Bernard Black – accountant new filing system (Black Books)

[buzzer] So, show me your new filing system,
Bernard. This is March… …to, er… Oobely-boo. This is… Misc… And-and-and the rest are,
er… Other. Other what? Other backdated weeks, is it? No. Other… times. So it goes This Week,
Very Recent, and… All Other Times. Help me out here, Bernard,
what does All Other Times cover? I don’t know, Nick! I’m not… Wonder Woman. This new system is closely modelled
on the old system, isn’t it? I’d go further than that. I’d say it was more-or-less exactly the same. Except… No, it’s the same. I just sort of lied
on the phone, Nick. I lied. Well… – (Did you hear that?) – What? What? Oh, nothing. You’re lucky I’m so… accommodating. Other accountants might be a bit funny… (Phone) Hello? Yes, Jane. Oh, right. OK, yeah, mm-hm. (Whirring) – I’ve just got to pop off. – What, now? Yeah, see you soon, all right? Bye He’s always one step ahead. The cat has left the basket.
The cat has left the basket.

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