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When a news story falls
through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it
with a segment we call “Back in Black.” -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) Well, it’s summer,
which always reminds me of my childhood at camp. Canoeing, roasting marshmallows, learning how to masturbate. -(laughter)
-Or as we called it at camp, “beating the tom-tom.” It’s all about the beat. Nearly every adult who went
to camp remembers it fondly. But, like jerking off,
some people just can’t let go. Summer camp– it is not
just for kids anymore, because more and more places, they’re offering camps
for adults. NEWSWOMAN: All the fun things
that you would do as a kid, like swimming,
archery, zip-lining, a ropes course,
even a talent show. MAN:
We have arts and crafts. NEWSWOMAN: There are also
other camps there, too, like space camp–
you get to go on an interactive
space mission, build rockets,
and train like astronauts. What the hell is wrong
with these people! In my day, when you had
a midlife crisis, you bought a red Corvette
and cheated on your wife. Now it’s sharing bunk beds
and making lanyards! Huh? Stop reinventing the wheel! And don’t get me started
on space camp. Kids go to space camp because there’s still hope
they’ll go to actual space. When you’re a grown-up,
that spaceship has sailed. It would be like trying
to seduce Roy Moore when you’re 47. You’re 40 years too late! (laughter, groaning) Oh, what, did you vote for him?! (laughter) But there’s another reason
adults are going back to camp, and it ain’t archery. WOMAN: “Play like a kid
and party like a grown-up” is the motto
at Camp No Counselors, an all-inclusive weekend-long
sleepaway camp for grown-ups. (excited shouts) The all-inclusive package
includes lodging, food, an open bar, nightly parties, and tons of old-school
camp activities, like wheelbarrow races
and Human Hungry Hungry Hippo. (laughter, groaning) Oh, yeah. Who doesn’t love getting wasted and then getting tossed
like a salad? Seriously, if I want to puke
in a ball pit, I’ll go to McDonald’s,
like a normal person! Look, it’s one thing
for these 40-year-old toddlers to ruin camp, but I refuse to stand by
and watch them ruin booze. In these terrible times,
it’s all we have left. And besides, if all the adults are at camp
pretending to be kids, who’s gonna do
all the adult stuff? Kids’ summer camps are putting
away the canoes and the kayaks and instead, in some cases,
teaching kids how to manage money. NEWSWOMEN:
Attractive options for families who want their children
to learn about budgets and business. Here, kids from seven to 16
learn to crunch numbers for a product they’ll later
design, manufacture and market. Oh, great.
Just what this country needs: even younger
Wall Street douchebags! (laughter) I can’t wait
to get my house repossessed by a banker
who still wears a onesie. Though, I get why these kids are
being sent to learn about money. Someone’s got to pay
for their parents to play Drunken Cornhole. Look, it’s clear
what’s happening here. These camps trick kids
into doing work, while the old folks
have fun in the sun. It’s wrong! It’s despicable! -And I want in.
-(laughter) -(blows whistle)
-Hey, kids! Why waste your summer groping
each other in the woods, when you can learn a trade? Here at Camp Wor-ker-Bee, you’ll
learn all sorts of skills, like mowing my lawn, doing my taxes, getting things that I point at. And, as an elderly person, my clothes are old and frayed. So you’ll also be doing
some light sewing. About 200 shirts an hour. J.Crew needs these tomorrow! Don’t spend the summer
just sitting on your ass. Spend it wiping my ass! (cheering, applause) (laughs):
Trevor. Lewis Black, everyone!
We’ll be right back. (cheering, applause)

100 Replies to “Back in Black – Summer Camp for Grownups | The Daily Show”

  1. "It would be like trying to seduce Roy Moore when you're forty-seven. YOU'RE FORTY YEARS TOO LATE!!! OH WHAT, DID YOU VOTE FOR HIM?!?!?!" 😂😂😂

  2. My favorite Back in Black segment was the Dr. Pepper one!

    “There is one Doctor in this Country who is not making you healthier!”

  3. I’m so intrigued by this show, when I was young I thought it was so funny, but now I honestly cannot understand how people find it funny. Like if nothing else is in my sub feed, watching this is better than nothing, but overall this show feels more like propaganda for the left rather than genuine satire for the left.

  4. actually there's "summer camps" for guys who want to drive like james bond, play lead guitar for a rock band, or fly supersonic jets. as expensive as they sound.

  5. Kinda starting to sound like a second roaring 20s of self-absorbed adults who won’t grow up. Starting to understand the precursors to creating the subsequent ‘greatest generation’ – necessity.

  6. i know lewis black just preached the absurdity of adult summer camp but i just booked the labor day weekend because this sounds fun af.

  7. Hang on. We're teaching kids how to balance budgets? 😳 Well good! Maybe next, we can teach them to stop leaving the task in the hands of people who keep screwing it up!

  8. Not gonna lie, adult summer seems pretty cool. None of the people in the clips seemed like "40 yr olds", more like college-age adults.

  9. Who else had the Ad of someone playing PUBG for 27 minutes ?


  10. There is already summer camp for adults its called camp cancun there are activites like: binge drinking, having the best sex you'll never remeber, dancing like an idiot on the beach, waking up with a massive hangover and finally reslizing your luggage is stolen so you have hitchhike back across the border

  11. You know what's funny, there is a weird logic to putting your work early in life and then playing later. It's a dream to make it early and then enjoy your adulthood. And you can have a play at it for a little while. The kid financial camp is a bit weird…yet at the same time, at 32, I wish I had known lots of adult things earlier on. Just a better exposure. Adult life would've been easier, sooner. Ah well, such is life.

  12. The sad thing is that kids are lot less likely to cause another economic crisis, with or without these new "camps."

  13. Honestly, I like the idea of both of these camps. I wish I learned how to file taxes, crunch numbers, and start my own financial projects when I was a kid. And I also think it's important for "older" people to realize you should still enjoy and live life instead of chasing the next paycheck all the time. I don't really see what's wrong with either. It's also not like we forget the things we used to love doing as kids. People just act like we're not supposed to enjoy them anymore

  14. "Kids go to Space Camp because . . . they're Nerds who Suck at all Real sports so their parents have this one semi-face-saving place to send them" . . . .

  15. That may sound cool to some folks, but the things you use to do when you were young, you can't do (or shouldn't do) when you get older.

  16. Summer camp for adults? Seriously how big of a loser without a life do you gotta be to wanna do that? Adults suffering from the MJ syndrome? 🗣I’m a child in an adult body… move the hell over kiddies it’s time4 mom& dad to do all the stuff we couldn’t do as a kid. Kmsl just kidding sounds fun

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