Boyfriend DRAMA At The Football Game!

So, one day, I was with my friend, and my
friend told me to date this guy. And I don’t even know him, and I was kind of
desperate for a relationship. I didn’t really think he was cute or anything, but
he thought I was when she asked him, and I was just like, “You know what? Whatever.”
Because I don’t have a boyfriend, I want a boyfriend.
I thought everything was going well. We went to my friend’s house and she was
with her boyfriend and then I was with him. And we were having so much fun. We were watching IT, it was kind of awkward. We were trying to, like, share a blanket.
That didn’t really work out because it was just so awkward and it was our first,
like, time hanging out. Anyways fast forward, we were at a football game. And
we were not really talking at all, we were just, like, staring at each other
most of the time. And it was really awkward. And his friends were, like,
crowding around him, and my friends were crowding around me, like, just talking
about each other. And it was all weird. And we got a time to sit alone. And we
sat up on the ledge and, watching the game, and we were just sitting there and
it was really quiet, nothing was really happening.
And I made the dumbest mistake of my life. I turned to him and I asked him, “Do you
want to kiss?” And I don’t even know why I said that. It was so awkward.
He was, like, sweating and, like, shaking, didn’t know what to say. He was staring
at me and, like, was just speechless. And I was just waiting, “Oh no, oh no no, this
is bad, this is just awful.” Like, that voice in my head was like, “No Laurin, just, just die, just, just leave, and go home and die.” And he opened his mouth and he said, “You know, I don’t really know you that much.” Okay, first of all, then why would you say
yes to my friend who said that we would be great together, hmm, okay? I’m desperate for love right now, the last thing I need is to be embarrassed in front of
everybody. And even though, like, it wasn’t even a serious relationship, I was still
heartbroken because I really wanted my, like, first, real kiss, I guess? So he told
me, like, he didn’t really know me that well, so I left. And his
friends were all being like, “It’s okay, Lauren, like, he just wants to know you well.” And
then he came up to me and told me, “Yeah, I just, like, kind of want to get to know
you better, I don’t want to rush it like my last girlfriend.” And I knew what he
meant, okay? And that’s not even the story. The bad part is I was embarrassed,
okay? I literally asked somebody to kiss me and you don’t ask that stuff. But that
happened and I regret it. A lot. So, yeah. That’s my story. And by the way, we broke
up. Yep. Yeah.

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  1. Not trying to be rude but its not the end of the world just because he rejected u like bruh ur like 13?and at the end u were like "and we broke up" acting like he's ur husband or something but u know that's just my an 11 year olds opinion and it probs doesn't matter to anyone anyway so what's the point of writing this what's the point of everything actually because the universe is so big that it wouldn't have any impact if u got
    out of bed or if u killed ur self it wouldn't matter in the perspective of the universe and life is basically meaningless considering this could all just be fake and its just a sick dream of horror misery sadness but sometimes u can find sweet spots but some people live amazing lives right?and nothing goes wrong right?wrong every body is sad and miserable inside

    have a good day that's the end of my rambling bye

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  3. My friend told me to date a guy I didn’t know also I guy I don’t think is attractive but I i still expect them to kiss me when I ask. That is your fucking logic

  4. Not even a week ago my friend got a "girlfriend" and she's already on about them getting married and being together forever-

  5. That was the shittiest story on this channel sorry but wtf. WHAT DRAMA HAPPENED BRO?! Tell this girl to stop saying OK like we get it GOSH


  7. I feel so bad for that girl. She seems really nice, and if I were with her, I would never say any of those things that that guy said to her, and I would always be nice to her!

  8. I've already confess to my crush like 3 times but wtf he just laughs and just tease me to my old crush :// and then he'll be really sweet and flirty after sometime like tf man get your damn mind straight coz I can't keep on running into circles and hoping you like me too!

  9. this is unrelated but my teacher is like CONSENT YOU NEED CONSENT FOR EVERYTHING like
    someone: ~fistbumps other person~
    my teacher: THATS ILLEGAL

  10. bruhhh you can’t just ask a dude you just met to KISS. bruh tf. just because you’re desperate and embarrassed doesn’t mean his feelings are invalidating.

  11. storybooth: real stories.
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  12. This is why we got trust issues, desperate for love:( I need the fr u love me energy not no I just want a gf bullshit

  13. My 2019 was my worst year ever
    1.i didn’t wanna go to science camp but my dad signed me up and my cabin leader hates one of my sisters friends
    2.on my birthday my dad wouldn’t let me invite my friends because my dad and his dad are enemies
    3. I went to America’s got talent but I didn’t get the call back
    4. My pet crab Felix died the day after thanksgiving

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