70 Replies to “BOONK: The Worst Instagram ‘Comedian’ Ever”

  1. Yo man i agree with you big fan btw but dont you need to see a wretched ass nigga on the other side of the world doing dumb shit once in a while

  2. What makes me sick

    -He sexually assaults women.

    -He made a sex tape

    -He makes bad rap music.

    -He steals shit.

    What we need to do is lock him up, he’s a horrible human being. 12 year olds are probably saying “BUT HIS SAVAGE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.” Yes I fucking understand and he’s not savage he’s an asshole.

  3. yknow you're sad as fuck when NFKRZ is more hood than you. this fuck wouldn't last an hour in any countries outside of Canada, the US, and maybe Japan. he also returned those donuts, btw, and didn't tell his fans.

  4. Over 2 million years of evolution and then this lengthy piece of shit is born into the universe with his ugly ass fungi haircut and is being advocated for actual crimes and theft

  5. He is from the same region as Xxxtentacion.. That's why there style is similar.. It's a South Florida thing.. Alot of popular SoundCloud artist come from south Florida and have the gold teeth, face tats etc… Its ways considered cool out there

  6. Fuck the crips and the bloods and especially weak ass scraps. Get some nortes on this stupid worthless piece of shit boonk mf.

  7. This guy gives a bad name to:

    The letters B, O, N, & K.


    Planet earth

    Black people




    And Men.

  8. Just thinking about the people in the car he hit with the bat and I’m wondering if it was a rental which means they would have to pay a rather large fine.

  9. "elderly Spanish people or white people who basically not used to know getting them guns if anything happening" what a closed minded dumbass statement

    "he's not helping the black stereotype" bitch…. like no black people can be judged individually. thats extremely racist and ignorant.

    i really hope you grew out of this mindset in 2019

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