly serving the people of Iowa. My goal in research is to better
understand principles of motor control and motor learning to impact
therapeutic intervention. As a professor running a
research lab mentoring students I’m providing a springboard, I hope, for students of Iowa. To take off and
hopefully they will take the experience from being in this lab and use it as a stepping stone, as a building block for what they want to do professionally.

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