100 Replies to “Baking Bad with Jessie and Claud: Mince Pies ~DRAMATIC~ // Vlogmas 2019 Day 7”

  1. When she stirred the filling in the pot, my mind immediately went "that's what good pussy sounds like"

    vine has never truly left, it's still with us

  2. Jessica 😱when the lights whent out I was 🤣😂🤣😂 pric less. And Claudia when she has to bake 😒❤❤❤❤❤ love this videos you girls make my day

  3. It's funny- I use that exact eyeliner, and its totally waterproof for me- I can cry my eyes out or walk in the rain and it'll stay on

  4. mince pies did originally have meat or mince in the filling rather than fruit & spices & were often made in an oval shape to represent the manger baby jesus slept in. Later fruit and spices were added along with keeping the meat/mince & during Stuart & Georgian times it was a status symbol, if you had mince pies it meant you had enough money to employ the best pastry chefs & the pies would usually be made into shapes such as stars, hearts, flowers & even jigsaws. Since then the majority of fruit mince pies & recipes have evolved to be made without meat/mince & lard in the pastry but someone people still make fruit mince pies with meat/mince in them. My grandmother always made them with cow mince which is probably why I’ve never ever liked them and still hate them to this day.

  5. Share something you love with someone else
    I share my heart with you both for being supportive and making this channel, I have suggested your channel to some of my friends who have the same afflictions that you deal with, and I hope that counts for sharing! 💖🥰🌈 I think you're both awesome and i LOVE your videos, and your channel is something I love to share!
    I love you reading of the ingredient list and Claudia is chewing when you say a bit less than so many grams) of that ingredient LOL! 😅
    7:25 WALTER!!! hehe! You're still a good puppy 💖
    8:15 question, here in the U.S. we call them sweaters, is there a reason you call them "jumpers" in the U.K.?
    11:50 I LOVE that you put the decorative crust on top! They look so beautiful!
    13:55 SUCCESS!!!!
    Ok… This is a Finnish recipe, have you ever tried making POTICA?


  6. I have just found out I’m probably an IBS sufferer and I heard low fodmap helps both that illness and chronic pain so I’m thinking of switching to it in the new year. So I’m invested in your cooking even more now! Add in Claudia and I know I’m in for a fabulous video xx

  7. Jessica ! me too I also have a strong startle reflex ! at least once a day I jump from someone shouting or slamming their calculator . its such a relatable nightmare!

  8. Quick tip: dip the cutter/mug in flour each time you use it and it won't stick! 😀 Also, please, it's not 'the proof is in the pie', it's 'The proof of the pie is in the eating!' Love your videos! Xxxx

  9. I love this video, so much happened in it, I was just expecting a relaxing and festive baking video instead I got, what happened with the sofa and the tv?

  10. Mincemeat originally contained meat as well as suet, a lot of historic meat recipes were actually very sweet with the sweetness coming from dried fruit.

  11. I also am very easily startled but it doesn’t usually lead to sustained screaming. 😂 I only make that noise when I’m confronted unexpectedly by a GIGANTIC spider.

  12. my dad did a mince pie baking contest with his work and he made turkey mince pies with cranberry sauce in them and he brought them home and they tasted amazing

  13. All your videos feel so cozy…
    I rarely comment but I look forward to your vlogmas series every year.
    Thank you so much for being there and for what you give us ❤️🎄
    I send love to tou and your happy little family ^^

  14. Excellent video, but one comment I want to make is – Does anyone else find the video really over saturated? The lighting seems to be absolutely blinding, and too intense for the video.

  15. I buy the pastry and the mincemeat and still claim I made the mince pies, might give making the mincemeat a go.. your right life is too short to be making pastry. Love the jumper now I will go hunting on the Fat Face website

  16. I didn’t know these didn’t have meat in them (I’m american). I’ll have to make some this holiday season and give them a try 🙂

  17. When you have POTS and that startle reflex and adrenaline rush kick in from the littlest things. 😂 I know your struggle, Jessica!

  18. I like when claudia stays and helps her threw the whole thing, cuz then she isn't exhausted at the end of the video. Plus the more she is in it the more cuteness there is!!

  19. Baking is very different from cooking. I cook a lot but baking is daunting for me. I can usually fix things when I mess up in cooking but I've forgotten things in baking before… And you can't fix cookies you forgot to add sugar to…

  20. Mince meat used to be made with meat as well as raisins and currants. See the Townsend channel or ‘how to cook that’

  21. Oh I jumped out of my skin when you screamed Jessica. I shrieked too. 😂 And then the “40ml of water,” as cool as a cucumber, for some odd reason made me giggle.

  22. Enjoying the daily Vlogmas videos 👍🏻
    I’ve given up on mince pies 🥧 – dried fruit Fructans, sugar, gluten they’re entirely made of what I can’t tolerate. Is this definitely low fodmap? I’m sensitive to the fructans part of fodmap (I’m in agony if go over ok amount). On the Monash app dried cranberries, coconut sugar and one of the other ingredients all have some fructans. I’m thinking combined they probably add up to a high fodmap food, though possibly not in the quantity of one mince pie?!

    Also my OH has the Christmas jumper you were wearing with a belt. I hadn’t thought of commandeering it and adding a belt!

  23. It was probably most likely a bad Fuse that probably Blew out !!! And made the electricity burn out like that that caused jessica to jump straight out of her underwear !!!

  24. For the first time ever, I actually made a mincemeat dessert this year (based off a Mary Berry recipe) and it was a huge hit! Definitely making it again next year.

  25. I absolutly adore that Claudia is still baking with you even though she hates it. Those type of videos are my favorite for some reason. They are just so funny. Love this so much

  26. I see jars of mincemeat at the grocery store all the time, but those have beef suet in them. 🙁

    Also, next time, you should make plum pudding. Oooh, or figgy pudding!

  27. I really need your help , my son was diagnosed with Eds but when we went to a top hospital the specialist told me out right that he thought it was all in my sons head. He thinks he is doing it for attention. I have five children being the reason. I disagree totally . One this child has been given just as much love and support as my other children. He complains of pain when we are doing fun exciting things he loves doing and has to miss out because of how much discomfort he feels. Now I don’t know what to do for him. If the doctors don’t believe him where do I go from there? He is only 7.
    My Instagram is @bon2488 would really appreciate any advice

  28. I'm 100% with Claud re. baking, but what I don't enjoy is the amount of washing up it creates, and also how messy the cooking process can be

  29. Jessica and Claud,
    I really enjoyed watching the baking bad with Jessie and Claud series Christmas edition.
    I had trouble watching while giggling. But I just kept watching and giggling. I liked how Claud slid out of finishing the assembly of the pies. 'This is my idea of Hell'. The testing them for breakfast was rather cute. Thank for putting a smile on my face.🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪😎

  30. American here. Mince pie was always that thing my grandmother would make and only she would eat it. But we had it every year while she was alive.

    They sell the filling in jars here and I think it is made mainly out of raisins. I hate raisins. Oranges and cranberries sound good to me. Might have to try.

  31. They look lovely but a mince pie they are not. There missing the main ingredients of mince meat and that lots of dried fruit. I guess that too sugary.

  32. I thought minced pies had meat because of Sweeney Todd lmao. I’m Hispanic living in the US, literally never heard of these but might give them (or a similar recipe) a try.

  33. Haha, thanks Claudia, I have ZERO clue what mince pie is and I can't wait for y'all tp start so I can find out hahah. Xoxo

  34. I LIVE IN THE SOUTHERN US AND I'VE NEVER MET ANYONE ELSE THAT CLOVED ORANGES DURING THE HOLIDAYS! Me and my mom use to love doing that every year, I miss doing it.

  35. ive lived in England all my life im british and never tried a mince pie because they didnt look or sound appetizing…. nobody ever told me they were made of fruit :(((( i thought it was actually meat and savoury and was disinterested because that's not my style……now i know

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