Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens – Official Trailer

Speaker 1: Hey Nora. Nora: Man your parents got you
on trash duty too? Speaker 1: Aren’t you like 27? Nora:
You need help buying liquor? Speaker 1: No. Nora: Oh.
Speaker 3: What happened? Nora:
I live with my parents. Speaker 4: Grandma loves Nora. Nora: Oh. I wish I had purpose
like you, you dumb. Speaker 3:
We need to find you a job. Speaker 5: Pull over now
or I’m calling the cops. Nora: Have a good one. Oh, oh my god.
I got to get out of here. I need my social security
number, do you have it? Speaker 6: You don’t know
your own social security number? Nora: A lot of people don’t know
their social security numbers. If I can make it work,
anyone can make it work. I would love to cash
this check here. Speaker 4: I want crispy bills, none of that wrinkly shit that
you pull out of your asshole. Pleasure doing business
with you. Nora: You’re not supposed
to kill the villagers, they’re peaceful people. Speaker 4:
I love killing. Die mother-

100 Replies to “Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens – Official Trailer”

  1. More. Please. Nora x Bowen comedy is going to be great. I didnt discover her until she was hosting SNL. Bowen is my early nominee for MVP this SNL season. The two of them getting into trouble will be a must watch for me.

  2. Shoutout to the water Goddess for holding it down for queens and much success to you in what ever comedic role you get

  3. Is this what passes for comedy now? We're laughing at how helpless/incompetent this generation is? Along with lazy "old lady swearing" dirty jokes?

  4. this is the original sound track of "Birthday" from SOMI,,,, one of the best songs in Corea with most 64M views on YT channel

  5. this would be funnier if they didn't try so hard to be funny. like you can tell they're acting. i miss shows like Broad City where the humor just felt natural.

  6. The thing is my name is not a and I am from queens and this is similar to my lifestyle a couple years ago I ran into the black guy from Brooklyn 99 and I told him about myself who I am and he was in his way to a meeting on the west side there’s such a big possibility that he was inspired to use my name and city for this series

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