Bewafa Episode 11 | 18th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

now the tea water has started to boil…
what shall I do now? now add milk to it where must be the milk? in my head (taunt)
it must be in the fridge, where else alright, why are you being so rude
I’ve just asked for some help is this the manner to ask some one the recipe to prepare tea & eggs from a deep sleep you know that I take medicines to sleep if you have learn how to prepare the bread, instead of just eating it… then you must have not ruined my life like this alright mother … enough
you have been taunting me for so long now, tell me… what shall I do with the egg? forgive the eggs… just forgive them now how this will be done? with a spoon or a knife? what is the need of doing all this? does hospital provides breakfast & tea… or not? I don’t know why you are into becoming such an innocent queen mother, I’m asking for the last time…will you help me or not? Oh my …. just forgive me my mother…. just forgive me (sarcastic) I’m preparing breakfast & sending it to you with Zeeshan to whom are you talking to, early in the morning? oho … it’s Shireen’s phone she bothers us, without any reason Uff … *Greetings* what are you doing here, at this time? I was just coming to you why? actually, I have already performed prayers as it’s time was getting over
also we need to go to the hospital since you didn’t come outside of your room, so I thought to wake you up you don’t seem to be so religious no I don’t seem to be
nor I pray to show off for prayers, I get up myself… you don’t need to worry about that Zarina will come a little late today, let me prepare breakfast Listen … breakfast is ready! you have performed the prayers, also the breakfast is prepared
since when you are awake? I didn’t sleep you didn’t sleep… why? I know that, no one has accepted me in this house till now but I have accepted this house, whole heartedly and I was worried for Kinza, for the whole night Ok alright then give these things to me and you stay here… how’s Kinza? she is fine, thankfully alright then, I was being so worried yes… I’m thankful that all is well now how is Hashir? he is also fine what happened? Umm …. Shireen, I want you to stay at home for some days Kinza, needs to stay here for 2 to 4 more days so I want you to stay at home I hope you don’t mind I just came to inquire about Kinza’s health yes you know, in the last few days… I have become distant to my family and Kinza doesn’t want, that you come here so, it will be better… if you stay at home that’s it? such a small matter, we could have talked on the phone too
it’s not a big deal good .. good girl
I knew, you’ll understand are you fine? if you have any problem, you’ll call me take care of yourself also of Kinza once Shireen gets settled in that house then all our problems will get solve, by the God’s will what happened daughter, Hmm? what has happened? why are you so angry? I can’t do job, I can’t go out of my room
I am not allowed to do anything to say yes, yes… and alright ..I have become sick and that Kinza, she has just got one shot and Ahaan has become so near to her, that now, I feel I never exist Oh, so have they kicked you out of the house? I had told you, not to get married to an already married man but no, you loved to become a mother… so just tolerate it now mother, nothing as such has happened
no one has kicked me out of the house then? he has come very close to his family his family doesn’t have any place for me
so he has asked me to go to my house, he has asked me to go out of the hospital alright, shall I come along with you?
you must be alone in the house No … I want to stay here, I want to be in peace for 2 to 3 days… have become fed up there I told you, not to take care of them a lot but no, you had to take care of Ahaan, his mother… and his son if you’ll live like a servant, they will treat you like a maid then to whom you need to keep tight, they are keeping you tight don’t you worry it’s just a matter of time my time comes or not… but I will make my time to come you will make your time come, madam… for sure there is no use of doing all this…. just understand this you just make tea & eggs.. and they will also be thrown on your face huh… she will make the time come (Sarcastic) till now, you are just giving all of yourself look at her… she will bring the time (Sarcastic) huh… even if you’ll get him
but still you will not get that value let’s suppose, if you win the whole game… and comes first but still you’ll get the reward of coming on the second number means, value will always remain of a second wife a girl needs to become, a part of a man’s hell now, get lost
after then she gets the paradise do remember what I said this house is your office you need to work in this office for 24 hours it will be better, if you take start from the kitchen I won’t go to any small flat… I’ll go to his house straight away I will rule in my house a cat smells a rat… so in reality the rat shall be present there they are not there…. how you’ll survive? your plate is empty and Kinza has kicked on that empty plate of yours his wife will never forget, what I’ll do with her I’ll not spare her I will take revenge of each & every slap what are you doing here? what are you here for? what do you mean by that? it doesn’t relate to me… but it does with you this luxury… this room
you want all this, right? but you are unable to get this right now, I want that you don’t speak to me in this manner hold on to your tongue, Zarina I’m sorry… madam what will be the benefit, by holding my tongue? just hold the tongue of that one, who wants to hold your tongue enough now I am getting to understand about you, you are just here for the turmoil, nothing else… right? the turmoil has spread already by calling you here, madam Kinza just wanted to start the turmoil I feel sorry you are hovering in the whole house… all alone I don’t know why you have kept your swords for auction a maid like me, also laughs on you enough … just get lost from here… before I fie you from your job can you fire me? alright, let me go outside myself but, I have got to know one thing very well that neither you can throw me out of this house, nor from this room huh…
thank you, Ahaan you have let me down so much, that now a low-class maid also insults me let me see so what have you decided? I don’t know… I’m unable to understand Kinza is already in so much pain, and when she sees Shireen… her pain gets more stronger I cannot give her more pain what are the doctors saying?
till when Kinza can go home? maybe, by tomorrow but, you have kept Shireen at home and… she will feel so much pain, due to her presence there is no need to aware me of the dangers, of Shireen being at home I know this very well, that I am badly caught I tried to warn you again & again, before getting caught
but you always ignored me and this time, if you didn’t take any step… then you will be at loss Kinza has called Shireen,so that she stays in pain and I shall see that pain, so that I may feel guilty and I’m feeling guilty… because of me, she is in so much pain and I don’t want to give her pains anymore if you don’t want to give her pain.. then do something what shall I do? take Kinza home…
and throw Shireen, out of the house? you need to decide this… to whom you need to keep at home… and to whom you won’t but, this is high time…you need to decide the quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy dog Hashir, what are you doing here? grandmother… I’m doing the work he was sitting outside, doing his homework
so I thought I shall bring him in, and help him in the homework Hashir is a kid, keep him away from all this I’m also trying to say this to you, mother… that Hashir is a kid keep him away from all this why did you lie to me? that Kinza met an accident you knew that she was shot I tell a lie to you deliberately it was midnight, and Ahaan had informed me that she is out of danger and I never wanted to upset you, and you get disturbed.. that’s why I lied to you don’t involve into any misunderstanding… you have already trapped Ahaan but we won’t be fooled by you this is Kinza’s house she is my daughter-in-law… and Ahaan’s wife and this house will remain of her’s… remember this I don’t want to do any comparison with Kinza Ahaan has got married to me in sympathy, due tot he circumstances after those circumstances, my death was just the only thing to happen and now I’m observing, that instead of getting everyone angry it was better if I had died I know, this is Kinza’s house and I absolutely don’t want to do any comparison with her Aunty… what is a fox? Lomri (Fox meaning in Urdu) alright… *greetings* mother *greetings*.. daughter thanks God, that you have returned to your home alive & well my house? yes daughter….
your own house alright, go… and rest in your room
let me send something for your Zareena…
lt’s go Zareena … don’t spoil my habits I got habitual of your ignorance, with very difficulty I don’t want you to get habitual of any such sort I never wanted to be habitual you have made me done this….
the habit of doubting you the habit of your irresponsibility I’m not in the mood to change my habits again & again previously, I made your habit and again,I’ll make your habit it won’t be easy, this time you will feel the intensity of every small matter I will take care of minor things as well I can’t even tie my hair myself I’m making you eat the food
I will also tie your hair it’s good and your wife? what do you want? can you fulfill, what I want? yes, if it’s in my control I will alright then I will make that time come soon, when it will be in your control to accept what I will say to you then you will agree with me? for sure whatever you’ll say… I will do promise? promise…. what is the matter, son? why are so worried? Kinza has come to home now I’m not worried I’m regretting now I’m also a little ashamed I want to decide, but I don’t know from where to start? why you are not able to decide? because it’s against me I’m responsible for everyone I want to make everything alright, but I don’t understand, how shall I? son… till when you will feel responsible for everything? and will find punishment for yourself? you have not committed any sin yes … you have made a mistake may be, a very big mistake but it’s done now… just move on just handle yourself & people associated to you else, everything will be dispersed like this handle people? both the people? yes … both of them I was thinking, that you’ll ask me to get separation from Shireen leave her but, you are doing her favor why shall I take the sin of breaking someone’s house on my head? but yes, if you had asked me for a suggestion before marriage then I would have said NO to you, for sure but now the marriage has happen… she has also come to the house no, I will only suggest you to keep equality among both It seems, Shireen’s magic has worked on you too no one’s magic has worked on me I’m just asking to do justice previously, you use to say about throwing her out of the house
and use to demand for divorcing her you were more harsh than Kinza maybe,it’s not anymore… han I had made a very big mistake previously and was about to make another mistake now I won’t do you are sitting here… why? I can’t sit here? I went to your room, but you weren’t there.. that’s why I’m asking I got bored sitting in my room, so I came here how come you came to me? Kinza has slept? yes, Kinza has slept to stay awake with you, I need to wait so that Kinza gets asleep I know … I’m unable to give you the time, that you require Ahaan, I don’t want anything from you not even your time then what do you want? Love … I want to see love for myself in your eyes and that sight of love can be just for some moment only Ahaan, I don’t need anything else but for the past few days
I can’t see love for myself in your eyes have I done something? have I done any mistake? no Shireen, you have not done anything just like every time, I’m wrong… and like everything, you overlook my mistakes I’m so wrong….
and you! you don’t let me realize my mistakes please don’t get worried because of me especially, when Kinza needs you the most Ahaan, I don’t want that Kinza get any sort of pain because of me mother, was praising you a lot praising me? hmm … what magic you’ve done? I don’t have any magic to do but I’m getting attracted to you slowly and I’m sure, that slowly all the house will be under your magic by the madam, this is so wrong
I prepare all the breakfast, and it comes under your name some things have been stolen from the house and I know, from where I can find that stuff from madam, I was just saying it like that next time, don’t say it like that else that day will be your last day in this house, and first day in the jail
do you understand? yes … prepare the breakfast quickly… and go home today is your off hundred witched had died, then she would have born huh… mother, shall I bring anything else for you? since Zareena is there, then why do you need to work in the kitchen? Hashir & Ahaan doesn’t like the food prepared by her
and … she was about to leave..
so… Kinza’s hand will be healed soon, then she will take care of her responsibility by the God’s will… she will be alright soon Umm … what is it? Kinza’s breakfast! go and give her me? else me? No, I will give it to her
but … won’t she be upset? that you’ll get to know after going there *door knocks* come in … the door is opened you have come again Umm… I brought your breakfast why? has Zareena died? there was an emergency at her house, her son came to pick her so, you came here I haven’t come here on my own will I was making breakfast for all, so mother said to bring your breakfast to your room alright, keep it… and go from here Umm… I guess you will be having difficulty in eating… shall I help you? can you see my hair, they are tied yes … you can see my room, it is also cleaned yes … I’ve done all this with Ahaan’s help and if I had to starve and wait for Ahaan till evening in order to get his help.. I will, instead of taking help from you I just said, because I feel about your pain else, your choice really? (sarcastic) then you must be feeling about my biggest pain as well yes, I do I know, I’m your biggest trouble and this realization, makes me ashamed daily do your breakfast, if you want anything else… give me a call till when, everyone will be angry with each other? the girl is very nice in nature she is working like a made here, doing everyone’s work if I try a bit, both of them will accept each other *door knocks* come in oh, child…. why did you come? I was about to come to your room sit … daughter, how is your condition now? much better now aren’t you feeling pain in walking? no mother, I don;t have any pain… it’s just one what’s that? did you ask Shireen, to bring breakfast to my room? yes… I did asked her mother, you know this very well, that I don’t want to keep any such sort of relationship with her I never sent her to make any relation I just sent her to give you the breakfast why? did she said anything? she says a lot in her favor, as if she is asked to come here for completing her punishment she has not stopped pretending to be oppressed but maybe she has forgotten, that she is asking to give my right, as her right I must say, daughter
give her a chance she is not that bad I never meant to say… I wanted to say sometimes Zareena is at home, and sometimes not she is doing all house chores mother, I never expected this from you *door knocks* come in you have come again Umm… I brought tea I told you in morning with respect not to come here again, but you are so stubborn.. you are here again what has happened Kinza? how are you talking? you don’t need to do so much favor of her yes, but what she has done? I just brought the tea what are you looking at my face… get out of my room don’t you have manners? is this the way to talk with someone? what has she done?
looking at your arm, she brought tea if you are feeling so sorry, then go… go out and have tea with her what happened? are you crying? no mother you went to Kinza, along with the tea has she said anything? no … I went in the morning with breakfast… then… because of that she said anything in the morning too? she can say…
it’s her right she is elder than me from all aspects also she is angry … and you can also say anything… because it’s your right it’s ok Ahaan go outside for a while I want to talk to Kinza about something mother, sit you didn’t drink tea no … just because, Shireen made it yes… just because, Shireen has made it and Shireen is making everyone fool in this house, along with the tea but I am not ready to become fool at all I understand, whatever she is doing ok, that’s good that you have understood, that what she wants to do but I’m unable to understand, what you want to do what do you mean? what I want? look Kinza you have brought Shireen in this house yourself I opposed to it at that time and still I will say to you let he go from here if not, then give her the right to stay alive in this house what is this,you are insulting her at every second… she is crying in one corner or some other what has happened why all of you are having sympathy for her, all of a sudden she is not that oppressed, that she seems to be she is not… but you are making her she has got married to Ahaan second wife though, but still she is his wife and to change it, there is just one solution only that we both know only Ahaan, won’t ever agree to it child I am trying to convince you as a mother that you don’t take anyone’s curse leave her … you are giving suggestion as a mother but your tone has become step motherly I’m sorry I didn’t come upstairs, because you you must be unable to look into my eyes your gaze shall always be higher how can one person, tolerate everything and keeps smiling a person can cross the river of fire even, if one has partner like you, Ahaan this is such a small thing Shireen, I’ll talk to Kinza No…
she has to change her attitude no please I really don’t want this…you will not do any such thing I won’t stop, how much you ask me this is just not on you have stopped for my sake Ahaan you won’t say anything to Kinza… no more mess I’m fine let me bring tea for you because I’m sure, you must have not drink till now

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