BOONK: The Worst Instagram ‘Comedian’ Ever

Now you Green I can use your foam Bruh mom you, Gotta fuck all that Shit Nigga fucked, oh fuck MEOW MEOW MEOW What you Guys Just have Witnessed is the newest Instagram and Twitter Sensation Named Boonk or Bonk. He’s A black Gentleman who Quite Literally Feels Himself Committing Crimes Including Stealing Sexual assault And Overall Just being A complete Piece of Shit you Guys might Probably Think Oh this is Just a small thing this guy Cannot Have that Many Followers Boonk a man who sexual assaults People Still Stays on Camera? Has Over 2.5 Million Followers on Instagram Yeah I’m Done With the fucking Internet See you Guys in Said Fucking Years Hello Blazers no fuckers here hi guys I’m stay Welcome so brand new Video Today Guys We’re Gonna be Looking at truly something else something that I’ve Never Fucking Seen before because the Guy that We’re Gonna be Looking at today Is what twelve year olds might say, “I’m Ultimate Savage” Boonk Or Bonk is the man who has 2.5 Million Followers on Instagram and Opposed A Lot of Videos Which get Millions of views Which include Videos and He’ll Basically Assaulting Women and Stealing Things and Being Just A complete retard in Public he’s, also apparently a Rapper Yeah a Rapper more like a raper and my right This guy is genuinely nuts and A complete fucking Psychopath that Somehow has Gathered A Millions Millions of Followers on the Internet who Watch his Shed and Say that it’s Funny And he’s been and SAVAGE Let’s Check out A few Videos so you guys Just Understand the absolute Level of Insanity that Is Within this man’s Brain So now that’s Pretty cool What This guy Does is that he Basically ruins the lives of other People What is Their Possessions you know? Who that in That case he Destroyed the guy’s Car Pretty much in the other case you Destroyed Another guy’s Phone for no Fucking Reason Whatsoever Because The Person whose car he Started hitting with the baseball bats that that was Just Uncalled for Completely Then he Would Tell other extreme Epic pranks and Stunts for example Smoking Weed in The Public library or? Shitting in Public and This is Apparently Considered savage Guys Let’s Go to get Back by the way to the fucking sexual assault Thing Guys Just how as a human being did you Come up with This A long Time so you had to get a girl Book, Where you know Is that know if You fight? The Book Just how’s the Human being I do Come up you Walk up to random girl you’d, be like hey, Boo why Would I want to get A? Kiss and Be Recalled the entire Fucking thing then put that to your fucking twitter or Facebook and Get People Comments in how you were Savage This Guy Is Clearly not Doing Anything so Prove the black Stereotypes Wrong right Here and Can We just Take a second and Discuss how this Nigga Tries hot as fuck to be Xxx entity on Because Look at His Fucking face The face that’s the haircut Everything this Dude Trying to Beat Xxx Cintas Feel so Bad Right now Yeah the only Difference that xs extant I see One Actually has some sorts of musical Talents This Man’s raps on the other Hand are Fucking abysmal Yeah Guys I am a Person who likes Rap Music and I think that Is complete Fucking Garbage okay that Is Worse than its everyday Brought to Be fat the Sad Thing is is that because He has Millions of Followers he Is going to be able to promote his Rap Career because of this so Basically it’s Just a Person who is A complete fucking Thug who has Oh not a single Brain Cell in This Head of Us who assaults Women Sexually and Records that and Puts it on his Fucking Instagram who is jax People and who rubs People who Just ruins People’s Days this man is Probably going to Sustain A Viable Career in Rap Music Just Because People are Fucking retarded Also he’s also hanging out With Little Pomp Apparently and you Guys Know that lil pump Is a rapper who’s Practically Mentally Fucking Retarded Thus Proving With online okay This Videos lil Pump is Actually a metal Mentally retarded and Guess what I favorite Instagram icon Bunk is friends With Little Pump Fries savage Collab Coming up Guys Be excited for that one I I’m Really interested to See a video Where little Pump sexual assaults Women Like it’s Savage and Funny Jesus Fucking Christ Every Single Video that this Guy Said it’s Fucking Ridiculous Can’t We Actually Use all These Videos Just get A fucking case on this Guy and put him in A cage Okay not even in The jail put this Dude in A fucking cage so you just get Completely Isolated from Society in Every complete Way This Guy is Ruining America, okay I feel like, I’ve Never Passionately. Spoke With hate About any Other Instagram Or, YouTube R Or vine There or whatever the fuck This Guy is actually A fucking Threat to society okay Because Most most everybody I discussed in my Videos you know this guy Would be you know A clean Bait and Cons Which Really Does That Impact People in Real life a man who literally assaults People sexual assaults women Steals Yet This Guy Is the Fucking Hazard to Society’s, okay, we need This guy Locked up Can, Somebody Actually like Do have a new Oils here you know to be fair with such behavior This guy’s Gonna get his ass Popped One Day Because i mean This guy’s Probably Choosing his Victims Wisely Because the way this Guy Chooses His Victims Is that he will Never Try and Steal Shit from Some Criminal Black Thugs With Guns Up Their sleeve no this Guy will attack like Elderly Spanish People Or Just you know White People who Basically not used to you know getting them Guns if Anything Is happening so I Challenge This Guy To go to like Compton or some Shit Can this get to go to fucking Compton and Try to Pull Off Any of Those Stunts Here He’s Gonna be Dead in 20 fucking minutes, okay Yeah I know I’m from the hood Nigga what you wish you Want what You want to Talk? I know Compton compton Is my city and if it were for Bunk then the us would be late Say hey Brad I Seen here we’re Staying at me man I’Ve Seen this man Staring at me man Me Bro Now go Submode man Yes I’Ve Smelled like a sad no you, don’t see me go Sad Mad man I ah Oh, come the fuck Home Bunk as it was Same this guy Chooses his Targets Wisely he’s Just he’s Just a white dad okay this Guy has Kids to Take Care of he’s not He doesn’t want to See and Listen to your shit yeah I’m Sam Mac Bang Hang on Sam and he’s like what Well I was you’re Speaking Can you Kill, We get A chinese Translated in Here Because I can? Sell what the fuck are you Saying you Dumb? Ass get a high School education First and then Try to speak to me you fucking Dumbass Just Lee Just Read the fucking Comments I want to kill Myself right now Bunk Called, his, ass like in Crying Emoji Crying Laughing Emoji that’s how the white People Talk mri guys White People suck dick Let’s all sold them every fucking day Hey Guys, do You get it it’s Funny Because he Stole it he’s A black man who ran Into The Pizza Store he Stole a Pizza and he Ran, away it’s Funny, isn’t it it’s Fucking Hilarious You know Guys Real Talk Though can, We get like can, we get the fucking Crepes on This Guy or the bloods like can? We get Somebody to kill this Dude I’m not even Joking right Now? Like is There Any you sugar out There Anybody who got Shoot us because This Guy Needs to get Killed like We just need Group of Black People? With Guns and Muscles to just Come and fuck This Guy Up for Once Because this Cannot Continue This Guy is Ruining Society in America This Guy’s A fucking Terrorist I’m not even Joking right Now the Said Trump is Venson Muslims from Coming Into the u.s. Or in Order to stop isis who Needs Isis when you have Bonk This Guy is A fucking retard I’m the Fuckin steps Remember that on the Fucking set Photo of These Niggas man Never Call me on the steps Remember that Shit hi This Guy’s A savage this is Late a.m. Bruh Once Again Bonk, You’re a, bitch-ass, Nigga you Waiting a savage ok you Wanna you want to do that Shit in The in the Fucking Hood because you just Come Into A fucking Dunkin Donuts Whatever This is I don’t know you come Into Dunkin Donuts ooh Krispy kreme There’s Just a nerdy White Guy who Works There Who’s Had Enough of This Shit ok he’s working for $8 an Hour He’s Had Enough of your fucking Racers Coming Here and doing this you Were Coming in Here Get him Along and Stealing doughnuts he Ain’t even Care my nigga he Ain’t even Care this Is not savage Bomb go them to Dunkin Donuts With Where There’s a Nerdy White guy Working in Here and Stealing Shit because the Guy Can do Anything Tell you when you know That you know that he Came to one you thinks you because he’s a Nerd ey Ass guy like Bonk if You by any Chance are Watching this Video right now Please I’ll give you A Challenge my friend Steal Something from Four Bloods in the Hood and I’m sure it’s gonna be A lot of fun you’re Probably Gonna die in the Process but that’s the result that We want Guys Because? This is Fucking Ridiculous and this Needs to Stop but Anyways Guys I Guess I’m going to Conclude Today’s Video I’m Honestly Shook but what I’ve Just Witnessed How People Like this are alive Because the Mall the story Is this game I must be either Killed Or like so because this this Should stop Immediately and it’s Just Sad that We live in Society Where This is Considered Savage and? Entertaining it’s Fucking Ridiculous Putting These Guys that is going to pretty much do it for Today’s Video if You guys Enjoyed please Make sure Just Let him Fucking like Button and I will see you guys in the next one

70 Replies to “BOONK: The Worst Instagram ‘Comedian’ Ever”

  1. Yo man i agree with you big fan btw but dont you need to see a wretched ass nigga on the other side of the world doing dumb shit once in a while

  2. What makes me sick

    -He sexually assaults women.

    -He made a sex tape

    -He makes bad rap music.

    -He steals shit.

    What we need to do is lock him up, he’s a horrible human being. 12 year olds are probably saying “BUT HIS SAVAGE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.” Yes I fucking understand and he’s not savage he’s an asshole.

  3. yknow you're sad as fuck when NFKRZ is more hood than you. this fuck wouldn't last an hour in any countries outside of Canada, the US, and maybe Japan. he also returned those donuts, btw, and didn't tell his fans.

  4. Over 2 million years of evolution and then this lengthy piece of shit is born into the universe with his ugly ass fungi haircut and is being advocated for actual crimes and theft

  5. He is from the same region as Xxxtentacion.. That's why there style is similar.. It's a South Florida thing.. Alot of popular SoundCloud artist come from south Florida and have the gold teeth, face tats etc… Its ways considered cool out there

  6. Fuck the crips and the bloods and especially weak ass scraps. Get some nortes on this stupid worthless piece of shit boonk mf.

  7. This guy gives a bad name to:

    The letters B, O, N, & K.


    Planet earth

    Black people




    And Men.

  8. Just thinking about the people in the car he hit with the bat and I’m wondering if it was a rental which means they would have to pay a rather large fine.

  9. "elderly Spanish people or white people who basically not used to know getting them guns if anything happening" what a closed minded dumbass statement

    "he's not helping the black stereotype" bitch…. like no black people can be judged individually. thats extremely racist and ignorant.

    i really hope you grew out of this mindset in 2019

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