Blackout (2014) – Swedish independent feature film (romantic comedy)

Ah! The enemy! General Staff? And Plutt? Mr Lindstrom… Gentlemen… These are my best friends. It’s Erik… Casanova… Excuse me sir,
do you have any change? No, I´m sorry. Poor you! Here, take some of mine
and buy yourself something really nice. And me, Mårten. I would like to check out a package.
“1337”. Yes, let me check. Yes. There you go. And you could say that I’m
followed by bad luck. And then we have Sanna. She works and a house keeper for my mom,
and she’s done that since dad died. -Hello!
-Hello honey! You’re so good dear. Hello. -Tomorrow is Mårtens 25th birthday.
-Mm. It feels like it was yesterday
we came home from the hospital. You were so small, and wrinkley,
and you screamed like a little pig! -And you were all red!
-Mm. I have to go now.
Thanks for the coffee! I have something for you! -Thanks, but why?
-Have you seen it? A classic. One of my favorites.
Top ten! Yes, well if there’s nothing else? No, you´ve already done enough. -Thanks for today then.
-See you tomorrow? -Bye!
-Bye! -Sanna is a nice girl don’t you think?
-Mm. You really need to get a better car! Hell yeah! It´s embarrassing, driving
around in this piece of crap! Imagine a Ford Mustang!
From the seventies. Mach 1. You want a real car right? C6 gearbox, Magnum 500 rims,
black leather seats and all that shit. I bet that I could get inside one of
those girls without even saying hello. Look, nerds! Nerds! Real funny! -For Gods sake! I work for his mother!
-What a fucking nerd! If I win, you have to ask
Sanna out on a date. She has a boyfriend
if you haven´t noticed. If I win, you date Sanna… If you win, no more new aquaintences! Deal. Erik, you’re the the witness. Gotcha. What the hell are you doing you pervert!? Baby, when things are looking hard
you´re looking at my pants. Three courses and XX for you then. Like that counts! A deal is a deal.
Me in her! Done! Ok then. “Oh no! I have to talk to Sanna!
I don´t want to!” See you later. Cake tomorrow then,
and don´t forget the three courses! Hey, why have you taken the car? -I need it for something important.
-What do you mean something important? Just an important thing. You´ll have it
back in like ten minutes. Take it easy! Then it has to be ten minutes. Bye. -I call it the Giggeling Muncher!
-The Giggeling Muncher? Cinamon. -Do you know how poor you´re making me?
-Cut the crap! I’ll see you in a few months. -Hi mom!
-Happy birthday! -Thank you!
-Has Sanna come over yet? -Sanna? I happen to know that she´s running late
so if you happen to know some nice, handsome- -young man who wants to treat her
to some cake then he has to hurry up. -Ok? Yeah? Maybe… Do as you please but if you want
to come by, you need to hurry up. Sure. Bye! -Hello!
-Hi! What are you doing here? We´re getting beer
and cigarettes for Micke. Ok? -Let´s go Em.
-We’ll see you later Sanna. Take care! Bye! Cinamon! What the fuck? Bye! Airheads. Mårten! Mårten!
Are you alive? -Wow what a bang!
-Mårten? -Shit!
-Do you know that guy? Fuck!
Hello? Micke: What? Is 5-O there?
Jessica, listen… I have a shitload of weed in
the trunk. Just do something! -I understand you called the police?
-Yeah, but… We saw it all! Sanna showed up
afterwards and called for help. So can you tell us what happened? Sure. We were at a photoshoot,
you can see some pictures if you like? Ok? Well we came from over there when a
guy, maybe 22 years old with Ray Bans- -and a Lacoste shirt.
-A white one! -Came driving really fast in an Audi.
-A black one! When he saw the guy cross the street
he started driving really fast- hit him and then sped away.
He really must have hated nerds! Is this correct? Yes. It´s correct. -Did anyone see the license plate?
-I did! There were letters and some numbers. Does anyone know this guy so
they can go with him to the hospital? Sanna knows him! Mårten! Not you too!
My dear boy! What if Sanna wasn´t there?
Then maybe you had also… -Are you Lisbeth?
-How is he? Here´s the thing. Mårten is well
under the circumstances- -but he has problems with his memory
so we need to observe him for a while. But he´s going to get better right? This kind of memory loss
usually gets better- -but it would be good if someone could
help him with everyday tasks for a while. Shop, pay the bills, etcetera,
so that he can adjust. That usually helps bringing
the memory back- -but don´t let him see too many people
at first. It can be a bit overwhelming. Can you do it? Or do you know
anyone else that might? Hey! They said that if you hadn´t called
so quickley it might have ended up ugly. Hey, come on.
It went well. Hey, come on now.
It went well! Let it go, ok? -Are you Sanna?
-Yes I am. -Are you my girlfriend?
-No, I´m a friend. Too bad. -What is that?
-What? Oh that! It´s a thing that shows up in the summer
when birds fly around and poop too much. You know what? I think we
need to go grocery shopping. -Hi!
-Hi! -Hey you! Stop right there!
-Mårten you have to pay. -Pay?
-Yes. Put the bananas on the counter. Sorry Tommy. Oh right, you were the one
who got run over right? -Was I?
-Yes. Yeah, right. Do you think we can do like
we do with the nursing home? If Mårten is here alone,
you put it on my tab and I’ll pay you later? -I´ll see to it Sanna.
-Great. Thank you. So, welcome home. Shit! It’s hot!
I’ll get some milk. There you go. Sorry. What are all these? These? These are films. It’s like watching fairy tales. What the hell? The milk has gone sour. Remember,
if something smells sour, pour it out! Sanna? What are you doing here? What have you heard?
Do I know you? No not really, but you can
GET to know me if you like? Fucking pervert! Nice work! Is it okay if we make some popcorn? Later, I think we ought to try a method
your doctor told me about. It’s work. Hi, this is Sanna. This week? Let me check! The coast is clear!
I repeat! The coast is clear! -I’ll steer!
-But it’s my helicopter?! -Yeah, and who’s idea was this?
-Mine! -Exactly.
-What?! That means it’s my turn to do something! -Not so close to the wall!
-Come on, I did that on purpose. -What? That’s not Mårten’s window.
-No it’s not! Let me see. Yes, that’s what they look like. Don’t mind that, it was worth it! -What’s going on?
-Beware of those! How much did you put in?
Look what a mess you made! Better? Any progress? What is the Matrix? The answer is out there Neo,
and it’s looking for you- -and it will find you,
if you want it to. By the way, would you like to go
to the movies and see Star Code? -No one else wants to go.
-Yeah sure. Close that, put your stuff in,
close the door and press start. -Got it?
-Yes I think so. Ok then we’ll change your
bed sheets and I’ll get going. Ok. Oh my! Mårten…
What do you have here? Sanna? Sanna? -God dammit!
-What? Nothing. I knew he was a nerd but I didn’t
know he was a pervert! Who the fuck does he think he is? With all that money he’s got,
he might as well pay the king to be his babysitter. What money?
I mean, what did he do? Nevermind. Yes? Mårten: Hi Sanna, it’s Mårten. Mårten, I’m in the bathroom. Mårten: Oh really? I’m in the hallway. Mårten: I think there is something wrong with
washer machine. It sounds really weird. Mårten: Can you come over? -Yeah take it down.
-Fuck the aim is all wrong! -Yes now! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
-Bitch! -Come on! Come on! Get it up there!
-I will! I can’t do it alone!
Come on! Come on! -Micke?
-Yeah? Mårten has broken his washer machine
and I don’t want to go there alone, can you… -Yes but of course baby!
-Yes! Of course! -We’re in!
-You don’t have to ask. What have you done? I pushed the right buttons
but it sounds really weird. This is my boyfriend Micke. Hello Mårten! -Hello!
-What a nice place you have! Yeah. Hey bitch!
My name is Latino! Alright homie.
Hey listen- -do you know why your mother’s
bed is filled with sand in the morning? No? It’s because she’s eating camel toe at night! Do you know my mother? -You’re a funny guy!
-Thanks. I’m starving, why don’t we go
somewhere to eat? Well I don’t have much money. What about you Mårten?
Aren’t you hungry? Yes, I think I am. That’s right! And then maybe you
can borrow us a few bucks as well? -Sure.
-Well lets go then! The film. What are you talking about?
Are you calling me a thief? -Come on!
-It’s not like he’s going to miss it! -Amnesia!
-Lars-Olov! Dammit Sanna,
someone can hear! Hey! It’s the best! Mårten, try it! Wait! 5-0! Micke: Hello, hello. What the fuck? Something is
seriously wrong with you man. So homie…
Which is your favourite film? The Matrix. But that’s
the only one I remember. The Matrix? That’s awesome!
“Take the white rabbit and follow the red pill”. Yes it’s great! And tonight we’re
going to the movies to see Star Code. For having lost his memory he
remembers all too well. -I have to go and buy some stuff.
-Ok, give me the beer. -What are you getting?
-Girl stuff. -Girl stuff?
-That means a whole lot of whining- -and not getting laid for a week.
-You cannot lay down for a whole week? We’ll go trough that later.
We’re going to TV City now, join us! -TV City?
-Yeah. -Ok.
-Come on! Hey! Check this out! Well that’s some kind of shopping? Why keep savings
and not spend the money? Listen baby, Latino and I will go home
to make sure these things function ok. What? You can’t leave me with him! Come on. Hello, my name is Mårten!
Hello! You need to be quiet. Mother: Here you go son.
Son: Thanks. No! Watch out for those! What the hell are you doing? Projectionist: What’s going on here? -Hello?
-Hi, can you pick us up? -Why?
-The movie was cancelled. Ok, when?
-As soon as you can. -Yes, just a moment.
-But don’t forget about it! -No.
-Because I don’t want it to be like last time. -No, I’m coming!
-Not inside me! Is someone there? No, Latino and the girls are here
playing video games. That’s it. Oh? Ok. Kisses. “I’m coming soon”. Do you like when I’m on the phone? You like that huh!?
You like when I’m on the phone!? Thanks. -What the fuck are you doing?
-It tastes horrible! But that’s not ok.
You hurt people’s feelings! -But it was…
-Yeah I know- -but sometimes it’s better to tell a
white lie than to hurt other people! -Don’t you get that?
-I’m sorry! But it’s not that easy when you
don’t remember anything. Can’t you stop? I feel like a total idiot all the time.
As well as handicapped. At least, tomorrow I will
get rid of this stupid thing. Then I will just have to cope
with this stupid thing. That god damn idiot that did this to me… Micke: Come on! Hey, come on! Now this feel good huh Mårten?
Getting a ride home? But you know, if you want to go for a real ride,
If you want to live the high life- then you don’t want to drive around
in a piece of shit like this one. -Then you want a Mustang!
-Mustang… Come on looser, drive!
Exactly! A Mustang is something else. It’s like getting a real nice blowjob
instead of jerking off like a fucking nerd! It’s incomparable Mårten. Hello Mårten! We thought
you should hang with us today! The phone was this small, so cute! Oh, it’s like babies!
The smallest one’s are the cutest! Oh, then you will love his penis!
It’s incredibly small! You’ve got to step up! Never hasitate!
Give them what they deserve! You need to learn this if
you’re ever going to get some. Hello, hello. Are you guys competing for the
Nerd of the Nation’s Award? Geek of the week! Well…
Those two really got what they deserved. “So, do you have any questions now
when you’ve had sex for the first time?”- -the father asked his son.
“Yes” the son replied. “For how long will my asshole hurt?” Man, it seems like we need to do
a check up with your humor? If you answer “No” to my next question,
you can have all my money. If you answer “Yes” you will give me
your leather jacket? Are you in? Yes! Definitely! So give me your leather jacket then… What? What the fuck? You were
suppose to ask me a question! Fine, you can have this piece of shit.
I was going to buy a new one anyhow. Alright homie, we’re going
to do some shopping. Ok?
-Without wallets! Without wallets? Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem
for a funny guy like you? Of course not. Awesome, bro! -Go out and have smoke.
-Why? Because I told you to! Maybe a BMW? Or maybe even an Audi? Or… Before the fat lady sang- -she was fucked in a Mustang! -Anything else?
-Your number sweetie. -17 crowns please.
-Keep the change, baby! No, no, no.
Now it’s your turn homie! Ok? Ok! -We hit the Jackpot!
-Cool! Are you kidding me man!?
You’re fucking kidding me!? But hey!
Do you have the ATM code? Shit, I forgot. It should be here somewhere. Customer: Thank you! Bye!
-Bye! -Hello Tommy.
-Hello Rebecka. Tommy: Are you going home now?
Rebecka: Yes. Tommy: Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then. -Hello… Mårten!
-Hello! -So you’re doing the weekly shopping?
-Yes! -So, anything else?
-Your number… Sweetie! -Maybe.
-Look! -Wow! You’re incredible!
-It wasn’t that difficult. Micke: Come on! Come on! No actually I’m free today. I’m going
to borrow a film from a friend. Yeah sure.
Absolutley! Bye! Dammit! Latino: Hey man, you’re pretty cool after all.
-Thanks! -Look, you’re going out with us later right?
-Go out? Yes sure, I can do that. But ya reelly need a chainge
if ya’re goin’ oot in tha cruwd. -What did he say?
-That you need to change clothes. -Oh? Yes, why not?
-Alright! To your place then! Lady: Like this?
Mårten: Yes exactly! Lady: Buy, ten, chair, see.
Mårten: One more time! Louder! Lady: Buy! See! Chair! Ten!
(“Baj-s i stjär- ten” in Swedish) What are you saying here lady?
“Bajs i stjärten”? (“Poo up the ass”?) You should be ashamed of yourself! Lady: Is this what I am supposed to do?
Mårten: You did great! Lady: Thank you.
Mårten: Thank you so much! Mårten: And that was all from
“A Laugh On The Town”! Mårten: We’ll be back next week
with more fun clips! Mårten’s going to change his clothes!
So he can go out and get some hoes! Mårten: What do you think of this shirt?
Latino: Maybe… No, it’s too hesitant. Mårten: What about this one?
Latino: You have a lot of womens clothes. Wow, look at my shirt! Latino: Alright!
Micke: So what should we have? Micke: Ten beers and ten tequilas.
And what are you having? Lets… Party! These drinks make you feel funny! Latino: Girl… -What is that?
-Try! -Wow! My head is spinning!
-Keep it! I have more. Pär Vers (Staffan): If one could travel back in time and
have sex with yourself, would that count as intercourse? Mårten: Today I froze and blushed just
becuase I was in the same room as Sanna. Mårten: This drawing of the doll… Congratulations! Yes may you live!
Yes may you live! Yes may you live! While you´re downtown you should
pick up a package, lets see… 1337! Staffan, you´re a dead man. -Is this a bad time?
-Very funny! Pär Vers (Staffan): Or as masturbation?
It’s nothing to laugh about Erik, come on! -Hello, this is Sanna.
Lisbeth: Hello Sanna! Lisbeth: I’m starting to get a bit
worried now when you never arrive… Sure, if you’re getting old
and you’re into young girls- Then you can drive a Porsche… But I like young girls? But that’s just a dick enhancer. It’s a totally different
matter with a Mustang. Who the fuck wants a Camaro?
At least not me! And not you either Mårten! And you know why?
Because it’s just a sad piece of shit! -Hello girl!
Sanna: Hello, where are you guys? -We’re at the club.
Sanna: Is Mårten there too? Yes, we’re all here.
You should come too! -Hey girl, I recognize you from school!
-Oh you do? That’s great. -You were pretty good in school huh?
-Like everyone else maybe. -Don’t be shy, I can tell that you’re smart.
-Thanks. The thing is, I have an exam soon,
and I wonder if you could help me a little? Or maybe “a little” wouldn’t be enough… -What is the exam about?
-Gynaecology! -Fucking asshole!
-Don’t be so difficult. Mårten: But I think I just want a girlfriend.
-But listen to me now who has not been brain damaged. If you have one of these babies you can
have any god damn girl you like! I can? Mustang equals rang, Mårten.
Don’t ever forget that. The bitches are difficult tonight. In fact, I have already found the
perfect car, for you that is. Check this out. This car has everything
I have been talking about. It has style, it has class,
it has speed, it has power. Everything you need,
is right there. Read and let it sink in. -Why don’t you answer my calls?!
-Latino! Beer? And you, what are you doing here with them?
Weren’t you supposed to go home hours ago? -I’m sorry but we’re having a real nice time.
-I’m sure you have. But we’re supposed to visit your mother
tomorrow and you’re sitting here drinking? I know but we’re really having a great time
and Micke is buying booze for all of us. -Micke is buying?
-Yes, isn’t he nice? Stay here! Who is paying for this? -Excuse me, has this idiot handed you a card?
-Yes. But it’s… We’re leaving now. Yeah, what the hell?
Take this card then. Hello… We were suppose
to be there at nine o’clock. Yeah right. Sorry. -Seat belt.
-Ok. What are you doing? Lisbeth: How is my boy?
-I’m so fucking great! -What have you been doing these days?
-We have… We have… We have… Tasty as hell! Lisbeth: Could you…
-This is one hell of a coffee! Damn! -What kind of a language is that?
-Am I not speaking Swedish anymore? Hello? Hi? Hello? Hello? Sanna: Go grocery shopping?
Sure, that’s no problem. Mom! Do you know why…
Do you know why… What the fuck was I about to say? Has he been drinking? What? No, of course not. Yes! Do you know why your bed is
filled with sand in the morning? So shall we go and get some groceries then?
I think we should go now before… -Are we going to buy my car now?
-No. -Car? But you don’t have a driver’s license?
-Who the fuck cares? Imagine all the bitches I will get! -Tons of bitches!
-Lets go. -What?
-Lets go! -Now?
-Weren’t you going to save the inheritance? He’s not really going to buy a car,
it’s just a game they’re playing. -No, no! No! Mustang equals higher rang!
-Yes… -Mustang equals rang!
-Mustang equals rang? Yeah sure! -Micke told me that. I’m going to get a Mustang!
-“Mustang equals rang” sure! -I’m going to buy a Mustang!
You know it’s like in the song? “Daddy I want a Mustang,
It equals rang, du-du-du-du-du” It’s going to be great! It’s just a game Dr Bergwall said
would help bring his memory back. -We’ll see you later! Bye!
-Bye! Sanna: Mårten for Gods sake!
Mårten: Ok ok… Nothing? You’ve got to have done something
because he’s acting really weird. I have never enjoyed chocolate this much! Have you given him weed!? Look at that cloud!
It looks exactly like my dick! -I really miss my past.
-I do too. -But you remember…
-Yes, but it will never come back. What if I am a real idiot in reality? Like some filthy weirdo
that never changes clothes. That is just sitting in his apartment
and watches tv all day long. No, you’re not an idiot.
Not a complete idiot anyway. -I’m not?
-No, you’re a good guy. I have so many feelings…
From before. Like what? I feel that I want a girlfriend. I feel it all the way in here. You will get kissed for
the first time again. In that cozy way… And those seconds before you get kissed… Oh my. When his fingers run trough your hair… And it tickles a little in your neck… And you look into his eyes… And then you close your eyes… Totally perfect. -Wow.
-Yes wow. Hello? Sanna…
Yes, right… Yes well, it was a long que.
Or… Yeah… Yes, but we’re coming soon.
Yes, bye. -We should get going.
-Yes. -Ops! Are you ok? Mårten: The bag!
Sanna: My sunglasses! My sunglasses! Mårten: I’ve got them.
Sanna: Perfect! Hello Lisbeth! Here are groceries
and things like that. So, goodye! I got a girlfriend that looks
like a fucking modell! Am I not the best?
Am I not the best in this fucking shithole? There are three things to think about,
the pedals, the stick and the wheel. Now drive! The reverse is an icredibly underestimated geer. Come on Mårten, one! Two! Now lets reverse Mårten! Come on! Thirty! Fourthy! Fifthy! Faster Mårten! Fifthy! Sixty!
Step on it! Steer! Drive! Drive! Drive! Come on! Lets go!
Show ’em Mårten! What the fuck!? -But hello…
-Hey you. But I don’t have a bicycle? Ta-dah! -You will crash and kill us both.
-Watch it, or I will let you pedal. Just kidding. -What’s up with you?
-Nothing. -Ok, hang on now.
-Yes. -Here we go!
-Take it easy! Lunatic! You seem unusually happy today? Ok, there is one thing
I’ve been thinking about. -Or actually it’s a person.
-Ok? She makes me happy. I actually believe I’m in love.
I hope she loves me too. Can you open? No! What are you doing? But it smelled sour? Things that smell sour
shoulded be poured out, you told me that! -Are you kidding me?!
-No. Ta-dah! -You’re a real fool.
-I’m just kidding a little. “Ta-dah”? Fool! -See, I know it!
-But you were a little bit wrong. -No.
-Yes. -I remember it, what do you mean wrong?
-You have something on you ear. Shit… Hello! So? Why the fuck don’t you have your cell phone on?
We’re suppose to look at the car today remember? Is it turned off? And what kind of a fucking date is this? What? Have you gone and
fallen in love with him now? No, it’s really not like that. That’s exactly how it’s fucking is. You have fallen in love with Mr Brain Damaged? It’s not like that. It’s not turned off. -Hello!
-Hello! That’s exactly how it’s fucking is! Well too bad he’s not available then!
And neither are you, remember!? Stop it. And how fucking convient
that he lost his memory- because I don’t think he would be so
fucking eager to hang with you otherwise. -What do you mean!?
-Yeah what the fuck do I mean Sanna? -You didn’t have to do this.
-What are you guys talking about? Sanna, isn’t there something
you should tell Mårten? What are you guys talking about? Hello!? Hello! Can someone tell me what…
Sanna? What are the two of you talking about? Well… Are you… And Emma? I think so…
What are you talking about? Well… This is really not the way… This is not how I wanted… You wanted what? That day… When you got run over… Yes? You know… That you were the one who found me?
Haven’t I been enough grateful? Wow… You’re not making this easier for me. Well I was first on the scene… Because I was the one driving the car. But you told me you saved me!?
Just another white lie huh? And you guys! Have you known
about this the whole time? -Is this correct?
-Yes. Why!? Micke: Mårten! -Mårten, please open the door.
-Go away! (Video) Latino: It got kind of crazy yesterday. (Video) Micke: Yeah but what the fuck?
We can’t hang with this guy, you know that. Sure it was fun yesterday but it’s the car
that I want, not a fucking nerdy friend. Neighbour: Mårten Lindström?
Mårten: Yes that’s me? Neighbour: It’s come to my attention that you
have been a bad boy and need to be searched. Sorry babe. We’re sorry we have to do this to you,
but there is something you need to see. Mårten? Take it easy! I understand that you’re mad at me,
but it was not my idea to lie! Your friends have something
they want to show you. Micke: Mårten! For fucks sake!
The Mustang guy is waiting for us! Shit! Hide him, hide him! Micke: Mårten! Where are you?
And what the fuck are you doing here!? He is… He is… in the shower. -What the fuck are you doing here?
-Well that’s none of your business. I’m going to tell him what kind
of friends you guys really are. Now look who’s talking? -You have only been after his money…
-You know what this car means to me. And so what if we rip him off?
He’s never had as fun as he is having with us! He used to be a fucking nerd and he
hung out with two ugly nerdy friends. So we’re doing him a fucking favour.
And besides, why should he listen to you? Yes, why should he? (Video) Micke: We can’t hang
with this guy, you know that. Sure it was fun yesterday but it’s the car
that I want, not a fucking nerdy friend. (Video) Latino: That’s so true!
(Video) Micke: He may think that- (Video) Micke: But as soon as I get my hands on the car… There are more copies. It’s really your thing to
ruin people’s lives right? Look man, it’s… From… Damn you Sanna. See you downstairs? I’m sorry,
for everything Mårten. You know, you were actually in love
with me first, before all of this. Emma? Hi! I thought maybe you would
like to hang out today? Emma… You’re really sweet. But it’s not me that you want. No? I’m sorry. Staff! Plutt!
Out of the way! Plutt! No no! Mårten!? I am… actually still in love with you. Mårten? Mårten?
Help! Mårten? Mårten!?
Dammit! Is he? I’m sorry. Again… I’m sorry. Damn you… Damn you, you jerk! You know, he tried to raise the price,
saying “I got more people interested”- and things like that so I told him
“Take your Mustang amd shove it up your ass!” Where I’m calling from?
Well it’s a chick I know that… Micke’s mother: Now you’re going to
clean up this mess here young man- and you need to buy groceries for grandma- and I don’t want to nag anymore about
you mowing the lawn, you hear me? -Yes!
-Yes what? -Yes mother.
-That’s right! I’ll call you later ok? Erik, drop your dick and open the door! I’m going to tell you about this gorgeous chick
I spent the night with. She was a wild one! Lisbeth, what are you
doing later tonight? Ey this is Latino speaking
Ey Micke, bro. Let’s do the chorus! So you’ll understand
We got all this our hands When you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never turn down Form yourselves a line
You might hold up for some time But if you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never ever turn down a fight Who’s the center of attention? Who’s got the power on the street?
Yo Latino is my name and I’m talking to the beat! My weld’s warm and ready now I’m cutting off the lock
The cops are all lost ‘cause I exercise a lot The penalty box is left behind without concern
I’m getting my revenge and all you fake G’s will get burned I’m doing it all while Micke takes a smoke
Then I grab my mic and give a show that ain’t no joke Fuck all you geeks! Back away from the grill!
Just hearing ‘bout Latino makes those losers chill I’m the guy that supplies more than booze and cigars
The stuff that I got makes you look for the stars Pastilles argh that “makes people talk”
The pills that I’ve got MAKES PEOPLE TALK If you don’t know the walk, get the fuck off my backyard
Do as you please but don’t come back without a bodyguard So you’ll understand
We got all this our hands When you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never turn down Form yourselves a line
You might hold up for some time But if you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never ever turn down a fight You’re getting scared and pale and you resemble an albino
The white lines will never scare Latino ‘Cause no Casino wants to do with this thug
In my baggy jeans I carry money for love I’m a hustling son of bitch and I’m smooth
I will rip you off before you noticed you got fooled Handcuffs huh? Well that shit’s for girls
Baby I’m free to explore this world ‘Cause guys like me we don’t end up in jail
We drive exclusive cars that is yet not for sale Drinking Jonnie Walker and pumping up the sound
Inhale the good life boy I’m ready to get down Hugo Boss from Kos makes me feel so light
My Armani suit and Don Pérignon so bright I’m into the booze and I got enough stacks
Classy guys like me stay away from the smack So you’ll understand
We got all this our hands When you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never turn down Form yourselves a line
You might hold up for some time But if you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never ever turn down a fight I’m enjoying Becks but something is missing
My dick is getting hard and ready for some kissing No I’m not shy “Ey come here baby!
Don’t try to play games you’re not that kind of lady” I don’t mind laundry, I like when it’s wild
With me it’s getting dirty and I’m performing in style Cash is flying if you meet the wrong hoes
Attitude bitches saying “So?” we’re saying “Yo!” Fucking mofo’s I’m bringing mental violence
Here’s a few mushrooms, that’ll keep you silent I’ll bury you in the sand with a castle on top
And before you disappear cover your face with a cum shot! Fuck if it’s PC it’s all in my mind
Just as cheap as than the Dollar Store “Might Fine” Don’t argue, open your mouth, here’s a buck
Let my cum pay the rent ‘cause I don’t give a fuck! So you’ll understand
We got all this our hands When you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never turn down Form yourselves a line
You might hold up for some time But if you see us back away bitch, back away bitch
‘Cause we’ll never ever turn down a fight

22 Replies to “Blackout (2014) – Swedish independent feature film (romantic comedy)”

  1. Kanon. Tio gånger bättre än i stort sätt alla högbudgetproduktioner i samma genre. Bra gjort, och kul.

  2. Because most of the characters were bloody hateful.I didn't want to like this…..but,lordy,lordy!I really liked this film.(Would it be too soon to use the word: cherish).

  3. Nathalie.bloom.isn'

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