Bhaskaran Pillai Technologies | Comedy | Karikku

So you haven’t worked
anywhere else before? Yes, sir.
It’s my first job. First company! Experience… No experience!
– No, sir… It’s okay. Didn’t you interview
her properly? Yes sir, of course!
I did! I did! Interview was fine. Then it’s fine. What’s your qualification? B.A.?
– B.C.A. B.C.A… Well, why didn’t you work
anywhere else? I had tried. But couldn’t
find anything good. Couldn’t find anything good!
– Right! But now you’re in
correct place. Right? Right? Say it.
– Right place! Bhaskaran Pillai Technologies.
What’s on your hand? It’s a tattoo, sir. Oh is it? I thought you didn’t
wash your hands after lunch. What’s this?
I don’t understand! What’s your problem now? Do you understand this code?
These symbols! What to do with this? Is that it? We gotta run it.
Let me show it to you! Take this, and click ‘Run’. Oh, no! Where’s it?
– Well… Just click ‘Back’. Nothing happens when I click ‘Back’..
– Ruined it! Now you may start
from the scratch properly! You junkhead! I somehow procured it
from ‘Mango’ yesterday! Hey, this is the problem with you! Don’t depend on him always. We can do this ourselves
by looking up online. Is it?
– Yeah! Can you please show it
then, sir? I don’t know how to! What did we have to search? Or, let ‘Mango’ do it,
if that makes you happy! He hasn’t come yet! What if he takes a day off!
We gotta submit this today evening! If ‘Frog’ Thankappan asks,
what will you show him? Good morning! [Indistinct conversation] Who’s that chick
inside Thankappan’s cabin? Isn’t that the HR lady?
– Not her! Another chick! Damn! When did she enter? She’s the new joinee! We didn’t notice all this while! How’s she?
– Nice! Shall we meld with her? Oh no! Thankappan! Can’t see her face! She’ll come out soon.
We’ll meet her then! Why are you guys standing here? A chick inside Thankappan’s cabin! Look gently. Where did you go,
with this camera bag? A new short film is set.
I went to see the location. A fresh subject it’d be! Another level! 1, 2, 3.. You’ll get
three Youtube views for sure. I won’t watch it! 1, 2, 3..
You may watch it once again! Huh? So, accept the offer letter
prosperously! Receive it with both the hands!
Only then… Thank you, sir! So, welcome to
Bhaskaran Pillai Technologies! Sir, regarding the salary… You may spend it however you want!
It’s 5,000 Rupees, right? Spend it as you wish!
You don’t have to ask us! No sir, any additions… No, we can’t provide additions like
food or accommodation, as I said.. Didn’t you explain?
We don’t provide that! Ameya, just wait outside!
I’ll come now. She’ll come now! Hey, be gentle! Or else, that ‘Frog’ will come out. Who’s that dork? Don’t know! He called me ‘sir’!
I didn’t mind correcting him. Excuse me! Can you please come? I’ve got all my certificates! Huh? Who are you? Who called you here?
– Glikesh Kurup? Yes!
– Please come inside! Have you acted in any short films? No.. If you wanna act,
I got a fantastic subject. Stop it! Bug off! He doesn’t know the manners!
The moment someone arrives… New joinee?
– Yes. What’s your name?
– Ameya. Ameya. Nice name. Got it? And… [Indistinct chatter] A gold medal during pre-school.. I’ll be back soon! Sir? – Sit there!
Handle him. Where did you study? Oh no! ‘Frog’! Uhm.. What’s going on?
– Well… He said a new employee
has joined… So we planned to mingle along.. No sir, we thought of welcoming her!
– Oh, welcome? – Yes. It’s a nice gesture, you see? Not doing any work, and welcoming
whomever coming or going! Nice! They welcome only girls, you see? That guy over there won’t have it. What are you waiting for?
Get her number! I’ll get it. – Huh?
– I’ll get it during lunch. Don’t make me a wench, Vivek! I had asked you both
to do something. Before afternoon..
– No, by evening! Once you’re done with ths chat,
submit that as well, okay? Okay, sir!
– Huh? Okay, sir! Will get it done by evening. Will get it done!
– Okay! Let’s go? I was about to cast that girl.
He came and messed up everything. What was the name of your
last short film? Life of ‘Pie’; A psychological thriller.
Right? Life of ‘Pie’! Nice! I’ve got an awesome name for your next.
Lidless steamboat! Bug off, you! Listen to me,
it’s nothing of that sort! This is an experimental subject. A guy on his bike,
rides solo to the Himalayas! Then?
– Huh? That’s it. Fresh, fresh!
– Fresh, fresh! I’m planning you as the hero! Me?
– Oh my goodness! Riding on bullet,
with flags hanging around? Yes, flags in different colours. Get a flag for me as well.
Wanna hang it on my bike. Let people think that
I too have seen Himalayas! We’ll get it done.
– Well, the idea is good.. But, there’s a small twist.
– Twist? He doesn’t even know cycling!
He on a bike to Himalayas? Awesome! You don’t know bike riding?
– That’s fine. I’ll learn on the way. Or we can hire a carrier vehicle,
set the bike on it and shoot! You planning a project
with such guys, right? Will this even work out? I know to ride bikes! Okay? Turn around! Let me see! No! You won’t fit in the frame! I’m taking the keys! See, ‘Mango’ is coming. Come on. Let’s finish our coding. Hey ‘Mango’, we gotta
submit that code by evening! So we should get it before noon, okay? What? We’ve asked him to do something.
Do it only after ours, okay? That’s enough, okay? Yours can be submitted
next week, right? Didn’t you hear him?
Gotta submit this today! Got it? Today! So we should get it before noon, okay? You got any trouble?
– No! Your face looks worried! Do it, you! You got a lot of certificates! A lot, sir! Sub-district arts festival,
first prize in ‘Ottan Thullal’? What’s this?
– Not just that.. Group dance, Chakyar Koothu,
Kuchippudi.. I was first n all these! Is it? Those are needed in
arts schools, not here! Did you interview him properly?
– Yes, sir! You didn’t mention anything about
the salary, sir… Didn’t you discuss about the salary?
– No, haven’t discussed yet. No.. 5000 Rupees per month, okay?
– 5000? I’m an M.Tech. rank holder! Are you an M.Tech. rank holder?
– Yes, sir! Oh, no… Okay! An additional 250 Rupees
on my personal interest, okay? 250 Rupees? Yes, no more bargaining!
Give me your hand! Welcome to Bhaskaran Pillai Technologies!
Okay? Oh Glikesh!
Is that your birthday today? Yes madam, today is my birthday! Early morning going to temple… Wow! He got a job on his birthday,
and a salary hike as well! Aren’t you happy? We know you’re happy.
Look at the way he smiles! Hey guys! These are two new joinees. This is Mr. Glikesh Kurup,
and this is Ameya. Ameya, that’s your seat. Go. So guys, today is a special day.
It is Glikesh Kurup’s birthday. Everybody wish him happy birthday! About the cake.. Oh yes! Glikesh,
you gotta cut the cake, okay? First time in my life,
someone is getting me a cake! No, not that way.
You gotta buy the cake for us. Where’s it done that way?
– Here! Whatever you earn, they arrange
facilities to spend it here itself! Birthday, Easter, Onam, Vishu…
– Govind! For this onam,
we’ll get a holiday, right? No! We follow American calendar!
We don’t have Onam! Why so? I’ll take a day off! Then I’ll have to cut your salary! Anyway, you’re paying me
3 notes of 2000 each! Cut whatever you want,
let the company be benefitted! Anyway, we live off by
borrowing from others! Glikesh, go and get the cake! Everybody get back to work! Okay? What are you waiting for?
Go and get the cake! Let this be here! You drank and emptied it? No, I filled it by drinking! You ought to fill this too, sometimes! [Random song about marriage] Hi..
– Hi! Couldn’t get a proper
introduction in the morning! Govind. Ameya.
– Hi! Is this smile enough? ‘Frog’! Click a picture. No?
Let me do it. No, sir… Do your work. Let me click a picture
of you working! It’d be a rare one! It was just for fun.. Don’t you dare ever bring this here!
– Sure, sir! Do your work!
Cameraman! Sabith..
– Yes, sir! What’s the progress?
– Doing it, sir. Will submit by evening. Where’s your ID card?
– I’ve got it, sir! Where’s it?
– In my pocket, sir! Oh, the ID card is to
keep in the pocket, right? Sabith has introduced a
new rule in the company. Everybody remove the ID cards
and keep them in pockets! Let me too remove it.
– No sir, I’ll wear it! Do it then. Whatever! What’s your progress? I was doing it, I got a doubt.
Can you please help? Me?
– Please have a look, sir! Huh? – Please have a look!
– What’s your doubt? Let’s see what he does.
He doesn’t know a thing! What do you do here? I’m the lead developer here! Yes, I was even
the employee of the month last time! And its me, to whom
the other guys ask doubts. If you need any coding related help,
you may ask me! Whatever it be, you may ask!
No need to be hesitant. Actually, my husband is
a senior software developer. Whatever coding related doubts,
I ask my husband. Husband?
– Yes.. Then ask him only, for help. All right. See you then!
– Aren’t you getting water? Water? This will be here, right?
I’ll get it later! If they have to hire,
couldn’t they hire unmarried people? Hey, you’re right.
She’s spliced! Should I split her and splice her again? Split her and splice her again, I asked! No, I just went to get water.. I know you went to get watered! What are you guys doing here?
What’s it that you don’t have here? Salary! It’s difficult
to survive on this salary, sir! Yes, I’ll give you salary hikes for
clicking pictures and not working properly! Look at the way he works! See? What?
– Nothing, sir! If you don’t finish your work by evening,
I’ll cut your salary this month! Let’s go to ‘Mango’! Listening to music? Grasp something!
We may have to explain if he asks! What’s the point of grasping this?
What’s your plan? Get ‘Mango’ to do your coding
for your whole life? I’m leaving this and
going for a safer job! A safe job?
– Yes, government job! Hurry up! You’ll get at least 3! How will you prepare yourself,
sitting here? That’s why I’m looking at this. What?
– A learning app from Unacademy! I’ve registered for Kerala PSC in this! Kerala’s best teachers come
and teach us online, here! They conduct frequent tests. If you attend that, you’ll get an idea of
how much you learnt. Looks good.
– It is! Install it! Now the subscription is free!
Look there! Ugh! What’s the name of that app? Unacademy. Stop looking at me!
Keep working! Naveen, there’s a presentation
in this pendrive. Please set it up for me. This laptop hangs a bit.
Please fix it as well. What presentation? Our M.D. is coming from U.S. Who? Bhaskaran Pillai?
– Yes! Our C.E.O. has got a presentation meeting
with him. So, get it done fast! You realize what it is?
– Of course! That ‘Frog’ is trying to swindle us
and get his salary hike! We have to ruin his plan. Right… But how? There’s a way.
Hey, Vivek! You have few videos of ‘Frog’, right?
– Which videos? The ones you copied, when he
gave his laptop for repair. Yeah, I got them.
– Where? In my hard disk.
– Get it, we need them! You come along! Connect it and open it.
– What are you up to? There are some videos of ‘Frog’,
in this hard disk. Videos? Not such videos!
These are purely stupid ones! Right? Unbearable!
– Is that a short film? Yes, he would suit you.
Keep an eye on him! What are you gonna do with that? Hasn’t Elizabeth given a pendrive? With his presentation in it? We’ll pull it out!
– Then? And replace it with these shitty videos! Seeing this, ‘Pakkaran’ Pillai
will kick him out! Should we do it?
Would it get us into trouble? Even if we lose our jobs, our pay is
only 6000. But he’ll lose his job, too! His job will be gone for sure.
Watch the videos first. Guys, come to the conference room.
Our M.D. has come. And Naveen, please bring
the pendrive and laptop, okay? Are we required? Yes, everyone is required.
Come fast! Oh, no! Will it create a scene, if we go?
– What scene? Do you have any problem
watching it live? No, I’d be happy to!
– Then come! Hey, isn’t everything set? You know how I’m!
I’ll kick your… Isn’t it the matter of just 1 million dollars,
Jacob? Can’t you send it yourself? Is he the owner, indeed? If ‘Frog’ can be the C.E.O.,
this ‘Feline’ can be the owner as well! I’m a bit busy. My tone will change
if you call me again! All right. Sir… All our team members are here. Hi guys! How are you? It’s been a while since
I thought of coming here. What to do? I got busy! And, Mr. Thankappan is here! That’s my sole relief! Mr. Thankappan has told me
about your salary issues and all. So, for that reason, I’m here with a happy news! Shall I tell them?
– Please go ahead! Our company is getting tied up
with another multi-national company! So, all your salaries, minimum, will be hiked to 50,000,
the company approves! But… If you want me to do so, Mr. Thankappan will be presenting me
with our last year’s performance. So, only once I see it, I’ll take the final decision
about your salaries. Okay? Mr. Thankappan, please present it! Thank you, sir! We’ll lose 50,000. The presentation
shouldn’t be played! Gotta do something! Leave the 50,000.
Our jobs will be gone now! I warned you back then,
not to do it! Shall we all fall unconscious?
– Keep mum! I’m sure, that you’ll be impressed
after the presentation! Our company’s performance is that good. Elizabeth! Please play the presentation! Sir! We’ll first see the company’s performance
in June and July months. Please play it! [Random performance] Huh? What’s this?
– The laptop stopped responding! [Another random performance] Where’s the switch? To hell with this! Do something! Close it! Why doesn’t this get turned off? [Yet another random performance] Sir, this isn’t the performance I meant. Move aside! Let me see your
June-July performance! [One more..] Awesome! You brought me here from America,
to show this mockery? Excuse me, sir! Who are you?
– Glikesh Kurup. What’s this?
– Birthday Cake! I’m gonna play a trick.
Do it with me. Whose birthday?
– Well… Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Thankappan sir! Happy birthday dear Thankappan sir! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Thankappan sir! Happy birthday to you! But, that’s mine! I’ll give you! Such a gorger! What’s happening here? Today is Thankappan sir’s birthday! Since you’re coming from America, and
we’re all like a family, a small surprise… Ssome nostalgic videos,
a cake, and we all gathered… And you’re a great person,
so this gathering is special for us! Is it your birthday, Thankappan? Yes, it is! He is dumbstruck
with the surprise! Right, sir? It’s because he’s delighted! Many many happy returns of the day! Sir! Please have a piece of cake! Thank you! I didn’t know that
your team loves you this much! Very good, Thankappan! I too didn’t know! Isn’t this done yet? Hey, get that video to the 2nd place.
The other one, first. Right. That old hag from U.S. will be
here in the evening. He’ll play this in front of him! That ‘Frog’ will be
embarrassed to hell! I wanna see it! Would anyone name an IT company
‘Bhaskaran Pillai? Isn’t it evident?
Such a miser! Isn’t this wrong, brother? Wrong? Stop talking and do your work! If you utter a word, I’ll punch you
on the nose! Keep working! Judging us! One, two, three, four… Four of them! Get out!

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