25 Replies to “Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?”

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  2. He absolutely won wtf yall talking about. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do. He would've died of cancer anyway if he didn't accidentally get shot.

  3. 6:55

    Wrong, yes it was. He thought cancer would kill him sooner, so providing money was the only objective, biatch. Not chill with his family.

  4. I never understood one thing. Walt is meticulous. He is focused. He misses almost nothing. How on god's green earth did he miss the book? How did he not know it was there? If he did know it was there, why would he leave it? We've seen him go out of his way to keep his criminal life and his home life completely separate. Jesse was always the only exception.

  5. He won. His cancer reemerged which I assume was a death sentence so he was going to die anyway. His family got 11 million dollars which was the catalyst.

  6. Did Walt Survive? It's possible where he was shot it would have taken him HOURS to bleed out, and even with his weakened state he might have survived, been stabilized and lived long enough to be arrested, maybe even see trial, before he died.

  7. Sorry, but I don't think there's anything nebulous or hidden about Breaking Bad's ending. I think most should get it… it's a long journey and maybe if you didn't rewatch some seasons, you forget things, but the story is from point A to point B. You see the downward spiral… that's it. It's not that isn't deep, I just don't think this particular show is meant to be hidden in symbolism or a nebulous ending. You get it, it's visceral and that's the point.

  8. Malcolm in the middle got so crazy. I really liked the turn it took into this violent and dramatic way it is now, but I do miss the lighthearted way it was when I was a kid. I think recasting Malcolm as a cripple was a bit of a strange choice but the new actor did a good job. Not quite as funny tho

  9. This family thing is not excuse. It is the driving force. Not what he made up. He cooks not for his own gain. He does not pursue his own craving for power. Surely he becomes more bad ass but this is the real him which is revealed by reality. So I am totally on the side of him and so sad that he grows so attached to this family which basically gave him up.

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