Bread Shoes – Sam Simmons Weird Stand-up Comedy

(Disco music plays) (Disco music plays)
What’s going on with the disco music, man? ‘Uh, it’s for the bread.’ What do you mean it’s “for bread”?
‘Like, uh, when you’re putting on bread shoes.’ You should have just said bread shoes! ‘Uhhh… bread shoes?’ ‘Oh yeah. This one’s going out to all the ladies out there who like to wear bread on their feet.’ (Shouting)
They’re loafers! They are loafers people! Deal with it! ♫ Bread shoes ♫ ♫ I’m wearing bread shoes, bread shoes on my feet. ♫ ♫ Haa-aah ♫ ♫ Bread shoes ♫ ♫ Bread shoes ♫ (Rock music playing) (Shouting) Bring it all back you f**ks, come on! Yes– you f**kers, come on you f**ks!
Come on, bring it ! Arggh, you f**ks! Come on! Bring it back! Yes— argh! (Grunts) (Grunts) (Grunts) F**k! F**k! Arggh! Ough– (Audience applause and cheering)

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