Brawl Stars Animation | FRANK & ROSA LOVE STORY | Parody Story #7

Rosa and Frank are so in love with each other
They live in the same apartment But Frank is at the bottom And Rosa is on top They usually look and give air kisses to each other, one looks up, the other looks down Mr.Dynamike is the apartment’s security He hates people dating in the apartment Rosa’s very afraid of Dynamike Once….. Because of his slowliness, Frank “ate” Dynamike’s Bomb for looking sneakily at Rosa Booooooooom…….. Frank sneakily used balloon to send Rosa a present It flew through Dynamike’s room…. and obviously, he took it away and laught in satisfaction When the balloon flew to Rosa’s room, there were nothing So she felt sad At night……
Everybody was already asleep Poor Frank missed Rosa so much So he decided to climb sneakily to Rosa’s room He knocked her door…. They were happy seeing each other While they were talking….. Frank accidently drop the flower pot Heard the noise, Dynamike woke up He saw Frank up stair with Rosa So Dynamike angrily threw the Bomb at them But Rosa were able to throw it back The bomb went explode The couple were satisfying
and laughed in joy

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