Baba, Biscuit & Plumber – Nipun Dharmadhikari | Marathi Standup Comedy |#bhadipa #sms

So the thing is… Right before we started, they told me that I’m not getting paid for this gig I’m obviously not pleased so if I can’t make you laugh… I don’t really care Stand-up is not easy enough to be considered volunteer work takes a lot of effort you need to read a lot, research, keep up with the news Of course these days, Yogi (an ascetic) is appointed chief minister and Baba (guru) an industrialist by Baba, I don’t mean father my father has now retired But now that these men have picked alternate professions my research has become easier funny material is readily available To be honest, even I use Patanjali (baba’s products) This one, for eg. is Patanjali Indica Skincare It’s the new pack They don’t call it a soap, they call it ‘body cleanser’ Body Cleanser: To enhance the natural beauty And glow of skin The packet also says ‘For best results, rub on body surface while taking bath’ I didn’t know there was another way to do it They’ve told me to gift it to one lucky viewer, so… You look like you need it They also produce Patanjali Biscuits This one is their Milk Biscuit line 0% white flour, 0% transfat and 100% wheat Basically, there’s nothing delicious here I’m also to give this to a viewer But I don’t know if there will even be
dinner after the show So I’ll keep this one Patanjali is starting a new line of products They’re making Orange Juice In Nagpur, obviously My advice to them would be name the drink ‘Santra’ So that those who drink And those who don’t will both buy it Another place Where a lot of research fetches material for comedy is the internet And the funniest website there, (I believe) is Hands down! You would think what is so funny about YouPorn I mean, the actors are great! But their writing..! Their scenarios for example – The kind of stuff they come up with people like us will never think of Brilliant! Like tell me Why would a beautiful woman attractive and with tattoos open the main door of her house in only her undergarments? And for a plumber, at that! Like, she knew who was showing up It’s not like he dropped by just to say hello? ‘I was just passing by…’ ‘I thought let me check on madam’ ‘wouldn’t mind a cup of tea’ I would like to ask the writers this – What if it was somebody other than the plumber? What if it was her mum? What would’ve she said? Mom! I thought it was the Plumber Dada (brother)

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  2. dude, on the last joke I thought you would push it further as in the genre changes (for the script) and the mom is now into the daughter LOL

  3. कॉमेडी मराठी आहे आणि इथे कंमेंट्स इंग्रजीत. म्हणजे अजून माज्या☺☺

  4. अरे बापरे… या वेळेस मुंबई वेर्सेस पुणे टॉपिक नाही का? किंवा फक्त पुणे?
    काय रे किती ते creative punches आणि stand up कॉमेडी. तीन वेळा संडासला जाऊन आलो इतक पोट दुखतंय हसून हसून

  5. भावा यापेक्षा चाबकाने फोडून काढ ना आम्हाला 6 मिनिटाच्या व्हिडिओ पाहताना ,5 दिवस सलग काम करून दमल्यावर जे फिलिंग येते ते आलं….ब्रेक घे मित्रा एक…..करीअर च्या खूप वाटा आहेत…स्टॅण्ड अप पेक्षा गप्प झोप कॉमेडी नाव ठेऊया

  6. Chaha takta ka BC. Kai bakwaas comedy aahe aani lok pan fukatach Basle aahet. Kahi pan bakwas Kara re aikun ghetat

  7. Superb work sir.👍👌👌
    खासकरून त्या plumber साठी 😂😂😂😋😋😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  8. sorry to say but kharach bore zhalo he bghun….never felt ki comedy waala video itka thanda n boring asel… anyways all the best for next

  9. Tatoo धारी मुलगी …..plumber दादा …..☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  10. हे मराठी मध्ये क्रांती घडवायच्या विचारात आहेत बहुदा😂😂😂

  11. Nahi maja ali..
    Ugach poker face, faltu ghise pite jokes..
    Plumber ok hota,
    Pan Sex takawach mhanje standup chalto ya wicharapeksha peksha #bhadipa kadun jara jasta apeksha ahet, video kami ale tari chaltil quality maintain kara please!

  12. Itka masta marathi channel ahe he mala attas karla 😍😍 mala vatat hoto ki YouTube madhe english hindi content as bhari ahe atta marathi content baghun khup chan ani proud vat te 😍

  13. कसला Attitude आहे या अस्वलाला…. घरी ठेव की Attitude ल**या…

  14. Are bhadya tuj kay mhanan aahe ki saglya babanni bhondu girich karayla pahije ka. Ani apan bhaherchya co. Che product khayche ka mag tujya sarkhe mule janmala yetil na re

  15. रटाळ सादरीकरण , प्रेक्षकांवर फेकायचे स्वतः आणि तुला त्याची गरज म्हणत अपमान करायचा, सर्वात चांगला विनोद हा स्वतः वर केलेला असतो दुसऱ्याची टर उडवून विनोद नसतो होत, थोडे जरा निलेश साबळे कडून टिप्स घ्या

  16. Bhadip team and sarang sir मला काही कविता आणि quotes लीहता येतात जसे shayari type tar mla tumchya team or chanel sathi kam kryala sandhi milavi

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