Bowen Yang: BTS Reject | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2

BOTH: Please give it up
for Bowen Yang! (APPLAUSE) Keep it going
for Phoebe and Jessica! -(EXCLAIMS)
do we like the outfit? Yes? Yeah, I look like I just got
kicked out of a K-pop group. Serving BTS reject realness.
(CHUCKLES) Um– no, I wanted to take a fashion risk
for everyone tonight because I am a risk-taker. Um, I use dating apps with my phone’s brightness
at zero, okay? (LAUGHTER) It’s who I am. I might buy
some churros off the subway when I go home. Who knows? Um, hi. My name is Bowen.
It’s an unusual name, but in Mandarin,
it means “scholar,” and in Celtic,
it means “farmer”. So those translations
cancel out to mean “administrative assistant.” (LAUGHTER) -Um…
-(LAUGHTER CONTINUES) Checks out. Uh, I was actually
at a Chinese restaurant the other night, and um,
it was like a chic modern one. Like, the hostess was white,
that’s what we’re dealing with. -Um–
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) But… they had this really cute
cocktail program there, and one of the drinks was called
a “Shanghai mule,” which is cute, right?
It’s like a Moscow mule, but just slightly
less homophobic and– Um, then I realized that I am
also a Shanghai mule, because I am Chinese
and I will not reproduce. (LAUGHTER) Thanks. I’m also a mule in that
I stick drugs in my ass. -Anyway, um–
-(LAUGHTER) I– wow. I mean, I saw myself
on that menu. Like, representation matters,
you guys! (EXCLAIMS) But actually, no,
it is a good time for Asian people
in entertainment, I think. Um, I–
I used to go out for parts that were, like, not great.
Like, I would go out for, like, “Choking Victim Poster Model,”
you know. Be like, “Hi, Bowen Yang,
five foot eight, um, I was trained
at Peter Luger Steakhouse. (CHOKING) And now, I get to go out
for parts like, um, um, “Chubby Korean
Anesthesiologist,” which is like too close to home
’cause I was pre-med in college. Uh, I went to school
at a real estate firm called NYU -and–
-(APPLAUSE, CHEERING) No, they’re great. And um, now I’m on
my meteoric rise in this other industry,
and by the way, the person who coined the term
“meteoric rise”… don’t know how meteors work. -Those things fall, bitch. Um…

61 Replies to “Bowen Yang: BTS Reject | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2”

  1. he is HILARIOUS. perfect comedic timing! can't believe i burst out laughing multiple times in this short span of three and a half minutes.

  2. Am I the only one who finds the "Asian Mule" joke not funny and kind of offensive?! You don't have to go down there, Bowen, you really don't have to…

  3. Is "you look like a BTS reject" a thing now? This is 2nd time I have heard it. I feel like that is soon going to be a phrase used when someone tries to look like a kpop idol but ends up failing.

  4. everyone is freaking out with him being the first asian snl cast member but he is also the first gay (at least openly gay) cast member so double deal steal!

  5. It’s funny everyone in the comments is trying to give themselves woke points for celebrating a gay Asian man as a SNL cast member.

    But here’s something no one ever talks about. No one ever talks about the emasculation of straight Asian males. No one talks about the fact that if you look around NYC you see hundreds of white guys dating Asian girls, but you rarely see the inverse. Why is that? Does it have anything to do with the fact that media has essentially erased masculine Asian men from movies, tv etc? I’ll tell you this, media influences us all. It influences what we find attractive and who we find attractive. If every Asian male is some nerd, who never gets the girl, that’s exactly how the populous is going to see Asians.

    To me? This is the continuation of that. Of all the Asian comedians, the choose the gayest and most flamboyant gay guy ever. Sounds about white to me.

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