Bill Burr: Paper Tiger | Official Trailer | Netflix

I’m a married man with a kid,
but I’ll tell you this right now. If I’ve learned anything in five
years of being married is we’re always working on me. I just think to myself, like, “What could
my wife complain about?” I fucking crush everything. I pick up after myself, I’d like to think I’m a good dad. I work my ass off,
I make a great fucking living. Crush all of that! All she has on me is who I am as a person. My daughter has yet to meet
the real me. She’s seen glimpses of me, like, “Whoa! Daddy almost snapped
his phone in half!” I feel like I can be brave
tonight and share this with you. Robot sex dolls, they’re gonna
to fuck us into extinction. Stephen Hawking, you never have
anything positive to say. The #MeToo movement.
White male privilege. Hipsters. I’m a male feminist. By the way, this is going
to be my last show ever by the time
this fucking thing comes up.

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  1. Anybody else finding it weird that Netflix is putting out these anti-PC specials? Especially after catering to Amy Schumer… Im thinking its a bit more than just the money 😂

  2. I hated Netflix because of the movie Bird Box that portrays white people as evil, but this restores my faith in them, i am willing to give them a chance. We need people like this to stand up to the P.C. Overlords. Never forget people like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin that stood up to the establishment.

  3. I've already watched it twice. I'll be watching again as I fall asleep tonight. Bill Burr is so right on spot… especially about "male feminists". Now when I see them on Twitter, and in their profile so proud lol, I know EXACTLY what he's talking about.. hahahahaha

  4. Unbelievable performance…on par with Dave Chappelle's "sticks and stones"….both of their best work yet and I hope they keep going and other comedians follow suit! Love this special!

  5. There needs to be a trifecta. Dave…bill…and louie. With their powers combined the slow and hilarious death of the overly sensitive super sissies know as sjw's can happen.

  6. Just finished watching, I laughed my ass off the whole time!

    Bill Burr is the best, I feel like he successfully executed what Chapelle had tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to cover in his last special.

    Super funny, well done, 100% on par with his old stuff. Loved it! Can’t wait to read all the lefty hit-pieces that’ll be coming out!

  7. Bill you crazy S.O.B. in simple words from 1 man 2 another YOUR THE MAN!
    Thank You for the many pains you caused to my ribs from Laughing so fucken hard.

  8. Paper Tiger is my new spirit animal. This shit literally pulled me out of depression. Great show right up there with Dave Chapelles new special if not better.

  9. If you’re gonna watch it fast forward through the first half. Once he starts talking about his marriage from there on out it’s pretty funny. Up until that part it’s the rage against me too and feminism you’ve seen in every other white male (and Chappelle) comedian specials for the last 3 or four years. It plays like a whiny Limbaugh speech and I don’t think I honestly laughed. I can’t wait til the time comes where comedians can stop with The whiny bullshit. “Oh you know who’s really got it bad, us rich white folks”.

  10. Just saw it and its facking amazing, I liked Chappele's special but this one blew right past it! That blow up doll special was seriously the best bit I heard in a long time, I just love that he said fack it I'm just going out there say what I have to say and fack the PC culture. If you don't like it, just go somewhere else. Bill Burr is my favorite comic, and with this special he just underlined that fact. Man this was good.

  11. This was garbage though, was hoping he'd have something new to say but its the same old anti-feminist stuff we've seen from specials these last 3-4 years

  12. He tried pretending white people had to choose between inventing the modern world or creating "good" music. I guess he forgot that European invented the most sophisticated music in history as seen in the works of Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Liszt. Modern music is complete garbage in comparison. He infuses his "edgy" comedy with leftist ideology.

  13. This was fucking gold. Thank you Netflix, just when I thought you’d succumbed to the NPC dogma you unleash this glorious bastard. Thank you.

  14. Netflix's comedy special's
    Dave: I'm going to tell an offensive joke
    Bill: hold my beer

    Dave and Bill need a show together both of them killed it.

  15. Got two specials of my Top Favorite..Hey Netflix,Get one from Luis CK too..Oh Come on,I know you don't care about Snowflakes.. Please Bring him back.

  16. I haven't watched comedy in years due to not so subtle communist propaganda coming out of Hollyweird. Keep this kind of comedy coming and I might just not cancel my netflix. But please, less of the obummers, we know you worship them, but they are not entertainers.

  17. Excellent finally to see high profile people like Burr and Chapelle come out and walk over the stupidity of grievance PC culture. Its time for the back lash to start, and be allowed to speak freely again, without being forced out of your job, or force to apologize. It is possible to treat people decently, without the puritanical tests of PC, metoo, cultural appropriation, radical feminism, obsession with race, triggering, safe spaces. I support everyones rights for equal opportunity. See what happened the last time this happened with Mao's cultural revolution.

  18. Where’s Louis C.K’s Netflix special!!??This one was poo, let it go was his best work. Bill is whipped…so is his comedy

  19. I just watched Paper Tiger yesterday. I don't know, compared to the first four Bill's specials the last two (including this one) are somewhat disappointing. After "Walk your way out" I thought alright, they have a child now so maybe he couldn't focus enough on work. I had high hopes for this one and it's turned out to be just as "meh" as the previous one, he basically mostly shouts. I enjoy the podcast way more than this.

  20. I like Burr but these "offensive" jokes seemed a little forced and he came off as whiny. Like, what money has he lost due to political correctness? He's getting millions for Netflix specials.

  21. We can't find enough of these people these days. People that are not afraid to stand up to this ridiculous brave new world pc, cancel culture. These stand ups are the new rock stars!! Go Bill!! Thank you!

  22. Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle are TITANS of comedy. I loved both specials. Amazing JOKES (yes people, they are just jokes RELAX)

  23. He did every one those bits and jokes on his podcast, I heard him tell everyone one those jokes on his podcast at one in time

  24. funny but so uneducated about the world. meaning not knowing anything outside the USA….If there is a next time, please learn something about the country you are performing in. (females in politics like Margaret Thatcher – like president in the USA) even thought we know that you are not interested in….

  25. I loved his special (coming from a woman) and I got the sneaking suspicion, that Chelsea Handler is the disgusting hag that patted his junk. That would totally be her thing to do.

  26. Just finished watching it the 2nd time , guess what .. another one of his great ones ! Bill Burr is a legend and a fresh air at this times !

  27. I gotta say, while liked Sticks and Stones, I preferred this one over it. I actually think this is one of BB's best specials for now.

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