100 Replies to “Annoying Orange – Joke Book #2: Jokes from Fans!”

  1. lololololololololololololol lololololololololololololol lololololololololololololol lololololololololololololol hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. The tomato 🍅 and the peach 🍑 we’re walking 🚶🏼‍♀️ 🚶 down the street and Peach 🍑 asks Tomato, 🍅 “What’s your real name, Tomato 🍅 or Tomato? 🍅 “ and Tomato 🍅 answers Peach, 🍑 “Well you know what peach? 🍑 YOUR’E THE PITS!”

  3. What type of guitar does little apple use ????????????

    A wii-tar!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha!!! Make sure little Apple is featured in the next jokebook episode!!!!!!!

  4. Hey commenters! what is a restaurant that really wants to make sure nothing happen?

    A.O/joke book: I don't know swat?
    Ihop nothing hoppens! hahahahahahaha

  5. Is it just me, or my jokes and puns or beary, dairy hairy, or berry punny, Hahahahahaha. or Orange? am eye the gratest fan joker on the worilrd? hahahahaha

  6. "Hey I need a piece of paper"
    "Cause it's our test"
    "Ok ok! I'll give you a paper but this test will be Piece Of Cake!"
    "Haha very funny"

  7. What do you call a fish without bowels? Fsh!

    What do you call a gun made out of NaCl? Assault rifle!

    What do you call an exploding infant? A baby boomer!

    Edit: What has four eyes but can't see? Mississipi!

  8. Here's another joke I have.
    What do you say to a person with a big nose who is rubbing boogers on their own hands? That is snot the right thing to do. 😂

  9. Here’s another “little” joke about Midget Apple I thought of. What kind of car does Midget Apple drive? A mini-van. 😂🤪

  10. I just thought of a joke related to the special Halloween month you make every year. Here it is.

    Q: When is the best month to use anything with electricity in it?

    A: Shocktober.

  11. Hey orange here's 7 jokes that i got #1 Why do hippos like pans? because they are hippo-pot-amus #2 What do you call hippopotamus that wears a mask? a hippopotamask #3 What kind of bat is long and electric? a bat-tery #4 What do you call a crow that cooks food for you? a mi-crow-ave #5 Why do eels shock you? because they are eel-ectric #6 Why do people have tiny hands? so they could micro-wave #7 What do you call a bird that unlocks doors for you? a tur-key.

  12. Q: what do you call a bowl of soup with powers?

    A: Super.

    I got that from watching your old video when you met a bowl of alphabet soup.

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