100 Replies to “Bernie Leads Yang, Buttigieg And Warren Among College Students”

  1. If someone told me that men were lining up on their knees asking for another man to squirt whip cream into their mouth, I would most definitely assume that it was White People. But if the can of whip cream was shaped like a penis, then I would assume it happened in Japan… unless the event was still guy-on-guy instead of guy-on-girl, in which case it's White People again.

  2. It’s a tradition in New Hampshire to give shots of whip cream like that when you open an office. Seriously… I don’t make the rules, but Yang is just following the tradition. He seriously has the best ideas for policies. I wish people would start talking about them. Yang 2020!!!

  3. If you think that Canadians are all just laughing at Trump, you're wrong! Look at your other candidates! Whoever wins your 2020 presidential election, we'll probably still be laughing. Brits and Canucks hold elections in a matter of weeks, without a Goon Show!

  4. Jesus, Bernie hits the top with college students, and they still find a way to undermine it and other than 15 seconds, spend the rest of the time talking about other candidates.

  5. Btw, Yang just did a fantastic interview with David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign guy! Youtube it or look for it in your podcasts app under The Axe Files.

  6. Bernie is the only candidate I trust. He's the only one who hasn't wavered on any of the issues that he stands for! Bernie 2020!

  7. I think that Mayor Pete, Prime Minister Trudeau, and President Macron would make a fabulous three some on the world stage!

  8. Yang just showed up on the scene compared to Bernie, Warren and Biden. It takes time to gain notoriety and capital, which the aforementioned 3 started with plenty of both. Yang started with peanuts and basically no name recognition. Yang is starting to get more well known (no thanks to the media) and he is making serious $$$$$$ in donations. Having the lead now means nothing. The "front runners" have been going up and down like a yoyo and switching positions like playing musical chairs. There is no front runner, with so many front runners.

  9. Why is it that when Sanders supporters are asked about voting for Warren in the general if she gets the nomination, a big chunk of them say they won't? Their policies are so close if not exactly the same in many instances.
    The US (or a significant percentage of it anyway) doesn't seem to value women as much as they do men.

  10. question: if Trump gets impeached and kicked out of office, is he then a regular person again without secret service security and all the benefits of other former presidents? If so, will he not be imprisoned right away due to his criminal activities in the past. those that were proven already: Fraud, sexual harassment etc???

  11. Figures… Every time anyone in the mainstream acknowledges Bernie's lead in any area, they turn it in to an advertisement for anyone else but Bernie.

    The absurdly rich network owners might not want him to win, but the people do!! We're putting him in the White House in 2020!

  12. Bernie Sanders 2020!!! Only reason why it would be nice for trump not to be impeached, so he could be destroyed by Bernie in a debate.

  13. I love Colbert but watching his show is starting to feel like an eternal OK Boomer moment. Why is he always acting like young people are idiots, and why is he so clearly supporting Biden? He has never been with Bernie and that makes it pretty hard to stomach his comedy lately.

  14. Bernie is surging in the polling and is now leading New Hampshire and California. He's on course to win the nomination – that's if the DNC doesn't screw him over.⭕🔥 🔥

  15. The assumption that the youth would vote for the youngest candidate is the result of years of Identity politics. The youth don't want a young capitalist, they want socialism.

  16. That's all we need a Yang another screwball to lead the United States. Vote for Bernie his voice is louder than Trump's for the right reasons and reasoning

  17. Bernie’s election will ignite a wave of progressive ideals across the world. He gives me hope for the future and i sincerly hope our American friends reject division

  18. What percentage of 'college' students can vote?
    What percentage of 'college' students do vote?
    These are the numbers, Mr Colbert.

  19. If you want to actually fight corruption in government, Bernie is the only one that will fight to get money out of politics and make our elections fair. He's been fighting for equal rights and workers rights for decades and hasn't been corrupted by Washington. Bernie 2020!

  20. the importance of Yang is he is getting people talking about AI in a political context. But ANYONE will be fine by me except Trump.

  21. Why would you need a poll to tell you the obvious about who Bernie is popular with? Remember free college?! Maybe he should offer seniors free Medicare that covers 100% with zero premiums. They vote, and that big tax cut Trump gave himself and other rich people last year would probably pay for a lot more than just that.

  22. I feel like Bernies achievement was totally brushed over on this, Bernie is leading put some time and respect to that don't brush it aside and talk about Pete and Yang 😡

  23. Having a sick, poorly educated, chronically indebted, burned-out citizenry that can't afford a kid, much less kids, is not good for the nation. This is in response to all the "Don't get sick/go to college/buy a house or ESPECIALLY have a kid if you can't afford it" crowd who apparently expects at least half of Americans to live like monks and nuns for life, only with roommates so they can afford the rent.

  24. Stephen needs to call out the two Democrats voting against the impeachment, basically the Constitution because their constituents are mostly MAGA people. They are just as bad as the rePUKElicans who are ignoring the Constitution over their own political career $$$


  25. Send him "back to the golf course?" Seriously, has he left it??? It would be nice if we could stop paying so much for the planes, limos, secret service agent golf carts, etcetera, etcetera… This presidents extra curriculars are bleeding us dry!

  26. We have to be careful that the next president we vote in is normal and not going around squirting creme into men's mouths or anyone's mouths. That is not appropriate behavior. Let's not go down the trump road again be it d or r!

  27. Sorry, Yang looks like an immature middle school kid. We already have a "president" with no political experience making a fool of himself on the world stage.
    We need to dig ourselves out of this hole, not go in deeper. Hard pass on this idiot.

  28. Have you felt it? Bernie leads with college students -> college students aren't serious
    Bernie now leads in California so would Colbert say: Califorrnians aren't serious?

  29. LOL Who cares if the whipped cream thing is supposedly a NH "tradition" – Jaysus, did his team not even remotely think, hey maybe we should reconsider if we want a photo op of Yang that people are going to totally end up photoshopping into him holding his cock and filling young college guys' mouths full "cream" going around the internet during his presidential campaign? Come ON! This is what PR bloody people are PAID to AVOID. facepalm

  30. I think it would been fantastic if Zach Graumann had just tapped Yang on the shoulder cuz he thought he was next. 🙂

  31. Wow, Trump is at 17.3% and has only lost votes from previously by 0.1% which is I think the lowest decrease. I am really surprised and confused why he is still a substantial contender even in the wake of the impeachment. Makes me worry for America that he might actually win another term.

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