Bachelor’s Life | A Telugu Stand Up Comedy | Performed By Nagraj

Uncle has 2 buildings so aunty was beautiful!!! Uncle:What, doing comedy??
Me:No uncle, doing B.Tech. No one passes the exam, but preparations will be very sincere. Boys should enjoy bachelor’s life atleast once in a lifetime.
Other that life is waste. There will be difficulties but also we get to know responsibilities. In bachelor’s life, basic things to be remembered are Unwashed vessels lying from weeks, The kitchen that looks like dustbin, Weekly once washed underwears, Banians, Until and unless have worn, we’ll not know whose one is that. One of my frnd in my room…Apart from Girls phone no’s and chatting with them, he never used to have work. Generally, we’ll ask the name if somegirl meets us.
But he asks phone number and then knows her name by chatting with her. And that true caller was developed only for him.He does permutations and combinations with numbers and he find girls number,
Then saves it to chat. The worst thing than that is: he never used to leave some girls’s ph nums written on the walls of men’s public toilet. When it comes to chop vegetables, everyone becomes a chef Oneday, when my friend was cutting ladiesfinger, I told him “Mama, chop off top and bottom of it” For that, he made 1 KG ladiesfinger to 1/4 KG. I didn’t get which is waste out of it and which one is ready for cooking. As I said like that, he used to do the same with potatoes!!! The one common quality for all of us is “LAZINESS!!” Everyone would have won dozens of gold medals if there were LAZINESS COMPETITIONS. One day I said to my friend, “Arey Mama…Free meals are arranged in temple.Shall we go?” For that he said “NOoooo.. For that I need bath..huh” “If not bathing also, need to change the dress now,These things don’t happen with me mama” In those days, we used to have internet lan cable but not router(because of budget). Everyone uses it like anything on everynight, One connects the cable to laptop and goes to the corner, one goes to the kitchen, one directly goes to the washroom. Everyone knows how to use it but not how to save it It has become like SriReddy’s situation in Telugu Film Industry. During exam’s time, it looks like festival, rooms used to pile up with xerox copies. Preparations used to be very high but not studies. Those nightouts were used for chai and cigerette. Those alarms are used to wake up others. Like “The bull without horns are aggressive”(Kommulu leni edduki kopam ekkuva)Telugu saying. We never used to pass but Preparations used to be very high and sincere. The one who has advantage becoz of our exams is , the Xerox shop person in our college. He used to have more clarity than us, on Semester subjects. The common problem faced by anyone is, searching for the room to rent. They used to treat us with more disgrace than beetles if we say we are bachelors “Hey are you bachelor. Go..!! get out!! Go..!!get out!!”
Used to behave like this. Like this once, there was an uncle. His mouth is like Tipper-Lorry. He : “Hey babu..What do you need?” Me : “Need room” He: “Only for families, not for bachelors” Me : “We are also family uncle, but My parents stay in village, we all stay here .” He : “What..doing comedy??” Me : “No uncle, doing” After that dialogue, I was kicked out of the gate. So finally after many searches, we got a room. That owner uncle used to be very aggressive like a hitler. Looks wise, he looks like fully burnt corn on the cob. He wont be recognized unless he wears banian in night times. But uncle has 2 buildings, so aunty was beautiful But her daughter got his looks.So we forgot he has a daughter But evertime when he see us, used to say “There is my daughter, careful” We never used to get if he was telling us to be careful or if he was teling there is a girl. One day, uncle stood outside without friend came out in the night time and have pushed him away by saying “Who the hell has kept this black wooden log here?” He was not caught by uncle, otherwise, his head would have been upsidedown. Next time for him to come to our room, we had to change the room. Hope you all enjoyed it a lot. If you have enjoyed, share to it others, because they also have to enjoy right!! Please comment your punches below, because I need to knw right!! One min!! Subscribe for new videos, because you need to know right!!

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  1. Nc anna….real xpernces…
    Anna kaasta speed penchithe baguntadi.inka
    all da best anna telugu lo standup comedy thakuva.u have a bright future…

  2. Telugu lo standup comedy thakkuva …u did well bro ,Dont try to stop making videos bro…u hav gud career

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