Back in Black – Republicans Don’t Know What Insurance Is: The Daily Show

There’s so much health care news
to talk about, it’s hard to get to all of it. Thankfully, when a news story
falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for a
segment we call “Back In Black.” ♪ ♪ Let’s face it,
America sucks at health care. For starters,
we’re the only country that decided to turn illness
into a goldmine. That’s why,
even though my proctologist is just a pervert in a lab coat, I have to keep him
because he’s “in network.” And the way things have been
going, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Republicans’
new turd sandwich of a bill makes it to Trump’s desk
and he actually eats the thing. But here’s
why Republicans in Congress will never be able
to fix health care– they don’t even know
what health insurance is! You have to buy all of these
different kinds of health insurance,
a lot of which you don’t need, can’t afford, don’t want, isn’t
right for you and your family. The young healthy person’s gonna
be made to buy health care, and they’re gonna pay
for the person, you know, who gets breast cancer
in her 40s, or who gets heart disease
in his 50s. The whole idea of Obamacare
is the people on the blue side pay for
the people on the red side. The people who are healthy pay
for the people who are sick. Now listen, Paul Ryan, you spoiled vanilla milk shake, you fountainhead of spit, you vomitorium of congeniality. Insurance isn’t the healthy
paying for the sick, it’s the healthy paying to slow down pay down
their inevitable demise, which might be helpful
in a country that stuffs hot dogs into pizza. But while we’re at it, why do I
pay for the fire department? My house isn’t on fire
and it never will be. (cheers and applause) And not only are the GOP trying to sneak this
douche document into law, they’re also using Obamacare’s own money to undermine it. The administration
is using money that is supposed to help people
get insurance by putting up, online, these advertisements trying
to convince legislators to vote against the
Affordable Care Act. Deductibles are higher,
coverage is less, the gap is getting wider. You’re going against the
American system of competition, capitalism, “the best wins”
sort of scenario. The system had
a lot of problems, but it wasn’t in crises. There wasn’t a crises. There is now. Oh, we’re in a crisis all right. Health care isn’t more
affordable, but at least now we’ve got those taxpayer-funded 136 YouTube views. A video of my left nut
would get more hits. Not … (cheers and applause) Not my right one, though. He’s shy. This whole thing
is not brain surgery. If you want affordable
health insurance to work, you need young healthy people
to sign up. So since none of you assholes
know how to make that happen, I made some new ads for the HHS,
free of charge. Hi. I’m Dr. Lewis Black. Want to know why the
Affordable Care Act is failing? Because young fidget-spinning
(bleep) nuts across America think they’re invincible,
so they aren’t buying in. Well, news flash. Life is just death
in slow motion, even if you feel hashtag
#blessed. If you think it’s expensive
to replace a cracked iPhone, try fixing a shattered femur. Age is just a number,
especially for blood clots; they’ll take you down
at any age. Think you’ll be young
and healthy forever? I have arthritis
in my entire body, except for these two fingers. Health insurance
is only about your health, so (bleep) it. Sign up for health insurance. (cheers and applause) Now, that’s advice
we can all agree on. -Trevor.
-Lewis Black, everyone.

100 Replies to “Back in Black – Republicans Don’t Know What Insurance Is: The Daily Show”

  1. "I have arthritis in my whole entire body" ME TOO DAWG ME TOO. lol I got it as a kid it's a deficiency disorder my body thinks the cells that produce ligament in my joints are a virus hence they attack it and give me arthritis so i have to be on meds FO LIFE.


  3. I would add one thing, we are a union of states meaning we are stronger together and that is how insurance works. You pay it foreword meaning you help the people that came before you and the people after you pay for you! Are we a selfish country? You tell me, I don't think so but I do believe those whom we "elected" are.

  4. I'm 28 and stubbornly insist that I'm invincible. I fell off my bike a few weeks ago, the wound got infected, and I went to the ER to get a gigantic abscess drained in my right knee. The entire thing was the size of a baseball. It hurt so bad I couldn't stand up to pee. In months prior I was cranky about paying for healthcare- but boy am I glad I did. My $8000 + surgery and visit only cost me $500. No matter how healthy you THINK you are, anything can happen. Get healthcare. My plan also has incentives for going to your Primary Care Provider for preventative care. Obamacare/ ACA is not a bad thing. We simply need to educate people on the importance of healthcare.

  5. I miss having health insurance. I was on that obamacare thing but they took me off because I moved..then I tried to reapply and it was just…wow lol. I mean I had to call so many different places and they kept sending me to the other places and it was a giant clusterfuck. And the hospitals, who had me sign "the insurance will be charged" didn't tell me I wasn't insured..So when I went in for a simple check since I was having tonsil issues again, it cost me almost 600$ without my knowledge lol. Was insane..600$ for a "ok open your mouth and say ahh" lmao what a joke. Then they tried to charge me for some premium brand antibiotics at the drugstore with the prescription I got..that cost almost 300$ or so when they had the SAME drug as an 'offbrand' for 30$ really? Everything about our health care system is a fucking joke. It cost an arm and a leg and god forbid you aren't insured and have an issue..the hospitals can charge you whatever they feel like + the prescription costs if you need pills..urg.

  6. I just wanna do ALL my fellow Lewis Black fans a favor and recommend another comedian who is somewhat in the same vein as Lewis in regards to angry logic. There is a British panel show comedian and actor by the name of David Mitchell who is on par if not above so with Lewis. He's not a stand-up like Lew, and the British humor is different… But if you can get around it, you'll highly enjoy David Mitchell.

  7. I keep repeating this, rename Obamacare and no one will care. Orangutan and his Republicans only wants to repeal it because it was Obamas.

  8. It's no longer about providing a decent health care bill, it's about wiping whatever P. Obama did out of spite at this point. Who cares what they replace it with!! It's a dick-measuring rally for the GOP.

  9. we have a new führer in town his name is Trump and he takes no shit from anyone, say something bad and hel put you in the gulag

  10. The ONLY reason I would tune into Trevor Noah is if Lewis Black is on. Trevor is one sorry replacement for Jon Stewart, but Lewis is timeless.

  11. Why is the volume of the music at the end so much louder than the volume of the speaking during the clip? You guys do know what a VU meter is, yes?

  12. Republican logic: If there are slight flaws in a well-intentioned plan, tear the entire thing down. If there's one welfare queen leeching off the system among thousands of hardworking poor trying to get by, then the welfare system should be abolished, instead of introducing checks to punish the freeloaders. If there are a few people whose health premiums actually increased under the ACA, then kill the whole thing instead of trying to fix the issues that made those few problems happen.

    I don't deny that there were a few losers under the ACA. I don't deny that Obama wasn't able to keep all his promises related to the ACA. I don't deny that if there exists an ACA replacement that really continues helping ACA beneficiaries while eliminating the problems for ACA losers, then it absolutely should be written into law. But the fact is, the Republicans don't have any such replacement. All they want to do is stick it to the everyman.

  13. This aborted fetus of a health care bill only shows how desperate the Republicans have become to remove everything Obama, and why we need to get rid of them come midterms.

  14. Even if you have Medicare, they don't pay for everything. For instance, even if you have a sister who's a breast cancer survivor, you can only get a Well Woman exam every 2 years. If you have a sister who's a breast cancer survivor, that doubles your chance of getting breast cancer. Do they care? No. It used to not be that way.

  15. Young people don't neglect to buy health care bc we think it's invincible. We don't buy healthcare bc we are too busy paying our outrageous student loans, car loans, car insurance, rent and by the time all of those fees come out of our measly checks we LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING LEFT OVER.

  16. It's kind of sad to watch, from a country with a much different perspective. When I moved out of my parents house, I obviously already had health insurance, but my first action was to get insurance for everything else. If I break something at your house, my insurance will cover it. Of course I hope I won't ever need it. It's there if I do.

  17. Trevor, your show is amazing. Please dont downgrade yourself or the show. GET AND KEEP LEWIS BLACK OFF AND AWAY FROM IT. Theres a reason everything he has been on was cancelled.

  18. It’s funny but young people are not buying into the health market because plans are too expensive and they don’t make enough money…not just because they think they are invincible.

  19. That self proclaimed policy wonk buffoon, Paul Ryan, is explaining how insurance works to the ignorant Congress members. Lol

  20. When Paul Ryan tried making it sound like paying into a system to help a 40 year old woman dying from breast cancer like my mother did sound like some sort of scam, I punched my wall and now my hand is bleeding.


  21. Lewis Black, such a great patriot. I've paid health care my whole life, used it twice, my folks are alright, they have what they need, i am from a third world country, why Republicans don't get it. what a bunch of assholes

  22. Lewis black is that one old dude who yells at the government on his porch and the whole neighborhood loves his cuz he's amazing

  23. The music is too loud. Private healthcare doesn't cover the poor, but it also undercovers the middle class. Almost everyone who survives a heart attack goes to the hospital. Some can afford it, some have great insurance, and some have medicare. For the rest, many are bankrupted because their insurance is inadequate. Others don't have insurance, and the providers make the money up on those who do, a tax that hits the middle class harder than the rich. But the providers do get their money, making US healthcare more expensive than almost anywhere else in the world, for mediocre results.
    Middle class 'conservatives' think their rates would go up with national care. The opposite is the fact. The system would care for the same number of people, but not single out the insured to be the only ones who paid. The 1% could pay a little, even. The profits of insurance companies, about 25% depending which stats you like, would be saved. England administrates their system with 5%. The cost of squeezing turnips would be saved. Huge drug company profits, often on products developed with publicly funded research, would be controlled.
    Anyone who believes in getting his money's worth should think this through for himself. Being conservative doesn't mean you have to be foolish with money, or not see the value in something because you won't look.

  24. If the GOP thinks that "Obamacare" is the healthy paying for the sick…

    WHAT DO THEY THINK HEALTH INSURANCE ACTUALLY IS???? Everyone pays a company premiums so that they have the funds to pay your bills (and everyone else who pays in) once you reach a certain threshold. THAT IS WHAT INSURANCE IS.

  25. Leave it to the daily show to blame young people for the health care crisis.

    Maybe Trevor can defend Obama for taking Wall Street money some more too?

    Progressive my ass. 👎👎

  26. People should be given the choice of buying health insurance or being banned from ANY emergency room for EVERY emergency they experience. Sorry, freeloaders!! Want to buy cheap insurance that doesn't cover maternity, then oh you get pregnant — well pay 100% + deposit IN ADVANCE or have your baby on the curb. People should be forced to confront the reality of what health insurance actually funds, and that as in all of life, there aren't short cuts.

  27. Yeah maybe take a lesson from Germany (the current, not the one from the 1930s) about how healthcare works for all people. Why do those republicans do not get it? What was described there is basicly how it works in Germany: Young people sign up for healthcare and of course pay for the older patients BUT if they get in a car accident and break a leg, the health insurance covers the cost. Everybody wins! Isn't this president supposed to be about winning?

  28. So many of my conservative friends and family don't support universal healthcare, and yet claim to stand for "traditional American values". One might say that caring about the well-being of your neighbor falls under that umbrella.

  29. The US is just a social experiment at this point. What happens when the most selfish, gullible people on earth try to form a society?

  30. “Wanna know why the affordable care act is failing? Because young, fidget-spinning, fucknuts across America think they are invincible, so they aren’t buying in. Well news flash, life is just death in slow motion, even if you feel ‘hashtag blessed’… Think you’ll be young and healthy forever? I have arthritis in my entire body, except for these two fingers.”

  31. Please remember, the ones who wrote these plans think Slavery was the same as immigration. They're stupid people trump has hired to make himself seem less stupid. Only problem is, it backfired.
    His healthcare has been shot down several times by the Senate. Those who have the education trump couldn't provide at trump university. The only thing he did that I will forever hate trump for is, he cut medicare. My mother, who had dialysis and Colon Cancer, was on medicare. And, thanks to trump, he cut funding, so my mother couldn't get the treatment to help get rid of her cancer, which killed her. I was always taught not to hate, unless it affects my family. Well, his bad decision caused my mother to lose her battle with cancer.. I have every right to hate him

  32. Dear Paul Ryan, thanks for explaining the basic principle of insurance. "These people who don't get sick will pay for the people who get sick." THAT'S FUCKING INSURANCE DIPSHIT!

  33. 1:02/4:46 Paul Ryan said that the young kids are going to be forced to pay.. Are they going to stay young forever?? Maybe they found some sort or eternal youth pill?

  34. It won't surprise me with what the State of Health care Debates in USA that the Politicians will be giving MEN coverage for Breast Cancer while Women will get coverage for Testicle & Penile Malfunction.

  35. Can't the Daily Show afford a Sound Engineer?
    The volume is really low until the end when it makes your ears bleed.

  36. Well said Lewis. Too bad there are so many stupid voters that fall for the con jobs the GOP puts out. That's how the mega con man Trump got elected. Unless they (the stupid voters) wake up soon, the country is lost. Just a few mega rich controlling everything.

  37. I want Ben Shapiro and Lewis Black to do a live speech together, it would be the funniest segment in all news and they might actually figure some shit out.

  38. God, Barrasso is an idiot. Paul Ryan has health insurance on our dime for free for life. What does he know? A healthy population is a population that is successful. Wake up people. Everyone should have health coverage.

  39. Fuck it, republicans, especially young republicans, don't need healthcare whatsoever! Leave the option to decline in…..That's the only way to premature death for those cocksuckers!

  40. "Age is just a number. Especially for blood clots. They'll take you down at any age."
    Or just the opposite problem. I have an uncle who has trouble clotting. He spent Thanksgiving in the hospital because of a condition that was aggravated by this. When I saw him, he had a noticeable bruise from midway down his right lower-leg to his foot. I asked him what caused it and he said it was just unnaturally low platelets.

  41. Paul Ryan saying "healthy people will pay for sick people!" as if that's the most horrible injustice he's ever heard off makes me lose even more of my faith in humanity.

  42. Step 1 to more affordable health insurance : regulate pharmaceutical prices. There is no regulation at all in the US which is why a pharmaceutical product that costs 20$ elsewhere costs 400$ in the US. From the SAME company. This is also what drives medical bills up the wazoo. Needed anesthesia? 500$. Not up to date on vaccinations? 150$. Needed epinephrine? 500$. None of these things would break 50$ in literally ANY other western country because other governments decided long ago that letting these companies set their prices willy-nilly and without justification is bad for everyone. So naturally insurance that has to cover these things is going to be expensive as shit. I don't know why so many in the US get a stroke when you even suggest goverment oversight and regulation of pricing, every other democratic nation does it but not you and that's why you would rather risk bleeding out in your car in traffic than call an ambulance because hey, you gotta pay for that too which is also crazy.

    Hot damn, capitalism falls victim to greed if it's not heavily regulated. You need to draw the lines on what businesses can and cannot do, companies are greedy and if you don't force them to set fair pricing and pay fair wages they will do neither. The result is everything costs a little less (or more depending on the situtation) and we all get better wages. Then you pay a little more tax to make sure that breaking your leg isn't also going to break your bank. Other countries have had this crap figured out decades ago. Time to catch up.

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