Bo Burnham – Salt and Vinegar (Make Happy)

…but white guys get a lot of shit and it’s not fair ’cause we’ve done a lot of things. Y’know.. We invented a lot of stuff. White guys invented everything but peanut butter, I believe That’s what I was taught in school. Everything but peanut butter. Doesn’t sound right, but the American educational system having a racial bias? No way, Joseph. Guys, white… white people a little uncomfortable We’ll do a racial joke about the white people so you don’t feel uncomfortable. Uh, white people we like the same foods… Uh, favorite sandwich, peanut butter and… JELLY!
Jelly. Macaroni and… CHEESE! Our favorite chips, salt and vi… NEGAR! Wow! Who said it? Get the cameras on them. Your grandkids are gonna see this, and know what a bigot their grandfather or grandmother were Every non-white person, see who said that… Find ’em after the show. …put the lights down, their faces creep me out.

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  1. Oh god, I watched Make Happy over 10 times now and I never understood the salt and vinegar joke until now…. I feel stupid, but than again I'm not native english, so it's ok. I guess.

  2. black people use racism like a religious experience, with out they would have to rely on their own culture and society which is honestly… in shambles.

  3. A white man invented peanut butter too… Marcellus Gilmore Edson patented peanut paste in 1884.

    History is full of lies:

    Edison did not invent the light bulb.
    Henry Ford did not invent the car.
    John Pemberton did not invent Coca-Cola. Kola-Coca

  4. A black person invented the traffic lights B)
    I'm not black but that is one of the most useful inventions in our daily lives!

  5. "Put the lights down, their faces freak me out" Is that how he avoids stage fright? Just make jokes into the dark abyss?

  6. I don't even agree with him politically and on a lot of his material's subject matters but the comedy is so precise that I can't help but crack a smile. Please never go away, Bo.

  7. Oh, of course the dumb racist joke had to be made by one of the best comedians ever. Now I can't even call it a dumb racist joke.

  8. Don't do the salt and vinegar thing at school, my friend is getting in school suspension cause someone did that, huge dick move, kid who did that

  9. 0:28 Lol if u listen closly when he says peanut butter and, theres a dude right away like OH I KNOW THIS!! JELLY!!! He feels smart. By the time he says salt and vinn the croud thined out to about half of them hahahaha

  10. Dear Vinegar,
    I've been working for the YouTube Corporation for a couple of years, and I am typing this comment in order to inform you that I am sadly obliged to report you as my employer said for trying to use an unacceptable nowadays word aka the "N" word which expresses the painful and terryfying past of black African slaves. Before I take any further actions, I am kindly requesting you to take down the video or alternatively upload a video of apologization.
    I hope you've taken my warning comment into considersation
    Yours sincerely,
    A YouTube employee

  11. I fell for the salt and vinegar trick in a game of Team Fortress 2 while trying to explain how they make my lips inflate and now I feel like a fucking idiot.

  12. In 8th grade my class tricked our science teacher to say the last part of vinegar and it was so funny, it took her a while to realize

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