Bhool | Last Episode | 16th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

So…you had your way isn’t it Drop me at my brother’s house Aymen….what will you do going there What have you got there, in that house…. I don’t have any other house to go Mother….you shall go with father For what relationship Aunty…. Aunty your health may get affected in that house You’ll be in a stress always Mother… Come with us….
Yes Aymen See…I am also going No bhabi (wife of brother) I would like to go to my brother’s house That is the best for me No problem brother….God will take care See… Everything is finished God…forgive us Oh!….what curse of my enemies’ destroyed my house Mother you are still thinking that way We are in this state because of this thinking How hard I tried to tell you That control her, try to make her understand that she is doing wrong My Sidra is gone….now nothing is left with me Mother … would you listen to me Even now the time has not gone out of hand Go and ask forgiveness from aunty Sidra…like she was your daughter, was also my sister I also feel the same grief of her death Many times mother….you can’t see the truth clearly You have to make effort to understand it Please mother Has something happened? Where….
at bhabi’s (brother’s wife) place Is bhabi alright You are insisting to go there Why did Ayesha say that? Look Aymen!… Please don’t be stubborn I’ll live somewhere else…but You need a stress free environment Listen to me I want to die at the place where my…. My parents and my brother breathed their last I have just six months with me to live I asked the doctor Please ….don’t talk like that I want to thank you Awais
Now just shut up…shut up You….are not going there Do you want to see me happy…. I…only Between you and me, there is only the relationship of humanity And maybe…. A little bit of a forgotten love I just….want to die in that house where my parents breathed their last Aymen…. You will stay alive You also come please Oh!…what have you told me bhabi (brother’s wife) Was I alive only to hear this news It was just…as if the sky has split for us Aunty…you just take rest What rest my son Sidra has taken all of our peace….with her Aymen… Whatever has happened…..Just consider it the will of God Control yourself Sister Shabana….you also control yourself I can understand how painful the grief of a child is Aunty… No words are enough to lessen your grief but…. If you feel that me and Ayesha are responsible for this calamity, then Aunty that is not the case at all….rather We tried to make her understand at every moment Neither it is so, nor we are thinking like that No son… It’s my mistake I agreed to every right and wrong thing of hers If I had stopped her at that time then….. I wouldn’t have to see this day Sister… There is nothing in past…but pain, regret and helplessness It’s only better that… Make happy those people who are with us now Nobody knows about tomorrow You never know when this life ends Aunty you…just take rest And allow us to leave Ayesha if you want….you can stay with Aymen No bhabi (brother’s wife) Ayesha…you go to your house I want to spend some time with bhabi alone Okay then….you can come tomorrow Mother take care of yourself….take the medicine on time…haan Don’t take stress Ayesha don’t worry, she has come to her home You can come to meet aunty whenever you want Take care of her medicines Now perhaps….I’ll take even more care than you Just try that she doesn’t cry a lot Daughter….you may stay here You can come afterwards You have the night’s meal with us Ahh no….
If not for us, then for the sake of aunty See you Aymen… Aymen Just keep lying…keep lying How are you feeling now? My end is very near bhabi (brother’s wife) Aymen don’t say like that You should ask for God’s blessings. HE will bless you I don’t have the strength in me to lift more funerals Would you forgive me….won’t you? It’s me who should ask for your forgiveness Don’t know why I slandered you? No bhabi It was not your mistake My sins were huge It’s an old matter. It would be better that we forget all of this May it be late but….. at least you got your love Awais is a good man I got it But I am happy that Ayesha got her father Yes…it is He has fulfilled the obligation of being Ayesha’s father What happened Aymen, why are you crying? You have accepted Awais as Ayesh’as father for the first time These are just tears of joy Shall I bring something to eat..?
No bhabi (brother’ wife) I am good Take rest…hunh! We’ll have to take you to hospital tomorrow Ayesha why you are taking me frequently to hospital? My time has come Mother….what are you talking Can we just leave you like that Don’t you have faith in God? Aymen…you will have to get the treatment Prayers get answered after the effort Rahim…. Bury me besides my parents and brother Have good expectations from God, aunty Let me remember the grave, at least now I am going empty handed to God
Mother don’t frighten me Please don’t frighten me God has always been kind to you Ayesha God will be kind to you now also just stop mother, from these things Don’t stop her from anything now All the dont’s….all the doors should be opened for her Your father is getting the best treatment for her If the God wills she will be better You are a very good person I never spotted any ill intentions in your gaze You are a noble person Please pray God listens to pious people Ayesha…. She is the eldest of our family and…. my aunt Do you know that in my childhood….she used to feed me secretly How can I forget her favors and her love? You just don’t cry in front of her Cry alone….whenever you feel like crying But not in front of her Mother where are you….? I’m coming Mother it’s already flight check-in time It’s a limit….why are you making such a fuss Mother if this flight is missed then you will be in problem Do you see him daughter
Please hurry up Daughter you need not go there
No aunty I’ll go with you I’ll just go there and get down And I’ll go inside You haven’t slept since so many nights
No aunty I’ll go with you Believe me I don’t like going in these conditions But what shall I do No…you go with peace of mind I would have definitely met Aymen if she had been conscious But tell her that I’ll come to meet her as soon as comes back to consciousness Please forgive her…if you didn’t like any thing she said You are crazy…..she is my friend She is just like my sister Take good care of yourself
You too And this donkey too Good bye Do you know When I saw you…..for the first time in university I just passed by …initially After that I turned and…. I asked you Can I…ask your name Why! I feel that I’ll keep on meeting you Why is that? It seems that in your life the use of “Why” is too much Look….just tell me that what are you doing here right now? I’m sorry if you don’t like it Anyway they call me…. Awais…… Aymen My education has been put to use…. the first time today It was nice meeting you Do you know that Whenever I saw you…. I smiled That smile….was really lovely Then why did you make me cry? So that…. I can love you again like that Do you know that when I returned after twenty years I don’t know why I felt that That you’ll smile at me the same way after seeing me I had….forgotten my sins Aymen… Aymen… Aymen….Aymen Aymen…Aymen…(Gasps)….Aymen Shall I call doctor?…..Aymen Won’t you say…… Good bye to your mother I can’t say her Good bye…… She hasn’t left How can I say that? When I saw her, she was alive. She was alive
What happened to her (Sobs) Ayesha…. We understand your pain No…no…no, you can never understand my pain Why….you want to show me her dead body Sobs….my mother No… What a big punishment she received for a small mistake If it had been a punishment I wouldn’t have received blessing like you Daughter I have also faced this A person should never forget this And your mother…. Never forgot

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  2. Ya Allah meri Ami or Abu KO sehat or zindagi sy Nawaz.mery malik mera meka unk dam sy h. Tu unka saya mery sar pe.qaem rakh.or meri saas ki megfirat farma ameen

  3. Kitni mushkil sy muhabat milti hai naa qadar krni chahyai…am also in love even I get marry soon with him dua kry hum hamesha aik sath khush rhy …ameen xrur kijiyai plzzz pta hai kia pyar mai naaa ufff I can,t explain😭😭😭

  4. سدرا کی ماں کا کرکٹر والی ہزاروں عورتیں ہمارا معاشرہ خراب کر رہی ہیں ایسی عورت کو ہزار کوڑے مارنے چاہیئں اسکے گندے غلیظ زہن کی وجہ سے خاوند بھی مر گیا اور بیٹی بھی لعنت ھے ایسی زہن رکھنے والی عورتوں پر۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  5. I really laik this video Kyu maa or beti ka piyr wo chahy boht boht amazing raha boht achi kahni kuch sem hamri riyal ki laif mai bhi gujarata hai bacho ke liy mammy papa dono hi boht jaruri hote hai hm bache un ke bina bil kul akly hai meri gujaris hai or ese hi serial leke ai ap Ameen suma ameen mujhe apka episode sare boht boht behtarin lage

  6. مجھے تو یہ سمجھ نہیں آ رہی کے ڈرامے کے Stupid, Idiot ڈائریکٹر ایسی Music Sound ڈرامے میں ریکارڈ کیوں کرتے ہیں جو بعد میں ڈرامہ آن ائیر کے دوران Sound کو بند کر کے اور سکرین پر یہ لکھ دیں کہ ، Audio Removed due to copy right claim

  7. Phly eman ky baap ki death phir us ki maa ky phir us ky bhai ki phir ur ki bhatejii ki phir eman ki apni…. yeh qubool hai serial sy kaam to nii haai

  8. کافرھےوہ بدبخت جواس دل کو دل کہے جس دل میں نہ ہو الفت سلطان مد ینہ کے لیے

  9. Allah sabki Maa ko tandurust rakhe. Meri mom ki tbiyt thik nhi rehty. Maa I love u. Aapke bina me adhuri hun… Aap thik hojao jldi se pls. Please everyone pray for my mummy's health .

  10. :تجھ سے نہ ملنے کی قسم کھا کر بھی 💔
    میں نے ہر راہ میں تجھے ڈھونڈا بہت ہے❤️❤️

  11. Heart touching base of Real Life story. Such as any dialogue will be make automatically tears of eyes. 😢😢😢😭😭

  12. بہت ڈرامے دیکھے لیکن جتنا اس ڈرامے نے رلایا اتنا شاید کبھی زندگی میں نہ رویا ہوں

    جس نے بھی ڈرامہ لکھا بنایا
    اور جتنے ایکٹرز نے کمال سے ایکٹنگ کی ان سب کو سلام❣❣❣

  13. Affan U r simply owasom ap kuch bhi kr sakte ho js trah s apne awais ko define kiya no words us guilt k sath Amen ko chahne ki chatpatahat sb kuch real lg rh h man bahut bojhil ho gaya jb amen apki baahno m gir kr behosh hogai ek pal ko apke sath meri bhi saans ruk gai or jb ayesha apko apni shadi ki baat batane apki car m aati h lga sach me baap beti k rishta ishwar kisi or pyari mitti s banata h (I missing my paa maine unko bahut chote m hi kho diya ) y serial dekh kr lga vo eshi pyaar krne vale hinge or sharad sare hi paa eshi hote hn betiyon I liye last m UR best love you dear ❤❤❤❤❤from INDIA (lucknow)

  14. Bahut khoob. Bs insan muhabbat k leye paida hwa hai allah kare k hm sab insan 1 2sre se pyar muhabbat k sath zindagi guzare.

  15. I think it deserves a better end as further u ppl can show ayesha's baby daughter came as aimen came back in their life.any way it was a gd show.affan waheed as usual rock the performance.honestly I just saw dis serial bcz of him.

  16. I love this drama and missing…..last very sad😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Allah pk hr kisi ko maa ko sehat wale lambi zindagi ata kry ameeen sum Ameen 😢😢😢😢😢

  17. Asalam alaikum. Mubarak baad pesh karna chahta hu bhool drama ki poori family members ko. Bohot kam aisay dramay Maine apni zindagi mein dekhein hai. Story screenplay photography simply awesome. Ary digital fantastic job. Love you all. From Mumbai India.🇮🇳🇵🇰🇮🇳🇵🇰🙏🏾🙏🏾

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