Bewafa Episode 1 | 16th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

what happened ? what are you looking ? I am seeing that it has been 6 years passed when we got married , after marraiage you rescinded phone twice or thrice and you are honest with the phone by the way I was thinking that you have to celebrate an anniversary with phone also also with phone ? yes why not ? at least you realized that I am honest with you also, and you were also on phone today now you are sitting at front of me , and you have mobile on your hand and you are using it , so I will also use it you may also say something I am not using it now, lets talk now I have to tell you that what you may talk with me ? can you not say anything by yourself ? yes I can, you are looking so beautiful you did say it at home also you know , its our 6th year anniversary I know , that’s why I am here to celebrate or what I may say ? I know , you can not express your feelings after so many years of our marriage ,I can understand your unsaid words I do try but I think you say right , I can’t express it to you again and again excuse me sir your cake please please shall we cut it together ? yes its for you thank you its so beautiful , thank you you welcome lets cut the cake yes ready hmm Samina yes asalam alekum sister walekum asalam, put it in fridge , tell me is Hashir slept ? yes sister , I made him sleep and did you press the clothes of Ahaan yes sister I did that,, also pressed the dress of Hashir baba very good, if you want to go , then you may go, come early in the morning okay bye madam brought it for me and my kids and why are you telling this to me just for nothing Kinza went upstairs ? yes she is upstairs , in the room of Hashir baba do you know what is the most beautiful part of a married life ? its a child well it mean all importance is belonged to child, I am nothing my child is due to you means your are saying that, I might have no value if Hashir would not my son you always catch me in conversation , you know what I mean I know what you mean happy anniversary oh my God you , I thought you are sleeping , naughty you said that you are feeling sleepy that’s why you are not going with us I wanted to give you surprise which surprise ? wow wow !! this is beautiful its is amazing my love , thank you so much no one can give us a surprise more than it, thank you so much thank you my son are you happy papa ? hmm only papa? not mama ? please some for me we have to do from on it absolutely , now you should sleep because you have to go school tomorrow lets get you into bed good night good night my love , see you tomorrow bag’s zip is not closing , please close it he will not let me watch movie , it will close try it its not closing you can not close even a zip, do it , it will close baba’s T.V was not working , I was trying to do it I do not give you money for TV , go and serve the break fast Zarina
baba’s T.V was not working , I was trying to do it I do not give you money for TV , go and serve the break fast Zarina mama Zarina aunt is so bad , she watch TV whole day, please fire her come here , I tell you something, Zarina is working with us since a long time, we can not fire her all of sudden mama she watches TV , eats my food , I do not want her okay I am doing one thing , I will give her a last warning , after that if she will not change then I will dismiss her okay bring you bag mama bag could not be closed oho come why it is not closing see , its stuck ma’am Ahaan , why did you say it yesterday at dinner that you can not express your feeling when at yesterday ? when we were talking , you said that I understand you by myself, you don’t have to say anything to me may be you don’t want to say, do you get irritate by my questions , but I do not come on Kinza ,, I use not remember that what I did eat before half an hour in breakfast, how could I remember what I did say last night ? you also said me that children are the most beautiful part of a married life I feel that whenever I do a question , you become irritate , is it like that, do I eat your brain ? if you ask odd question to me, then what I may say about that ? if you did not like my words then why you did not ask me at night ? what do you mean, you think that I collect words whole day to fight with you ? okay If any of my words hurt you , then I am sorry what is this Ahaan, you do sorry for everything no I know that , sometime I say some words which you do not like, next time I will take care are you saying it to get rid from me ? no I mean it good , because you must remember either its been 6 years or 100 , everything which you have…. whichever I have its due to your luck, , children are in the fortune of husband and wealth is in the fortune of wife , and if I may do wrong with you, everything will be gone I am so proud of you, do not forget you will not let me forget it tell me , what should I do? you should drink tea you do strange , I came to you after dropping my kids at school I am 100 % sure that Faisal has an affair neither he wears the clothes which I gave him, nor he likes the food which I cook , and you are saying I shall drink tea? may be he is your brother so that’s why you are not taking my words seriously its not like that , you are my friend first , after that you are my sister in law tell me one thing , we both got married at almost same time, right ? you spent a lot of time with brother Faisal and I spent with Ahaan tell me , which thing other than brother Faisal to whom you see daily ? nothing exactly see, some relations are those whom we don’t have to pick, they are associated from our birth but the relation of husband and wife is a relation which we choose by ourselves and then fulfill it may be brother Faisal is behaving like this because it has been a long time, but it does not mean that he has some affair I am not feeling good Kinza , believe me he droll up a lot , uses so much perfume , changes style of his beard in every six months he does not bear his same face so how can he could bear my same face for a long time and you are saying I may sit calmly not at all what do you mean ? you were saying that everything is normal , now you are saying ” not at all” see its all are normal may I tell you one thing , Ahaan is also like this he uses phone all the time, he has nothing toi talk, he became so careless but not for a second I feel that he will cheat me but yes I make him realize that I am his responsibility and I manage this home what will happen with this? see , husband and wife are like eyes and lashes , lashes are the savior of eyes if eyes think think that I am everything , then suddenly one broken hair of lashes remind that , you are seen by some one if brother Faisal are eyes then you are lashes , let him realized it , everything will be fine now have the tea, its cooling down there is no trust of a man, you think it , he does not bear his same face , how he can bear me for a long time last weak we had a meeting with a potential Clint , they asked a presentation on Tuesday I want a team, I want the presentation today at 3 pm, Faiza you will lead the presentation, Faiz you will follow up that you know what to do , one second excuse me , hello!! what are you doing ? nothing I am in office , tell me what is the matter ? why? I only can call for some stuff , may I not call just for talk with you no, is it something important , I am in meeting listen , I did choose a shirt for you , why you did not wear that? I don’t know , I forgot , if it is something then tell me , I am with people why are you getting pissed ? I am doing meeting , its Monday , a busy day , Having colleagues with me and you are talking about shirts ? I used to do question since ever , but now you do not like that well, tell me , what is the matter ? leave that , listen , come early in the evening , we have to take Hashir to the mall yes I remembered okay I am cutting the call bye okay , you all understand ? today 3 o’clock your coffee you made coffee for me ? yes , I went canteen , peon said you asked for a strong coffee , I did understand that something is wrong. what happened ? nothing , its usual arguments of husband and wife strange , how can anybody do fight with a husband like you ? husband like me ? yes you are so calm, use to think with a cool mind , who will fight with you ? after marriage there is no need of reason, we have to do fight by the way , there is one reason which one? you are miser , , hmm? am I miser ? yes you are how? I got promotion and you did not give a treat , when you are picking us for a lubch ? yes, lets go today today ? yes right now , yes its lunch time yes I am bringing my bag I am just doing an email, then we will leave okay okay and also tell to Faheem , he is also asking for treat since a long time , he will be happy yes bye bye mama , may I ask one thing ? yes ask why do you and papa fight a lot ? when we do fight ? all the time oh that’s not fight , that’s arguments but why arguments ? because me and your papa are very different from each other , and our opinions are so different so sometimes we have arguments, but after then sometimes I do agree with him , sometime he does understand ? no its okay when you will be grown up , you will understand everything mama, papa what ? no son , he must be someone else , this time papa is always in office it was papa , with an anuty what? okay will will talk at home no, its not a fight, its just normal then why are you so much worried ? I am not worried , its normal routine sorry I think , I should not had ask it , I just do care of you I know you are my colleague and friend too since two years , you may ask before marriage I and Kinza used to meet daily and talk on phone, everything was happened according to my point of view , we were completely known to each other , sometime nothing was left for talking on phone we started to say ” tell more , tell more ” and when conversation comes to the point of ” tell more ” it means nothing is left to talk no, I am not agreed with this when two people have same nature , they can start a talk from an other talk who become bore like this ? you are saying it because you are single, a talk starts from another talk when someone spends an hour or two hour with other but when two people , since 6 years spend 24 hours with each other , then conversation finishes and only pinches remain there “why are you using mobile, why are you not talking , why you did not wear blue shirt, bla bla bla…..” every wife is not like that and every time to stop the matter you have to say sorry either you are right , so it may not become a hype otherwise the matter of blue and black shirt will remain left, ad its happens in every marital life now FAheem will come , ask him also , its normal may I ask one thing if you will not mind ? if a marriage is not going smoothly then why a person may not end this, because what are you telling me , it seems its a prison wrong , whichever I am telling you, its only my point of view, if you may ask with Kinza she will tell you my weaknesses
if a marriage is not going smoothly then why a person may not end this, because what are you telling me , it seems its a prison wrong , whichever I am telling you, its only my point of view, if you may ask with Kinza she will tell you my weaknesses that I am so careless and I do not have emotions reality is that , I have so much bad habits which she accepts , she is remain with me since start , when I was nothing so I also accept her points what happened ? nothing where have you been ? an old friend met food is here since a long time we ordered more we can not trust on a man , you must think that , he does not bear his same face , how he will bear me he uses to change his beard , it was french before six months he comes till this time, where he has been hashir come here fast yes did you see papa? yes and there was a girl with papa? now may I play yes go Hashir can not do a mistake in recognizing his papa who was that girl, with whom he was driving happily if I may ask bluntly , he may create some buffer but how I may leave this , no , I don’t want to go with van , I have some important work, go , bye Shireen you did not go home yet waiting for van you are waiting for van, did it not come yet ? no , he called me, he is a little bit late , its okay I will drop you no , you will be bothered, I will do wait its nothing, your home is in my way of home, I will drop you, might be your family getting worried
no , you will be bothered, I will do wait its nothing, your home is in my way of home, I will drop you, might be your family getting worried okay why the van driver is not came might be his van is not working look Zeesha nyour sister came in the car of boss asalam alekum walekum asalam, whats going on ? by the way get a job also for us , in which boss may give the pick n drop service Ahaan dropped you , how do you know it ? because the people who come via van, they are not that much fresh Shireen, what is this ? how many time I said that don’t come with him you did say so many times , but how many times I did listen ? are you listening her , I will not let you go to office whats going on here ? listen her her parents are still alive , when you will start earning then you may rule mom the outsiders about her, they say she comes with her boss, its disrespecting for me wait, when you ask your pocket money from me , then nobody makes fun you will not come with this man after today , understand I will always come with him, whenever my van may get any problem are you seeing her, are you watching her way of talking she is saying absolutely right, you did not get beard , acting like brother whats going on ?
she is saying absolutely right, you did not get beard , acting like brother whats going on ? its done mom do it fast, its so late its going to be done mom it will not do asalam alekum walekum asalam ,you came late today yes it was so much traffic, ask for tea have you taken lunch yes well where did you eat ? outside with colleagues okay who was with you ? what happened , I said office’s people yes but who were from office, tell me
what happened , I said office’s people yes but who were from office, tell me its too much, Faheem was there, me , and shireen , and so many other people Shireen? who is Shireen ? she works in office , you had meet her he is telling everything , if there would be something he might hide that, why I am thinking this do you want to ask more ? no, I am asking for tea thank you do you like Ahaan so much ? he is married you had to think it before what difference it makes , I like him I always think that I did mistake by liking a married man I always stop myself, and do promise to myself that now I have to keep a distance but I always talk with him without reason, sometime coffee , some time about van , I do not know what I want you love Ahaan and his wife ? see, when someone love anyone then , he does not bother the problems either you stop your thinking and stay remain in this home like me forever and zeeshan will create problems for you, or you may go out from here I want to do so much for myself, I want to go out from here I want so much Sharmeen sister but beside everything I want Ahaan’s love does he love his wife ? I don’t know, I don’t think so I think he is caught by her, and fulfilling his relation because she was with him at his bad time so his fulfilling her favors she is so much dominating woman when so many years have passed to marriage then wives look like a mother , more than a wife if you keep a bird in a cage , and you may give him all facilities but still he is a prisoner man is also like this, he does not want to live like a prisoner, he wants to be free you can help him in his freedom today Shireen came with Ahaan , and zeeshan did create a panic as usual hmm he was saying that neighbors do criticize yes I did talk with Zeeshan then what did you think ? what I may think ? you the elder one of this home, you are the father of Shireen I became fed up of this daily hectic then talk with Sheerin I thought you might stop him why I talk with him what do you mean, have you seen your elder daughter , she has passed her age of wedding and from your clerical job we hardly manage bread and butter, and if she is doing something better for her, why I may stop her ? do you think that ? yes, absolutely but who is he, do you know about his family ? its just my guess , and nothing about family he has a good job at Shireen’s office , have a big house if Sheerin is doing some betterment for her why I may object Sheerin manages half expenses of this home , if she may go after marriage then….. yes but we can not hold her for whole life, if she will go to a rich family then she may help us hmm do talk with him I will talk with him, but you make your duffer son to be understand , he uses to fly kite whole day or interferes in the matters of sisters well I will something else no , I had to talk only this make him understand Sharmeen what are you doing ? washing utensils make one cup of tea its on stove , I give you then what is to be rude in it rude?when a girl would stay at parents house for a long time, all of her pride might flow with the dust in water its useless to talk with you I am also not fond of to talk with you listen I am listening the boy Ahaan he is … yes he is married mom he has 4 years son , he was happy in his home I thought she……… yes you thought right , she likes him , and you will see , she will must marry with him are you in your senses ? do you know what are you saying ? yes mom I know what I am saying , your dowry of stitching machine and due the famous miserliness of father , as I am here , she may also remain stay here let her do, whatever she is doing , tea is ready get it into cup by yourself

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