Baa | Stand-Up Comedy by Chirayu Mistry

I have seen a variety of things on television. Have seen a lot of variety on television like… Back When i was a kid… Four of us used to watch a serial… Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi!!! Have you seen it? Everyone has seen it right!!! Four of us used to watch that serial. Me, Mom, Dad and my Baa. Baa means Grandmother. Now if you remember, there was also a character of Baa in the serial. The Baa who never dies!!! She never dies. 100, 150, 200, 500, 1000 years… Baa never dies… If you try to kill her with a sword, the sword would bend… Still BAA NO DIE!!! Die Hard 6: Un-mareble Baa So we used to watch this serial and it traumatized me… It was like a Child Labour for me…
“Shut Up and watch this Show!!!” So we were watching this show and… In one of the episodes… The character of Baa in the show… comes in a Deathbed Situation. Now their doctor says “I don’t know what to do…
Does Anyone know?” He leaves after saying that charging 200 Bucks. Now everyone is crying… they have lost all hope… they are saying “Only Prayers can save her now”… the whole Virani Family is crying… I also thought
“Looking at the wrinkles of the character, Adios!!!” So when all hope was lost… Tulsi entered the room. Tulsi… Our EX Information and Broadcasting Minister. She enters the room… Puts a single Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaf in Baa’s mouth… BAA IS BACK!!! Medical Science is a Myth. Baa is alive. *Coming back to Life Celebration*
Baa is alive. Yamraj (God of Death) also thought
“Why did you call me if you weren’t coming??” Years passed and the serial also ended. I also grew up… but some dark memories
stay with you forever. So after few years, my Private Baa who is a member of my family… She also came in a similar Deathbed Situation. My Doctor said “Even i don’t know what to do!!!” He charged 300 bucks. So now everyone in my family is tensed… they are thinking “What can we do? Only prayers can help now”… Same scene. Just then i thought “If a single Leaf can bring back that Baa in the serial to life…” “then more Quantity should definitely work.” So i plucked the whole plant out of the pot. Opened my Baa’s mouth… *Wakey Wakey*

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